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Veraka Orden's profile

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(Any questions, comments, concerns, please let me know.)
Veraka (Final form) Orden (Son of Storms)

Companion: Aurora, chaotic good Winterwolf. Stands 4'8" above the ground, 2.5’ in girth, and about 8'5" from head to tail; has normal capabilities of a winter wolf, except that she can’t speak common; she communicates telepathically through Veraka due to his blood heritage.
Has ice blue eyes that are seem to grow deeper in hue as she becomes angrier. Veraka rescued her when she was just a puppy, being guided by the Dark Maiden, or who he thought was her. He nursed her back to health and saved her from her evil twins. From then on, she traveled together with him. She looks upon him as a younger brother.

Birthplace: Unknown

Hometown: Black Lion tribe of Uthgardt barbarians

Race: Aasimar, this has a breakdown to it to.

Bloodlines: Celestial 30%, Unknown 10% 60% Human

Age: Varies through each RP or Campaign, but overall, he's roughly 25, though still looks like he’s barely past 20. Increased Planar blood within his veins gives him at the very least a couple extra century’s onto his life span, exact lifespan is unknown.

Height: 6’7

Build: Thick-well muscled gladiator’s body, gained from being raised among Uthgardt barbarians; abnormally tall for one of his race. Thick leg muscles, built up from years of running with his tribe. This is partly due to his heritage.

Physical appearance: long stark silvery hair, with light blue stripes within, comes down to his shoulders, lets it hang free. Deep radiant-silver eyes. Turns red when the berserker comes out. Broad shouldered. Has his fair share of scares from all of his years of combat among his trainers, and from the many battles and the few wars that he’s fought in; has a scar that stretches down from his forehead to his chin, gained from his time among his first tribe, the Gray Wolf.

Class: Barbarian by birth, Paladin and Weapon master by training. Divine Crusader (Storm Warrior) by choice.

Paladin-His training is geared primarily towards controlling the part of himself that thirsts for battle, that wants more and more battle and the bloodlust that comes with it, the berserker, then it leaned more towards mastering his natural affinity for the power of storms.

Weapons Master-Bastard Sword mastery; trained in two weapon-fighting, though he prefers his skills with his mastered weapon. Also trained in hand-to-hand combat, with a specialization in throwing and smashing techniques. Training with his weapon of choice, he was taught how to use everything at his deposal in an offensive manner, including his shield.

Fighting style: Sword and shield combo, can also fight duel-wielding his primary and off-hand weapons. ‘Offense is the best Defense’ credo.

Occupation: Storm Warrior; though he is not a druid or ranger, his Aasimar heritage, along with his being a Divine Crusader for Bahamut, grants him powers of a storm, allowing him to wield and channel electrical-type attacks and spells, his Paladin training helped him to focus his spell caster abilities and his celestial affinity affords him ease with these types of spells. (Note: the Storm Warrior is custom class that I came up with for my own story.)

[u:11vjdpiz]Mount[/u:11vjdpiz]: Celestial war charger descendant, Blaze. A stallion that is the descendant of a celestial war charger, and thus possess many traits akin to his parent. Standing easily six feet at the shoulder, with a thick well-muscled frame, he gives off an aura of awe to any near him. truly a sight to behold.
Black as the darkest obsidian, yet possessing the grace of a Pegasus, Blaze agreed to become Veraka's war charger mount because of the actions taken by the aasimar's mother, Sanisa.

Pic: [url= ... g:11vjdpiz]Blaze[/url:11vjdpiz]

[u:11vjdpiz]Armor[/u:11vjdpiz]: Adamantine full-plate armor, later will be Platinum Dragon scale full-plate.
Adamantine heavy offensive shield (essentially a kite shield with razor edges on the front of it.)
[u:11vjdpiz]Cloak of Divine Retribution[/u:11vjdpiz]: This cloak was worn by Veraka’s father; increases Veraka’s intelligence, and gives him a firm grasp on gray matters, where black and white judgment is clouded, therefore giving Veraka a clear grasp on situations where his own sense of justice fails him.

[u:11vjdpiz]Claws of the White Wolf[/u:11vjdpiz]-enchanted armored gloves that are infused with the spirit of a good-aligned alpha dire-wolf. These gloves are part of what gives Veraka the berserker side of him. Given to Veraka as a token of thanks from an ancient winter wolf spirit for saving Aurora, his good aligned winter wolf friend and animal companion

Boots: Mithral plate boots; nothing special, other than the fact that they’re mithral, so Veraka has faster movement in general.

Primary: [u:11vjdpiz]Marala Vharc[/u:11vjdpiz] (Storms Vengeance); Bastard sword, 4’5 in length, blade length is 3’9; Darksteel/adamantine construction; has the ability to channel and charge electrical attacks through its elemental fusion.
Veraka obtained this blade when a drow raiding party attacked his tribe of the Black Lion, the drow wielder was killed at Veraka’s hands, in one-on-one combat (the drow attempted to out flank Veraka with a partner, but made the critical mistake in not knowing that a pair of ice blue eyes is always watching over Veraka). Was later infused with an air elemental, which gave it the ability to absorb and unleash electrical attacks. Has the power to unleash the Storms Avatar once every day for upon its wielder.
[url= ... g:11vjdpiz]Pic idea[/url:11vjdpiz]

Off-hand: [u:11vjdpiz]Thunderstrike[/u:11vjdpiz] (short sword); Short sword that when it hits a target, they are deafened, depending on how good their will is.
CQB:Two tanto–tipped combat knives; both have 8 inch blades, designed to pierce armor plating.

[u:11vjdpiz][url= ... g:11vjdpiz]Aphyon'arisa[/url:11vjdpiz][/u:11vjdpiz](DeathStalker)-Greatsword wielded by Veraka's father, Torin Orden. Is both a blessed weapon and a thundering one at that, besides having the power to channel the power of storms through it's blade. The weapon will only respond to one with Torin's blood in their veins.

[u:11vjdpiz]Ranged[/u:11vjdpiz]: Composite short bow for ranged attacks

[u:11vjdpiz]Background info[/u:11vjdpiz]: Though he doesn’t know much of his ancestry, Veraka was born to an female archangel, named Sanisa, and Torin Orden, a male Air Genasi. When he was born, his mother, Sanisa, asked his father to watch over their child, as she could not stay and raise young Veraka, her duties as a celestial prevented her from doing so. Torin grudgingly accepted the task and set about raising the young aasimar. When Veraka was barely a year old, he was traveling with his father on a caravan that was attacked by raiding party consisting of mainly orcs, goblins and a few trolls. Torin fought with all his fury to keep his son alive. He succeeded, but at a steep cost; he forfeited his life to insure young Veraka was alive. Left for dead, the young child was found by scouts of the Gray Wolf Uthgardt tribe of barbarians. He was raise among them,m brutally. Veraka thought that he might one day be one of the tribe, but was cast out at 14 years of age, for his unwillingness to kill a member of some other tribe within the region (Veraka viewed it as cowardly, just because the Gray Wolf’s shaman saw the other tribe as weaklings).

He traveled for a time on, wondering what true justice felt like. Discovered Aurora near her death; fought off five other winter wolves to keep her alive. Helped her gain her strength back, and from then on, Aurora stuck with him as he continued on traveling. Discovered the Black Lion tribe, and was accepted into their ranks. At age 18, when he was discovered to have innate magical capabilities, he was taken in under priests of Tyr to be trained as a paladin. Succeeded in his training and began to train in martial arts with the monks of the Even-Handed. Recognizing his skill with a blade, Veraka sought out weapon-masters from every from every race he could find, and studied under their tutelage, mastering his skill with Marala Vharc. Later on, he was sent out on a mission where he was required to find sources of undead that had been marauding nearby villages, as well as other problems with the surrounding areas; his first real world experience, saw the consequences for what happens when protectors turn a blind eye for their charges. Five of the seven towns that he’d tasked with protecting were slaughtered to the last person, because the local militia turned its back on the people, all for some coin. Those same villagers were later used as undead themselves. He found out who had been staging the assaults, a group of human bandits, who'd steal most of the elven, dwarven, or other non-human villagers, and that militia were responsible for the deaths of their towns. The berserker revealed itself for the first time. In his rage, Veraka killed everyone he thought responsible; total amount of blood on his hands: 319 people by his hand alone. Upon seeing the ‘justice’ that he had dispensed, his faith was deeply shaken; he forsakes Tyr, and continued on his own path.

[u:11vjdpiz]Personality and abilities[/u:11vjdpiz]: Being an Aasimar grants Veraka a natural focus towards an elemental type of damage; his is the power of storms. Though he rarely, uses his magical abilities, he is capable of channeling the fury of storms through his will. Veraka rarely gives up on anything, if at all. This trait is a byproduct of his raw persistence and stubbornness. He considers himself a guardian of sorts, viewing those who are under his protection as those who deserve it. Has an undying sense of justice; very black and white world to him, little to know gray area. Has a fiery temper, which is attributed to his high sense of honor. Has a very strong affection for children regardless of race (except monstrosities); believes that children, no matter the race, are innocent until they are at an age to which they can understand their actions. Is eccentric and a bit random sometimes. Views all challenges in life as a way to grow stronger and wiser. Solemnly believes that more power that one possess, then it is their job to have the responsibility to wield it effectively. Hates corruption and the people who use it, ones who use others for their own ends. Will not ask anyone to something that he himself can’t do (this is from a militaristic point of view). Will usually be the first one into a battle and the last one out.

Has the ability to command lighting type attacks via magical means. These include, but are not limited to: Arc of Lighting, Summon Lighting Storm, and Storm of Vengeance, due to his Divine Crusader status. Also has the ability to summon a ‘Lighting elemental’ (an air elemental in the form of lighting.)

Also possess a berserker side to himself. This darker 'beast' was born of his past experiences, plus his bloodline. While the berserker is out, he has very little control over it, though occasionally, gains complete dominance over it because his reason for summing it is of the same reason it comes out. This capability that augments and enhances his resilience, stamina, and physical prowess; however, after excessive use, leaves him drained substantially (he can still fight, but even a normal attack can put him out of a fight, so he has to be cautious when using the berserker). As Veraka grows in level and experience, the berserker grows in power; it's duration, strength and raw rage increase as Veraka grows, but as he grows, so does his ability to control it.

[u:11vjdpiz]Amount of sense in his skull: [/u:11vjdpiz]when thinking within militaristic terms, he excels at seeing through battle plans and tactics; thorough training in warfare tactics and strategy. In everything else, he has a decent amount of common sense.
[u:11vjdpiz]Faults[/u:11vjdpiz]: Hubris (excessive pride) from his barbarian raising. Sometimes can be overly cocky. Occasionally uses his fists to make a point rather than words. Temper is very volatile, don’t know what will set it off.

rolled into a very, very small nutshell; he's basically a spartan with a sense of morals

Theme (I had to put this in here) [youtube:11vjdpiz]jjZACyYKGJ8[/youtube:11vjdpiz]

Veraka character sheet:

(Ok, so quite literally, this is my first time ever making a char sheet, so please let me know anything, questions, comments, concerns, etc. I also ask that if anyone is going to voice criticism, please do so in a constructive manner, else I probably won’t pay it much attention; thanks :D)

Personal info:
Name: Veraka Orden
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Height: 6’7”
Classes: Barbarian –Lvl 5, Paladin-Lvl 4, Weapons Master-Lvl 3
Weight-270 lbs
Alignment-Neutral-Lawful Good (this is due in part to his upbringing as a barbarian, but due to his tribes strict ingrained sense of honor and adherence to this code, his code is similar in that to a paladins, making it easier for him to see how a paladins code functions)
Eyes-Silver(turn t o crimson red when in his Berserker state)
Hair-Light Bluish-Silver
Int-15 +2

HP: 127
Initiative:+2 (+2 Dex bonus)
AC: 22 (10+8(Platinum Armor)+2 (heavy shield) +2(Dex bonus))
Fortitude: 16 Reflex: 10 Will: 9
Spd: 40 ft
Base Attack:
melee: +15/+10/+5
ranged: +14/+9/+4
grapple: +15/+10/+5

Craft- 3
Handle Animal-11
Sense Motive-10

Feats: (Racial, class, and otherwise)
Celestial Bloodline
Planetouched Animal Affinity
Fast Movement
Trap Sense +1
Uncanny Dodge
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Aura of Courage
Smite Evil
Lay on Hands
Divine Grace
Divine Health
Ki Damage 3/day
Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword
Improve Critical: Bastard Sword
Combat Expertise
Spring Attack
Whirlwind Attack
Shield Bash
Improved Shield Bash
Two-weapon Fighting
Weapons proficiencies: simple, martial, exotic

Items readied:
Marala Vharc(Storms Vengeance)- Keen Adamantine Bastard Sword ((1d10 damage-slashing Crit:18-20/X2) Shocking burst: ,+1d6 electrical damage. On critical hit, +1d10 of Electrical damage if x2, +2d10 if x3, & +3d10 if x4. Last Resort-when grappled, negates -4 penalty, weapon does +1d6 damage to grappler for each size larger they are to the wielder.)

Items carried:
Thunderstrike-Adamantine tanto-tipped thundering shortsword (1d6 damage, Crit. 19-20/X2; Thundering-On critical, 1d8 Sonic damage (2d8 if X3, 3d8 if X4, etc), target must make Fortitude save of DC=14 or become permanently deaf; damage bonus-2/magical)

Twin tanto-tipped fighting knives-Adamantine combat knife (1d4 damage, crit18-20/X2, Damage bonus 2/magical)

Bandolier of Darksteel shuriken (12 count)-1d2 damage, crit. 20/X2, damage bonus-1/electrical

Items-pack, sleeping-roll, rations-7, potion of Healing-6, potion of Sustenance-2, water skins-3.

Items worn:

Platinum Dragon-scale Armor
Armor bonus +8,
Max Dex bonus +4, Armor check penalty –2, 20% Arcane spell failure
Adamantine Heavy Shield w/ guantlet-(Armor bonus +2, Armor check penalty –2, damage reduction/-2)
When attacking with improved Shield Bash- (1d4 damage, crit X2, maintains AC bonus when bashing)

"Claws of the White Wolf"- reinforced-gauntlets (1d4 damage, crit. 19-20/X2. If Con or HP goes below 1/3 their original values, Berserker rage may be extended for three additional rounds with no fatiguing effects as well as +3 Str.)

"Heart of the Black Lion"- Amulet/talisman (Saves vs. deathmagic & fear +4. When in Berserker Rage, gain Charge, BattleCry, and Unnerving BattleCry as bonus feats )

Cloak of Divine Retribution-(+3 to Sense Motive check; Bonus feat: Expert Tactician. Saves +2 universal)

+2 wisdom, +2 charisma (already included)
+2 on listen and spot checks (already included)
Cast Light once per day
Acid, cold & electricity resistance -5
Darkvision (see 60 feet in pitch-dark)

(Note: these are additional abilities granted to him because his bloodline is 30% celestial, rather than say 5%)
Protection from evil 3/day
Detect evil
Holy Smite
Spell resistance 12

Berserker Rage: Due to his upbringing within his first barbarian tribe, Veraka had the ability to unleash the inner fury of a rage commonly found in all barbarians, but due to him becoming a paladin, he lost that ability, but deep down, his darker side began to take shape. An affliction that constantly hounds him, the Berserker is similar in many respects to a barbarian’s rage.
Berserker stats-When entering his Berserker state, Veraka may attempt to take control or partly control of the blind raging beast that is within him. He may attempt a Will save of DC=22 or higher. This number goes up as Veraka advances in level, making it harder for Veraka to maintain control of the dark raging beast. If he fails this, the berserker assumes complete control of his body and he becomes nothing more than a wild raging animal, not caring for the rules of combat, or ideals of chivalry and honor, mercy and justice.
Once active and in control, the berserker finds a target, usually the person that set Veraka into the state, and it goes after him/her with relentless and merciless abandon, not caring if anyone, friend or foe, gets in its way. When its target is destroyed or flees, it turns on the next enemy. It is advisable that friendly forces and allies stay out of the way of the aasimar once he’s in his berserker state. Once the berserker comes out, Veraka loses all connection to his paladin abilities, as well as his assimar abilities as the berserker is like an animal, and thus is chaotic by nature. He does however maintain his barbarian abilities (i.e. uncanny dodge, damage reduction, etc.)
When he is in his berserker rage, Veraka gains +5 Str, +2 Dex, and +4 Con. 2 HP per level + his Con modifier are added to his Hit Point total (original, not raging). Also when in his berserker state, Veraka gains +1 natural armor due to his celestial bloodline plus All out Attack(regular and Improved).

While in his berserker rage, Veraka cannot stop the rage until his first target, usually the one whom triggered the rage, is killed, or flees, though it is usually it’s the former. However, once the berserker has killed off its first target, Veraka may attempt a Will-save DC=16 to take control of his body. If he fails this Will-save, he may try again, but with each failure to save, the Will-save goes up by 1. After 3 + con modifier (improved), the berserker will withdraw, leaving Veraka winded and tired.
The berserker may last for more rounds than this, however, as Veraka uses it past it’s regular round, the more that he uses it, the more he takes a risk of greater injury as a result. When coming out of his animalistic, dark rage, Veraka suffers an immediate loss of -3 to Str, Dex, and Con, and a loss of 50% to movement speed. If Veraka uses the berserker for an extended period of time, he suffers an additional loss of -4 to Str, Dex, and Con for every two extra rounds he extends the berserker rage.

Large Magical Beast-Lvl 9 (Cold)
Alignment-Chaotic Good
Gender: female
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 450 lbs
Eyes: Deep Ice-blue
Fur: thick white fur

Initiative: +5 (+1 Dex, +4 improved Initiative)
Speed: 50 ft.
AC: 16 (+1 Dex, +5 natural)
Saves: Fort +8, Ref +7 , Will +4
Skills: Hide-4, Listen+8, Move Silently-9, Spot-8, Survival-3

Base Attack: +14/+6
Grapple: +14/6
Attack: Bite +9 melee (1d8+9 plus 1d6 cold)
Breath weapon-4d6 cold damage
Claw- (1d6 damage, crit. 19-20/X2)

Special Attacks: Breath weapon, freezing bite, trip

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., immunity to cold, low-light vision, scent, vulnerability to fire

Improved Initiative
Weapon focus-Creature (magical beast)
Improved weapon focus-Creature (magical beast)
Improved Critical-Creature (magical beast)
Empathetic Link (functions like a telepathic link with Veraka)

Lvl adjustment+3
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cool. did u use the ADD cd disk they made? we have one for 2nd edition rules. it has kits on it. now i think of it, they quit making those long time ago too...

im not familier with aasimirs, but i thought that itself was the race...or do u mean ur half breed, well part

if he likes to help children, does he help kids who look like adults.... ;)
drow are 'kids' till like 50/60's or something, right?
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Well, first off no, I didn't use ADD to help me design Veraka; I mostly used my general knowledge of D&D, most of which I looked up and researched my myself; a few things I designed on my own.

second; yes to both, though let me explain.
yes, aasimars by themselves are a race of their own; however they only possesses about 5-10% of their ancestors blood in their viens, that is their only about 5-10% celestial, the rest of the bloodline is human.
and yes, technically speaking, Veraka is a half-breed as he possesses celestial, elemental, and human backgrounds within his ancestral line.

Also, in his eyes, if the child does not fully understand their actions from the perspective of an adult then yes, he will assist them in any way that he can.
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Here's a picture concept of him in full armor
[img:2or4nzqz] ... _Angel.jpg[/img:2or4nzqz]
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he almost looks like a golumn.
u should out it as ur avatar...
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:lol: well, remember he is pretty big to begin with, and this is a good representation of him in his Platinum dragon-scale full-plate.
As for being my avatar, wish I could but the dimensional fitting requirements for the site won't allow it; the pic's just to big, unless anyone knows how to make it work, then I might be able to put it in,
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and here's an excellent idea of Aurora, his winter wolf companion, only she's quite bit bigger.
[img:2a0yqcr4] ... a-kurt.jpg[/img:2a0yqcr4]
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