Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar

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Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar
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Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar

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[img:320qzdfs] ... sy/zar.jpg[/img:320qzdfs]
[b:320qzdfs]Zarae Zyne[/b:320qzdfs] {Shadow Dancing Hunter} [b:320qzdfs]Kilanatlar [/b:320qzdfs]{People of the Night Mysteries},

[b:320qzdfs]gender[/b:320qzdfs]: female
[b:320qzdfs]race/class[/b:320qzdfs]: drow rogue/shadowdancer (and 1 level of wizard technically)[/size:320qzdfs]
[b:320qzdfs]occupation[/b:320qzdfs]: adventurer/scout
[b:320qzdfs]training[/b:320qzdfs]: Draa Velve (2 weapon fighting) & Bautha Z’hin ("dodge and walk" rogue styled fighting mixed with acrobatic/gymnastics).
[b:320qzdfs]Alignment[/b:320qzdfs]: CG, but leans twords CN.

Zarae also can be called 'Z' or Zar; sometimes she's hears "DROW DIE!" or "BLACK DEMON!" tho not sure if those count as a nickname. Her heritage/race cannot be hidden, skin black like obsidian stone stands in contrast with silvery locks that run to her waist. Unlike her kin, natural red streaks run thru the silver and eyes that change with her mood make her a freak among her people. Zarae is a tall and slender as any elf. However, she lacks the voluptuous sensuality of many noble born drow women, but she is not without a graceful air and a simple rugged beauty of her own. Her character and personality set her apart more than any physical defect.
She enjoys having fun, adventuring and getting into things that could lead to trouble. the rogue is not a natural cold blooded killer. Rather, she has known to get revenge through dark pranks and prefers humiliation over pure slaughter. Tho pragmatism and survival often means blood shed, and Zarae is not above fighting to live. Her imagination is vivid and active as well as her curiosity, often leading to troubles she finds herself in. She is private and often keeps to herself, fearful to get to close to people. Too many times she has lost someone who got to close.
Zarae is at heart a natural rebel against authority; because of her drowling years, she tends to resent restrictions, and challenge traditions. Her stubbornness comes from her rebellious mindset, and her female drow pride, inherited by her proud noble heritage, may show itself at the least opportune times. Strangely, she can become easily bored which is often the root of her trouble-making ways (flaw: curious). Her biggest personality flaw is her 'light fingered' hands (flaw: kleptomania); it comes not from greed or a desire to have everything, its the thrill, the challenge, the danger, and the skills to pull off the perfect thefts. and sometimes, it does have its advantages, providing her with things she needs. During the year she was living on the dangerous streets in the slums of Lith My'athar, it helped her to survive.
Hating when things get too serious a situation and often before she thinks, she tends to makes jokes in those awkward, tense, and series situations. Her eyes, something she hates, have been known to give her mood away for those who learn to understand them.

[b:320qzdfs]Fears/phobias[/b:320qzdfs]: Zarae fear life ends in oblivion or in that her life might be meaningless; she also fears failure, tho this may be due to being drow raised in the Spider Queen's ways.
Most feared threat is to be captured alive. If Lloth's so called prophesy is true, and so far it has been, then she cannot stop running. And to be captured could be worse than death for a heretic.
[b:320qzdfs]Superstitions[/b:320qzdfs]: Zarae really doesnt know why this started, but she sleeps/reveries with a least 1 hidden dagger in reach (usually under her pillow) and will often put simple 'traps' around her resting place. she carries at least three weapons at all times. maybe its just best to be prepared?

[b:320qzdfs]Best subjec[/b:320qzdfs]t: for one never getting her studies done and spending time learning 'real skills' its shouldnt be a surprise that she is skilled best like a scout (rogue class skills); melee training years was some of the best time of her life, where she did not just learn to use a weapon. She was taught to use her skills, stealth, grace, dexterity to truly fight, to find their weakness, strike without being seen, move into impossible places, and get away (two weapon fighting with an acrobatic style). Mostly, to never lose.
[b:320qzdfs]Poorest subject[/b:320qzdfs]: The way to power might have been to be a priestess, and due to being the matron's daughter, she should have been that ambitious and wanted that. but no matter how forced or threatened, Zarae just didnt have it in her to be a priestess. Divine magics and religious studies just wasnt for her. She spent as much time getting out of her studies and causing trouble as she should have been learning her role and place in drow society, to become another priestess of the Kilanatlar House.

[b:320qzdfs]Level of common sense:[/b:320qzdfs] good, better if shes not distracted. which sadly is more often than she wishes (lower wisdom than most drow women; also why she did/wouldnt made a good priestress).
[b:320qzdfs]Main goal in life[/b:320qzdfs]: the grandest adventure!
[b:320qzdfs]Short term goals[/b:320qzdfs]: find allies; take care of basic needs- food, shelter, ect; collect that next 'shiney' thing.
[b:320qzdfs]Long term goals:[/b:320qzdfs] gain/collect magical artifacts. Travel the world. Maybe, start her own adventuring guild; She wants to find her twin brother, or his remains since she believes he perished when the house was destroyed.

Second House Kilanatlar of Lith My'Athar was known for its salves, dyes (especially Shadow Dye), and poisons.
a year before born, the twins Matron Shyntyl carried were "blessed" by Lloth and selected to be a type, chosen to bring a new order of chaos into the small drow city that had grown boring to the Lady of Chaos. they were granted three gifts. But Lloth's gifts come at a price. If the female was to turned from Lloth and/or fail in her role, a 'curse' would be in place- she would never find peace (always be hunted and tormented internally) and death and destruction would follow in her wake (friends/allies around her tend to die/be killed).
For 12 years Zarae and her twin brother Nilrae was raised by her wean mother, a sister who she resents; the two were best of friends. while Nilrae was trained in his place as a male noble, Zarae was forced into the basics of her place and role in society and the tenets of being a priestess of Lloth. Zarae hated this period of time in her life! The endless indoctrination sessions, the hours of ranting, rambling diatribe, and being subjected to endless eulogies to the Spider Queen, tales and prophecies of her power and of the rewards she bestowed upon loyal servants. Worse, she hated being 'jailed' and forced to learn the pointless stuff. Zarae never had it in her to be a priestess, despite how much her older sister pushed her. Thus the girl spent nearly all of her time goofing off, causing trouble, or escaping to explore the city with Nilrae. Often these trips led to troubles in themselves. Sometimes they were caught upon returning to the compound, Nilrae receiving the worse punishment being male. But it did little to deter the twins, and sooner or later, they were breaking out of the Kilanatlar compound again.
also during this last half of time under her wean-mother, Zarae's character and personality grew darker each day, teetering on the edging of giving into the Spider Queen's call. all stemming from the day she was tricked into slaying (sacrificing) a close friend.
On their 12th birthday Zarae and Nilrae were sent for training in weapons and fighting. it was during this time her brother was converted in secret to Vhaeraun by the house weapon-master. Zarae also asked to be taught some basic magic (in hopes of deceiving her mother into believing she had become an actual priestess) by her brother.
It was planned for Zarae be sent to the priestess academy on her 20th birthday. but House Kilanatlar lost favor with Lloth and a coalition of the 1st and 3rd house attacked and quickly annihilated accused 'heretic 'House Kilanatlar, along with many a great number of city residents, businesses, and houses in what came to be known as the 'Great Cleansing'.
Zarae and Nilrae escaped thru their secret passage. Zarae reaching the end first discovered her brother was not with her. She tried to go back for him when the house collapsed with the final bombardment.
Zarae miraculously managed to escape, believing she lost her twin brother. Running through the crowd of onlookers in the city to get away and knowing full well what could happen to any survivors, she ran far as she could, and eventually into a "matron". This matron, realizing who Zarae was, took to hide the girl within the 15th house. Zarae refused at first, running away to live in the slums for a year. During this time, Zarae had it rough. Loss of her brother and best friend hit the young girl hardest, with the total upheaval of everything she knew; her world had been shaken thoroughly. Intending to use her claim as a surviving noble to call down drow justice/judgment, she was fatally wounded only to be saved by the same 'matron' who tried to help her before.
Taken in, eventually Zarae discover the house was a facade for a rebel group who venerated the Dark maiden. And ironically, the same group her sisters were responsible for hunting and destroying. Somehow the house survived the Great Cleansing, something she didnt forget.
With in the walls of the rebel compound, few trusted the noble daughter, some even believing she would turn on the house and rat them out. Zarae, still rebellious and a trouble maker at heart, did not get along with most others and constantly had run-ins with the ladies and leaders of the house- often over 'missing' items. When she wasnt running off in the some of the surrounding tunnels outside the city or leading others into trouble, she spent her free time reading tomes and books of the surface world.
Some of the priestess were patient and Zarae learned new ways. Even more, she began to understand the way of the Dark Maiden. Never haven truly followed the Spider Queen, one day she decided to she would follow Eilistraee, someone closer to her heart. even if she didnt understand everything that would mean.
After many years within the rebel house, rival city Charrvhel'raugaust attack Lith My'athar and the young drows were sent to the surface refuge. Zarae again lost a close friend as battle flooded into the house.
after a perilous journey and losing nearly half their beginning number, they arrive and Zarae saw the Light Above for the first time, the surface her people were forced to leave millennium ago. and this was what the Dark Maiden hoped to bring her people back to.
She was there in the Maid's Glade less than a year before problems began anew for the girl and Lloth's curse was proven true. So, for the sake of their lives and for no more bloodshed because of her, she fled and began to travel on her own, fearful to stay somewhere to long should Lloth grasp find her.
this was just the beginning of her adventures.

[b:320qzdfs]Spells[/b:320qzdfs]: Darkness; Faerie Fire; Dancing Lights; Detect Good; Detect Magic; Levitate; Resistance; Presdigination; Acid Splash; Magic Missile;

[b:320qzdfs][url= ... g:320qzdfs]Basic equipment[/url:320qzdfs][/b:320qzdfs]: (some will be collected during the adventures).
*Midnight blue spidersilk shirt with loose billowing sleeves; dark fitted pants;
*Knee high black boots, dagger in each
*crimson greater piwafwi (fire resistance, invisibility, hide, endure elements)
*house insignia (spells: Comprehend Languages, Feather Fall, Shield, Water Breathing,).
*Black leather Belt of Hidden Pouches. the clasp contains a spider shaped black sapphire.
*Handy Harversack;
*Survival pouch;
inside pouches/bag: vials of Shadow Dye (acts as if Oil of Camouflage); vials of antitoxin; daylight pellets; vials of darkoil; vials of poison; vial of Trollbane; Chime of opening; Silent portal disk; Rations of rothe jerky; Fishhook; sewing kit; flint and steal; soaps; wetstone; Mirror; Kit of disguise; Vial of everdark ink; inkpen; empty vials; parchment and paper; Winter cloak; Permanent Rune of Faith Healing; few changes of clothing; whip; Stones of Faerzress; spellbook; Aboleth Mucus; Moonfire Salve; Eggshell Grenade, Dust; Atramen Oil; Bitterleaf Oil; Spelunker's Oil; Clearwater Tablet; Torch Bug Paste; Forger's Paper/Forgery Kit; Expandable Pole; Panic Button, Escaping; Piton; Quicksilver; Screaming Flask; Unguent of Timelessness; Universal Solvent; Sovereign Glue; Camouflage Paint; Camouflage Kit; Dust of Sneezing and Choking
*ring of mind shielding
*ring of Proof against poison
*hairpin of intellect.
*bracers of Dexterity; inside bracers- Masterwork thieves tools
*Gloves of Master Strategist; in glove- Repeating hand crossbow;
*a mithril chain necklace w/ sword pendants;

[b:320qzdfs][url= ... g:320qzdfs]weapons[/url:320qzdfs][/b:320qzdfs]:
*Moonshadow- adamantine drowcraft shortsword engraved with invisible runes. it makes evil creatures uncomfortable with a mental attack. it glows when they are near, but can be 'quieted' when needed.
*Stealthwhisper- adamantine drowcraft shortsword. enchanted with blurstrike.
*Bow, Gift of the Solar- a +2 Longbow; Any arrow fired by this bow becomes an Arrow of Slaying that matches the targeted creature; a mix of hickory and maple gives it a reddish tint with a swirly look. the sight window is of mithril and adamantine and the arms are carved with a vine design. the grip has hard black leather. the string had a magical aura.
*6 poisoned daggers
*repeating hand crossbow

Official [url= ... 0:320qzdfs]character sheet[/url:320qzdfs]
Dark (Drow) Elf:
* Immune to magical sleep
* +2 racial bonus to saves vs. enchantments
* Darkvision to 120 ft.
* Spell resistance 11 + class level
* [strike:320qzdfs]* Light blindness[/strike:320qzdfs]
* +2 racial bonus on listen, search, and spot checks
* Notice secret doors; automatic search check if in five feet

* Sneak Attack
* Trapfinding
* Evasion
* Trap Sense
* Uncanny Dodge
* Improved Uncanny Dodge
* Special Abilities

* Hide in plain sight
* Evasion; uncanny dodge
* Shadow illusion; summon shadow
* Defensive roll; improved uncanny dodge
* Shadow jump 40 feet; summon shadow
* Slippery mind
* Summon shadow
* Shadow jump 160 feet; improved evasion

other feats/abilities:
*Highborn Drow (Noble Birth)
*Daylight Adaptation
*Weapon Finesse
* Two-Weapon Fighting/ Defense
*Combat Reflexes[/size:320qzdfs]
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I like the level of detail and thought that have gone into this character, very interesting. :)
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Very nice! I like her.
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Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar
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thanks yall! :D
its my character i play, (well, sorta written out) for our rpg- Hero's Quest (the 80's board game that a simplified version of D&D by milton bradly) but we mix in D&D stuff in to add dimension and more things to be and do..
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I really like this character. Nice work and attention to detail. :)
Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar
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[img:25jjuzvv] ... arae-2.png[/img:25jjuzvv]

and this is so i dont lose it:

With the blessings of the Spider you will serve.
I bless you with these gifts I leave.
Light that blinds the eyes will no more.
My message shall you carry therefore.
Aware you shall be of all near.
For I hold you in claws so dear.
But should you turn,
forever their will be a yearn.
a path of death and blood never cease.
never to find rest or peace” [/size:25jjuzvv]
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