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Eilistraee’s Drow Translator

Drow Grammar




Withstanding irregular forms, a plural is completed by “-en” if it ends in a consonant or “-n” if it ends in a vowel.

Singular Plural
Linath {Song} Linathen {Songs}
Sariya {Cloud} Sariyan {Clouds}


Possessive Case

Coincidentally, the possessive case in the Drow language is very similar to the Common Tongue used by most races. The possessive case is completed with “-'s” except if the word ends in “-s” where upon “-'” is added.

Lil silinrul's p'luvt {The hunter's prey}
Lil lodias' khaless {The people's trust}



A verb has different forms depending on its number (singular or plural); person (first, second, third); voice (active, passive); tense (present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect, future perfect); and mood (indicative, imperative, subjunctive).

PRESENT TENSE: Verbs usually have a different form only in the third person singular (“he”, “the priestess”, “Qilu Veladorn”, etc) of the present tense. Withstanding irregular verbs, the third person singular of the present tense is completed with “-e”.

First Usstan salk {I dance} Usstan sundu {I sing} Usstan z'hin {I walk}
Second Dos salk {You dance} Dos sundu {You sing} Dos z'hin {You walk}
Third Uk salke {He dances} Shir'le sundue {Shir'le sings} Il z'hine {She walks}
Plural Udos salk {We dance} L'darthien sundu {The elves sing} Dos z'hin {You walk}


PAST TENSE: Withstanding irregular verbs, the past tense is completed with “-us”. In the passive voice this is combined with a “be” verb.

  Active Voice Passive Voice
Present Tense Il sundue
{She sings}
Il zhah sundus
{She is sung}
Past Tense Usstan sundus
{I sung}
Usstan zhahus sundus
{I was sung}
Future Tense Dos orn sundu
{You will sing}
Dos orn tlu sundus
{You will be sung}
Present Perfect Uk uriu sundus
{He has sung}
Uk uriu tlus sundus
{He has been sung}
Past Perfect Nind inbalus sundus
{They had sung}
Nind inbalus tlus sundus
{They had been sung}
Future Perfect Usstan zhal inbal sundus
{I shall have sung}
Usstan zhal inbal tlus sundus
{I shall have been sung}


MOOD: The mood of the verb indicates the tone in which the statement is made. The common “-ing” ending found in many verbs of the indicative mood is completed with “-in”. There are no other endings for the imperative or subjunctive moods.

Indicative Udos ph'sunduin whol udossta quar'valsharess
{We are singing for our goddess}



Adjectives have three forms: positive, comparative, and superlative. Withstanding irregular forms, the comparative form is completed with “-ur” while the superlative is completed with “-url”. The common “-ful” suffix for many adjectives is indicated by “-'urn”.

Positive Comparative Superlative
Seke {True} Sekeur {Truer} Sekeurl {Truest}
Ssin'urn {Beautiful} Mzild ssin'urn {More beautiful} Mzilst ssin'urn {Most beautiful}



Adverbs, like adjectives, have three forms: positive, comparative, and superlative. Withstanding irregular forms, the comparative form is completed with “-ur” while the superlative is completed with “-url”. The common “-ly” suffix for many adverbs is indicated by “-ne” (or “-e” if ending in “-n”).

Positive Dos kyorl al {You see well} Usstan ialys valyrine {I smile kindly}
Comparative Dos kyorl alur {You see better} Usstan ialys mzild valyrine {I smile more kindly}
Superlative Dos kyorl alurl {You see best} Usstan ialys mzilst valyrine {I smile most kindly}



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