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Members - Tasks

There is a long silence between you and the aged woman, with you staring unconsciously at her thin features and lined face. She looks at you too, in a different manner. At the end her dry lips move to let escape a voice with centuries of strength behind it. “You look at me seeing an old woman,” she says you without accusation. “And you are right for I have seen more full moons than there are parchments in this building.” She still looks at you for a while, but then closes her eyes with a sigh. “For almost two dozen of those moons I have heard the Lady call me to her at night, sometimes faint and other times strong. Yet I am not ready for my last dance, not until I find someone to take over my task here.”

As she sees you furrowing your brow at this she curves her lips to increase the number of wrinkles in her face. “Ah, I keep forgetting that you are new here. Yes there are tasks, though none are forced upon anyone. Let me show you.” She turns to a low cupboard from which she lifts a book with a deep red cover and places it on the desk. “This book describes, in general terms, the tasks priestesses can place within their responsibility.” She opens the book before you, flips through a few pages and stops at one with the heading ‘Keeper of Scrolls’. “This is me,” she says leaning forward as if to read the page upside down, her hair held tightly back by black, leather bands. “I am a scribe of sorts, keeping track of who is what and where. You can all read it there, as well as the other tasks.”

Book of Tasks

The tasks are here purely for the benefit of those members who wish to take them, though at all times we would like to see at least the first four positions filled. The tasks give members added responsibilities for little more than an extra title and the gratitude of the other members. But it is a way to show a bit more commitment to the Chosen as well as a possible way to express ones creativity. In the end it is all for the enjoyment of our members.

This is no final list of tasks and for many their exact contents are purposefully left vague. It is for the members to find something that suits them and give this the form they feel comfortable with. So tasks can be added to this and existing tasks may be split up into more. There is just one condition. In order for a task to be considered ‘official’ the current leaders must agree with it.

This list shows a number of ideas for tasks as well as suggestions as to how to give them form. The first four are tasks whose purpose is more important to the group, as without them certain parts of the Chosen would not function. If these positions are currently left open, others in the group usually temporarily take them up.

> Keeper of Scrolls <
Shir’le E. Illios

The Keeper of Scrolls is both the Web Mistress and the one responsible for keeping track of the members. Potential new members contact her to become part of the group, current members keep her informed of their activity status and current e-mail, and she keep the webpage up-to-date to provide members and outsider with accurate information. The Keeper of Scrolls is also the one to do the activity checks once about every three months. Any informational problems on the pages can be reported to and fixed by this person.

> Path in Moonlight <
Shir’le E. Illios

The Path in Moonlight is basically responsible for keeping a check on the forums. As forum coordinator the Path has the responsibility to keep everything working, keep unwanted elements out (banning them if needed) and acting as a moderator of the moderators. If something is wrong beyond the moderators’ abilities, this is the person to look at for help.

> Silver Song Herald <

Do you hear a song? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don’t. The Silver Song Herald must hear it. What song is this you ask? It is the song of Peace and Harmony. The Silver Song Herald is the one who tries to keep peace with the other races, guilds and characters for the Chosen. He or she also presents Eilistraeen content to the world to show our peaceful intent. Though he or she hopes for peaceful solution at all times he or she must not be afraid to defend what the Chosen believe in.

> Starlit Hunter <
(Position open)

The Starlit Hunter is responsible for organizing games. Training games within the group, friendly quests with others or even full-blown warfare, all such games and more are organized by the Hunter. If you have a group of adventurers assembled but are short one hand (say a cleric), then one might consider contacting the Hunter and asking to find one among the Chosen. It would be especially pleasant if the Hunter could host a semi-permanent server where stories can be played.

Next to the four tasks described above there are those responsible for upholding certain specific aspects of our goddess Eilistraee. More so than the list of the previous four tasks this lists in by no means exhaustive and descriptions are especially vague. If you carry one of these tasks it is your jobs that the Chosen aren’t short of the element attached to it. You could say that you’re the representative for that part of our goddess. Taking one of the following tasks means you’re extra passionate about it.

> Mistress/Master of Music <
(Position open)

Music can be so fulfilling, so strong, so full of emotion. It can make you laugh and it can make you cry. And even if you’re not consciously listening to it but merely have it in the background it can be so important, so enhancing to the atmosphere. You can have music for dancing, music to accompany song, music during feasts and ceremonies. And there are so many instruments to make music with. Of course the flute, harp and horn, but also so many more. That is my duty and joy, the pursuit of music.

> Mistress of Song <
Shir’le E. Illios

To sing is to tell a story. Stories of joy, stories of regret, stories of love, spiritual stories and more they tell. They can entertain or educate, be they brought during meals, on the road with your companions or at night by a warm campfire. Sing whenever possible and appropriate, and sing of life. That is why I gather them for all to enjoy.

> Master of Dance <

Dance is as good a metaphor for life as any other, it brings people and groups together then moves them apart, it can be slow and sombre or it can be fast and furious. Passionate and lethargic, fast and slow, extravagant and plain; dance is full of oppositions as is life. A dance allows its participants to throw off their sorrows and woes and give themselves over to ecstatic pleasure straight from their goddess and leave aside the rest of the world for a short time.

> Mistress/Master of Food <
(Position open)

Everyone needs food to live; that is simply a fact of life. So we must make sure that all have food and drink enough to do so. But food isn’t merely about survival, it can be a source of joy, it can be spiritual, it can be a means of communication. Since we have to eat anyway, it is best that we make it an enjoyable experience. Learning old and new ways to prepare food and deal with eating and drinking is what interests me.

> Mistress/Master of Hunting <
(Position open)

We are all part of the circle of life. Birth… death… rebirth. Hunting is in our blood, a way to feed ourselves and keep our surroundings safe. Never do we take more than we need; never do we kill more than we need to, more than we must. But there also is no denying the exhilaration it offers and the challenge to our abilities. To hunt is to live and to feel alive.

> Master of Swords <
Maerlyn De’Lassyn

To feel the cold steel in your hands, to swing your weapon, to thrust and parry, is to live. To feel the icy touch of your opponent’s blade soar through the air and pierce your skin and draw your blood, is to die. And everything that lies between those two… is passion. The passion for the craftsmanship with which the blade was forged, the passion for the swordsmanship with which it is wielded, and the eerie mixture of feelings that course through your veins when you use it in battle - that is what defines the worth of our blades. Another may feel the same about any weapon of his choice, but ultimately, the blade is superior to them all, if only for the keen slash of the blade or the flicker of light on the steel. The blade… an accurate manifestation of Eilistraee’s chaotic nature on the prime material. And one we seek to control, even if we cannot always do so.

> Mistress/Master of Beauty <
(Position open)

How does one write about beauty? Beauty must be seen, beauty must be experienced, beauty must be grown. Over the times there have been some great poets, sages and artists, all trying to express beauty. But despite all their attempts they have always fallen short of their subject. Still, in the efforts they have created a beauty of their own, a beauty for a new generation to pursue. And thus we aspire to beauty until all the world knows is beauty in its myriad forms.

> Mistress/Master of Moonlight <
(Position open)

One night, when still but a babe, I was lost in the forest. The haunting darkness of the faint starlight chased me, cornered me. Then, through a break in the clouds, the moon shone on my path. It remained there till I found again my way back to the temple. It was thus that I learned that the moonlight guides us from the darkness. And if it can guide us then so can it do for those still hidden in the shadowy recesses of the Underdark, welcoming them to the light of the surface. If you let the moonlight guide you the light will in time shine from you to guide others.

> Mistress/Master of Drow <
(Position open)

To forget who we are is foolish. We are the Ssri-Tel’Quessir, known my some as dark elves, drow, Ilythiiri or Tel’gothrim. We are hated, feared and despised, unwelcome wherever we go. Envied for our grace and cunning, scorned for our passion and dedication, we must never forget our heritage or what we could have been. Thus we can fight to preserve what is good about our race and make our own place under the infinite skies.

> Mistress/Master of Joy <
(Position open)

Once there was a sister, who asked what she would be.
They told her that a clown is what, though not easy to see.
Her task was to find fun again, so hard to find below.
Then nurture it and feed she would, in hopes that it would grow.
And finally give back to us, set our happiness free.
Thus mistress of joy she was, a title now for me.
So lift your spirits and a smile, or else I’ll surely see,
And then I will tickle you: Tickle tickle tee.

Just as you are about to ask the woman behind the desk a question, a soft rap on the door makes both of you look up. With a stern look at you as if to say ‘see, that is how this is supposed to work’ the old lady calls out “come in.” The door opens with a creak and through the opening peeks a young, drow woman with her long, white hair fashioned in a braid and a smile on her dark lips. She seems uncertain, so the Keeper motions her further in.

“My apologies Mistress,” she says in a sweet voice and with her hands clasped in front of her green dress, “but the Circle of Light ambassador is about to leave and…”

“And you wondered if the document was ready,” the old woman finishes.

“Yes.” With a brief nod and a smile the new arrival confirms.

With a sigh the Keeper picks up her quill and sets it to paper again. “All right, just give me a minute. I’ve been working on this all night, but it’s not as if I wanted to be at the party.” Her voice is a bit of a whispered sneer and as soon as she’s said it she looks up at the two of you. “My apologies to the both of you,” she says with sincerity. “I don’t mind at all, I’m just a bit gruff at times. All right, here you go.”

Putting down her pen she picks up the parchment she’s been working on and hands it to the drow woman. “Thank you,” comes the answer with a short bow, “I will make sure that this gets to the proper person.” After another bow the woman with the long braid quietly leaves the room, leaving just the two of you again.

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