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Members - Information

You hardly notice the continuation of you trip, still awe-struck by the deep, spiritual experience. The girl seems to sense your elation, or perhaps she remembers undergoing it herself, for she keeps miraculously silent all the way as she guides you on.

As you come to yourself again you find that you are in a room dimly lit by a multitude of lanterns. It isn’t a very big room and every spare spot seems to be covered with books and parchments. Center to the room is a large desk, stacked with even more paper. From among the piles comes a somewhat dry voice, accompanied by a bony hand of black flesh pointing back the way you came, “The party is over that way.”

When you keep silent and unmoving the woman looks up from her work. Her thin face is deeply wrinkled and her once silver hair has more than a few streaks of pure white, making her look ancient indeed. But the energy hidden in her eyes and voice show that she is still very much alive. “Ah, it is you. There, take a seat.” She waves towards a pile of books concealing a simple chair. You place the books on the ground and sit yourself down as the woman finishes some of her writing.

“So,” she says as she looks over the small spectacles resting on her black nose, her fading red eyes piercing deep into you, “you come to learn about our members.”

Members of the Chosen of Eilistraee are divided into two groups: Sword Dancers and Darksong Knights. Everyone that is eligible to become a Chosen (i.e. a roleplayer and a follower of Eilistraee) can become a Darksong Knight. But only female clerics can become one of the priestesses: a Sword Dancer.

Both groups have three internal ranks that we loosely cling to: leading members (High Priestesses and Generals respectively), full members (Dark Ladies and Silver Blades) and fledgling members (Maids and Faithful). Each rank has its own rights and responsibilities, though responsibilities are usually carried by all.

All new members enter at the lowest rank: that of either Maid or Faithful, depending on to which group they aspire. This gives them their name on the members roster and the right to access the private forums. They are required to behave themselves both here and (especially) in front of others when bearing the name of one of the Chosen. Gross misconduct can be grounds for removal.

To become a Dark Lady or Silver Blade one must first prove oneself worthy as such. This is done by finding either three full members (Dark Ladies and Silver Blades both) or one leading member (High Priestess or General) to act as sponsor. Then follows a roleplaying test (online in NWN if possible) during which one must prove to understand what it means to be a follower of Eilistraee. The exact form of this test is to be decided, but will likely consist of three separate situations that the tested has to handle. At least two-thirds of the sponsors and a leader have to be present to take and oversee the test.

After successful completion of the test follows an initiation ceremony and does the Maid become a Dark Lady or the Faithful a Silver Blade. With this new position comes greater responsibility. They now have to do their best to uphold Eilistraee’s Dogma, especially towards non-members, most importantly: always be kind. Violation of this can result in suspension, degradation or removal depending on the seriousness of the transgression. But they also gain more rights. They get the right to a personal biography page (contents subject to approval by the Web Mistress). They earn the right to vote to elect new leaders. And they earn the right to help fledgling members rise in rank. Additionally, Dark Ladies have the right to a private Flame Song, a ceremony during which priestesses select their individual title.

The leaders (High Priestesses and Generals) are elected from the full members by a majority vote from all full and leading members (from both groups). The maximum number of leaders is dependent on the total number of members in each group (ratio to be determined). Votes are called when a new space opens up (or disappears) or when enough members (number to be determined) become disgruntled with current leadership. When a leader is about to involuntarily lose their position, all leadership positions are reevaluated.

Next to having a greater responsibility within the Chosen, leaders also have a (far) greater outward responsibility. They are now supposed to be the epitome of an Eilistraeen and have to act the part. As a reward for this excellence (other than the spiritual one) they gain moderation and arbitration rights within the Chosen as well as the right to conduct and oversee tests and the various ceremonies.

All members are expected to maintain a reasonable activity, or at least let us know of their status in regards to the Chosen. That is why about every three months an e-mail will be send to each listed member to confirm their continued membership. Failing to answer this call will be taken as a sign of disinterest and gets one removed from the members list, though we would highly appreciate to be informed of any desire to stop being a Chosen. Obviously, if for this check alone, it is highly important to keep us informed of ones latest e-mail address.

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