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You fully expected to meet dark elves here. After all, that is why you came. And perhaps better than most you know their capacity for good. Still, seeing so many drow together is slightly… unsettling. There are women and men both, and all but a few elves, humans and others with black skin and white or silver hair. All of them are smiling at you, not maliciously as the uneducated might expect, but kind and welcoming. They stand with goblets or small trays of food, silently watching you enter.

The girl who let you in beckons you to follow, her thick, off-white dress curving around her form. Apparently she’s the talkative type as she speaks even before you’ve caught up with her. “This is a gathering of followers of Eilistraee,” she confides you, keeping her hands clenched behind her back. “A meeting spot of sorts. Everyone here worships the Dark Maiden.” She regards you with a serious look, as if to determine your reaction to this. Then she continues, “Most of us are drow, but as you can see we also count half-elves, elves, a few humans and others among our number.” Her hands sweep the hall, indicating the colorful group. They have returned to chatting amongst themselves, but still take time to share a warm nod with you as you look at them.

The drow girl spins around to face you, but still continues on, walking backwards. “What are you good at?” Her question is accompanied by an inquisitive look in her bright, red eyes. “Oh, it doesn’t matter.” She turns back again, her white hair shortly flailing behind her and nearly hitting you. “We’ll find a place for you.” After she says this she looks at you over her shoulder with wide, almost proud eyes. “We’ve got all kinds here you know. Of course there are the priestesses…” She gives a quick nod to a couple of dark elf women dressed similar as she. “But we also have warriors and mages. Have you ever seen a wizard at work? Oh, for all I know you are one.” Giving a short giggle she continues. “And we have those quick with their hands and quicker with their feet. Oh, let me get the door for you.” Having reached the end of the hall she opens a great oaken door. The space behind it is slightly darker than the large room, but still bright enough. Your guide stands besides the opening now. “After you.”

We are a group of Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2 players dedicated to the goddess Eilistraee.

We are roleplayers, or at least fathom ourselves as such. We want to have fun in our stories and want it for others as well. Still, we take our roles seriously.

In these roles we do our best to uphold the tenets of our patron deity Eilistraee as you can find them in her dogma Basically this means we try to always be kind (save in battle with evil), we try to aid the needy and feed the hungry, we pursue music and swordsmanship, and we try to promote harmony and joy. And above all we try to help more drow find a place in the light.

Even though Eilistraee is a drow goddess she counts her faithful from among most, if not all, intelligent (humanoid) races. Thus we too accept characters from all races. Naturally we suspect that most members will have drow blood flowing through their veins, but be assured that none will be turned aside on account of prejudice. Be you human, elf or dwarf, gnome, halfling or something else, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Eilistraee is the deity of good drow. That means all good drow. So we accept characters of all Good alignments, including Lawful Good. This is against the official rules, since LG is two steps away from Eilistraee’s CG (instead of the allowed one). We believe it to be, in this case, an oversight on the designers’ part, which is why we allow the alignment. We also accept those of Chaotic Neutral alignment, but we hold them to Eilistraee’s tenets as much as any other.

Followers of Eilistraee are doomed to be forever outcasts. As such, needing to fend for ourselves, a wide range of skills have developed among the faithful. There are priestesses, rangers, fighters, bards, and just about any class you can imagine. This means that whatever your skills are we can find a place for you.

Finally, we accept all genders. While, for forming the clergy, female priestesses are given (very) slight preferential treatment, everyone else will be equally appreciated.

So long as your character venerates the goddess Eilistraee, we feel the Chosen of Eilistraee is the place for you.

The hallway is darker than the large room you just left, but still bright enough to see. Here and there light filters in through small windows set high in the walls, near the far off ceiling. And where there are no such openings thick candles are set hidden in the wall to spread their faint glow. The contrast of pale yellow and natural white light looks strange on the dark stones, yet not as strange as the contrasts in the entry hall.

Before long the dark elf girl appears again to walk besides you. She points this way and that to guide you through the corridors, a left turn here, a right there. Along the way she also points out various doors, giving wide and detailed descriptions of the areas behind them. For indeed, having left the others behind has done nothing to temper her eagerness to talk.

“Behind that door lies one of the food stores. With winter coming it is starting to get quite full. But we only use it in emergencies, you know, when there are hungry folk need feeding.” The thought of helping the unfortunate seems to delight her. Then she suddenly remembers something. “Well, unless there is a feast. Have you ever been to a feast? What am I saying, of course you have. I just love to sing and dance and eat. With all the guests we have I think there might be another feast tonight.” This seems to excite her even more than feeding the hungry does. “You will come won’t you? Oh, turn right here.”

Following the direction of her arm you turn another corner. As you do so you pass a great door set with iron. “Behind that is the training room, where we learn the use of the sword. According to the Mistress sword fighting is like a dance, and I think she is right. But we learn dancing in another room, or outdoors. The Mistress says that I have talent with the blade, but I’m not very good yet. Sword Mistress seems a bit cranky, but is really nice once you get to know her. Lost her left hand in the Underdark you know. Here we are.”

You end up before a great, double door of the deepest black wood. The surface is carved to depict the lithe forms of elves dancing bare amongst trees and stars alike and under a full moon set high at the top. Two of the females each hold an iron ring on either side of the middle. The girl takes one of the rings and pushes, opening the door with not so much as a creak. She motions you towards the opening. “Go on in,” she beckons you, nearly whispering. “The Lady is already waiting for you.”

Pass through the door

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