A drow Forgotten Realms Role Playing Source

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A drow Forgotten Realms Role Playing Source

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I came across this very useful tome of knowledge while delving through Candlekeep. it's not a Candlekeep source per se but compiled by one of the regular posters there, a lady named Zanan who is a keen Drow Rp'er. This is her work but I thought it should be shared here.

Here is here weblink to her page :


and here is the relevent lore.

[b:kwb5zktl]Zanan's Guide to the Drow NPCs of the Forgotten Realms
Last Update: 12. 2006 [/b:kwb5zktl][/size:kwb5zktl]

This is a guide which shall provide players as well as DMs a background to their characters via the means of other Drow NPCs' names and where they appear within the Forgotten Realms.

Character classes listed after the names are still AD&D, unless an asterisks ( * ) marks them as D&D 3E or 3RE. This mark also says that the character does appear in recent publications and may still live. There is also a slight difference between the abbreviations of the classes, which also separates the editions, e.g. AD&D classes like fighter and thief yield F and T, whereas in D&D 3E it would be fighter and rogue, Ftr and Rog. See the end of the list for more details.

Any person listed here is a drow and fd (female drow) or md (male drow) denotes their gender. Any priest or cleric listed are considered to be followers of Lolth unless stated.

Other than in the full version, this list does not tell the reader all about the actual classes as well as the fate of most of the NPCs. Thus, the spoiler factor is relatively low with regards to updated sourcebooks and recent novels. People long dead (e.g. Menzoberra) are excluded from this rule for obvious reasons (essentially everyone before 1358 DR is listed). The NPC's classes are also listed if they appear in easily accessible sources such as the Dragon Magazine (e.g. Gromph Baenre) or the Wizards' website (e.g. Liriel Baenre).

Some NPC are not truly meant to appear in the Realms as such, e.g. characters of adventures like City of the Spider Queen, the Wild Magic adventure of the Menzoberranzan boxed set and NPCs mentioned in the Baldur's Gate PC game and novel series. Nonetheless, their names are in this list as well.

A full version can be obtained from the author for free, though there are a lot of spoilers for players and novel readers alike. The full version is up to date, including the Underdark sourcebook and novels such as Insurrection, Tangled Webs and Baldur's Gate II - Throne of Bhaal.

MENZOBERRANZAN - The City of Spiders

This place is the most detailed of all drow realms of the Underdark and thus a lot of NPCs have come and gone through the history of AD&D and D&D Menzoberranzan. This list will start off with the most current state of affairs in the City of Spiders of the most up to date sources. Afterwards, a collection of names will appear which date back to as early as the foundation of the city, but most names are valid for the year 1358 D.R., just before the Times of Troubles. For most of the names listed in this part there is no certain knowledge about the fate of their Houses, clans, or families. Where there are names of important characters and nothing has been said about their "disappearance", a FU (fate unknown) will appear behind their names.

Menzoberra the Kinless (fd, P) High Priestess hailing from Golothaer, founder of Menzoberranzan ("Menzoberra's Home"), killed during the Nasadran wars with House Thaeyalla

Menzoberranzan in 1372 D.R. - Houses
(Menzoberranzan has got a Ruling Council consisting of the 8 most powerful Houses. Listed first are the current matrons as well as their class changes through the years and editions. Anything apart from the matrons' names or people marked with * can be considered old information that might have changed by now.)

House Baenre, First House of Menzoberranzan

Triel Baenre (fd, P16 - P20 - *Clr) Matron Mother

Gromph Baenre (md, M20 - *Div16/Acm4) Archmage of Menzoberranzan

Quenthel Baenre (fd, P10 - *Clr15/Dis4) Mistress of the Arach-Tinilith

Vendes Baenre (fd, Clr/T)

Sos'Umptu Baenre (fd, P) * Keeper of the Baenre House Chapel

Jeggred Baenre (m draegloth, *Bbn9/Ftr4) Son of Triel Baenre & her personal bodyguard

Merith Baenre (fd, P) adopted into the House

Waevra Baenre (fd, *Clr) traitor & renegade

Andzrel Baenre (md, *Ftr?) Weapon Master of House Baenre, Cmdr. Of the Army of the Black Spider

Zal'therra Baenre (fd, *Clr) Cousin of Triel, Cmdr. Of the Army of the Black Spider

Nauzhror Baenre (md, *Abj?) Cousin of Triel, Master of Baenre, acting part time Archmage of Menzoberranzan

Maigneth (fd, *Ftr?) one Captain of the House Guard

Wilara Baenre (fd, *Clr?) personal attendant to Triel

Vrellin Baenre (md, *Ftr?) Nephew of Triel

Prath Baenre (md, *Wiz5 or 6?) 1st year student of Sorcere, in his 30s

Julani Baenre (md, *Evo?) Master of Evocation

Grendan Baenre (md, *Ill?) 10th year student (at Sorcere), favors Illusions

Noori Baenre (fd, *Div?) Cousin to Gromph and Triel, 10th year student (at Sorcere)

Zoran Baenre (md, *Wiz?) 2nd year student (at Sorcere)

Zillak (maybe no Baenre) (md, *Rog?) prime assassin of Gromph

Jarlaxle Baenre (md, F17 - *Ftr) fmr. leader of Bregan D'aerthe

Liriel Baenre (fd, F8/M9 - F8/M10 - *Ftr1/Clr3/M11) renegade, wandering surface

Yvonnel Baenre (fd, P25) fmr. matron, killed near Mithril Hall

Bladen'kerst Baenre (fd, P14) killed near Mithril Hall

Dantrag Baenre (md, F18) weapon master, dead

Bergynion Baenre (md, F) renegade, member of Bregan D'aerthe

Yerri'thal Baenre (?d, ?) the most accomplished swordsmith in all Menzoberranzan.s legendary history

House Barrison Del'Armgo, Second House

Mez'Barris Armgo (fd P13/F13 - P14/F14 - *Ftr/Clr) Matron Mother

Uthegentel Armgo (md, F20) weapon master, killed near Mithril Hall

Drisinil Armgo (fd, *Clr) student of Arach-Tinilith

Molvayas Armgo (fd, *Clr) instructor at Arach-Tinilith

Pharius Armgo (fd, P) (from Wild Magic adventure)

House Faen Tlabbar, Third House

Vadalma Tlabbar (fd, *Clr) Matron Mother, Fifth Daughter of Ghenni'tiroth

Pir'Oront Tlabbar (md, F) Firstborn son of Ghenni, FU

Rinnill Tlabbar (md, F) Patron (of Ghenni), FU

Mod'Vensis Tlabbar (fd, P) Instructor at the academy, FU

Malaggar Tlabbar (md, *Ftr) First Sword of Melee-Magthere

Ghenni'tiroth Tlabbar (fd, P16) fmr. Matron, killed in 1358 by Matron Oblodra

Ghenni Tlabbar (fd, *Clr) fmr. Matron, killed in 1372 by Nimor of the Jaezred Chaulssin

(note that the aforementioned matrons might be one and the same)

Sil'zet Tlabbar (fd, *Clr) daughter of Ghenni, killed in 1372 by Nimor of the Jaezred Chaulssin

Ghilanna Tlabbar (fd, P) fmr. Matron till 1371, FU

Finni'they Tlabbar (fd, P) adopted & favoured by Ghenni, FU

Thaerlbone Faen Tlabbar (md, M) renegade wizard, FU

House Xorlarrin, Fourth House

Zeerith Q'Xorlarrin (fd, P15 - P16 - *Clr) Matron Mother

Hooroodissomoth Xorlarrin (md, M18 - ?) *Patron

Jearth Xorlarrin (md, F) weapon master

Brack'thal Xorlarrin (md, M) Firstborn son of Zeerith

Kiriy Xorlarrin (fd, P) Eldest daughter of Zeerith

Kharza-kzad Xorlarrin (md lich, M) Master of Sorcere, now lich in the Underdark

Jaemas Xorlarrin (md, *Wiz) Master of Sorcere

Atatlab Xorlarrin (md, *Ftr?) One of the House's sentries (known by name to Zeerith)

House Mizzrym, Fifth House

Miz'ri Mizzrym (fd, P12 - P13 - *Clr) Matron Mother

Courdh Mizzrym (md, M) Archmage emeritus of Menzoberranzan

Pharaun Mizzrym (md, *Wiz14/Acm3) Master of Sorcere

Zeld Mizzrym (fd, P) Instructor at Arach-Tinilith

Greyanna Mizzrym (fd, *Clr) First daughter of Miz'ri, twin of Sabal

Sabal Mizzrym (fd, *Clr) daughter of Miz'ri, twin of Greyanna

Relonar Mizzrym (md, *M)

Aunrae Mizzrym (fd, *Clr) Cousin of Greyanna

Ardreyth Mizzrym (fd, P) fmr. Matron, killed by a wingless wonder

House Fey-Branche, Sixth House

Byrtyn Fey (fd, P11 - P12 - *Clr) Matron Mother

Minolin Fey-Branche (fd, *Clr) 5th year student at Arach-Tinilith

House Tuin'Tarl, Seventh House

Prid'eesoth Tuin (fd, P12 - P11 - *Clr) Matron Mother

Daethleness Tuin'Tarl (md, M) renegade, FU

V'londril Tuin'Tarl (fd, *Clr)

Houndaer Tuin'Tarl (md, *Ftr) took part in the uprising in Menzoberranzan

Omraeth (?) (md, *Brd) "spellsinger" that accompanied Houndaer

House Agrach Dyrr

formerly Fifth House, currently not in the Council

Anival Dyrr (fd, *Clr?) First Daughter of Yasraena, now Matron Dyrr

"Lichdrow" Dyrr (md lich, M18 - *Sor20/Wiz3/Clr1 of Velsharoon)

Yasraena Dyrr (fd, P11 - *Clr) fmr. Matron

Larikal Dyrr (fd, *Clr9+?) 3rd daughter of Yasraena, killed mistakenly by the latter

Esvena Dyrr (fd, *Clr?) 4th daughter of Yasraena, FU

Nafyrra Dyrr (fd, *Clr?) Commander of a Dyrr detachment

Jazzt Dyrr (md, *Ftr?) second cousin to Yasraena

Urgan Dyrr (md, *Ftr?) Weapon master

Vorion Dyrr (md, *?) consort of Yasraena

Geremis Dyrr (md, *Wiz?) graduate of Sorcere, apprentice to the Lichdrow

Ooraen Dyrr (md, *Wiz?) graduate of Sorcere, possibly a Diviner FU

Viis Dyrr (md, *Wiz?) graduate of Sorcere, apprentice to the Lichdrow FU

Araag Dyrr (md, *Wiz?) graduate of Sorcere, apprentice to the Lichdrow FU

Viconia Agrach Dyrr (fd, *Clr) a senior instructor at Arach-Tinilith

Curacc Dyrr (md) Patron of Auro'pol, FU

Auro'pol Dyrr (fd, P13) fmr. Matron, killed by Baenre

Other Houses in order as given in Menzoberranzan BS (1358):
House Duskryn

Berni'th Duskryn (fd, P12) Matron Mother

Havel Duskryn (md, *Wiz?) Master of Sorcere

House Srune'lett

Srune'Lyris'Lett (fd, P11) Matron Mother

Dargathan Srine'lett (md, F) older student at Melee-Magthere

House Horlbar

Kerl Horlbar (fd, P13) co. Matron Mother

Jerlys Horlbar (fd, P13) co. Matron Mother

House Kenafin

Kyrnill Kenafin (fd, P13) Matron Mother

Kelnozz (md, F) student at Melee-Magthere

Gausra Kenafin (fd, *Clr) student at Arach-Tinilith

House Druu'giir

Carroloc Giir (fd, P11) Matron Mother

House Hunzrin

Ilintuere Hunzrin (fd, P11) Matron Mother

Shakti Hunrzin (fd, P9 of Lolth/Vhaeraun) *

House Shobalar

Hinkutes'nat Aalar (fd, P11) Matron Mother

Pu'Nel Aalar (md,F) weapon master

Vilto'sat Shobalar (md, *Ftr?) Captain of of Spider Cavalry of the House

Xandra Shobalar (fd, Wiz?) 3rd daughter of Hinkutes'nat, Mistress of Magic, instructor of Liriel Baenre

Bythnara Shobalar (fd, P) daughter of Xandra

House Vandree

Troken'ther Vandree (fd, P10) Matron Mother

Sosdrielle Vandree (fd, ?) mother of Liriel Baenre; one of the most beautiful drow of Menzo, consort of Gromph Baenre and killed by his golem

House Symryvvin *

Hesken-P'aj Symryvvin (fd, P20 - ?) *Matron Mother

Halavin Symryvvin (fd, *Clr) student at Arach-Tinilith

Not listed before:

House T'orgh *

T'risstree T'orgh (*Clr/Ftr?) instructor at Arach-Tinilith

House Godeep

"Master" Godeep (md, *M) Master at Sorcere

Tathlyn Godeep (md, *Ftr) weapon master

House Auvryndar

House Freth (reappears as a existing House in WotSQ)

Welverin Freth (md, *Ftr?)

House Millithor (Wild Magic adventure)

Ki'willis Milithor (fd, P) Matron Mother

Narcelia Millithor (fd, P) Eldest daughter of Ki'willis

Carcelen Millithor (fd, P) Second daughter of Ki'willis

Quertus Millithor (md, M)

Marckarius Millithor (md, F) Firstborn son of Ki'willis

Torellan Millithor (md, F/M) Second son of Ki'willis

Dariel Kront'tane (md, F) adopted son of House Millithor

Dwillisith Millithor (fd,)

Krecil Treak (md, WildMage/Ass)

House Nurbonnis (Wild Magic adventure)

Nadallas Bonnine (fd, P) Matron Mother

Rynn'qynnil Nurbonnis (fd, P)

Carri'pol Nurbonnis (fd, P)

Lynn'qynnos Nurbonnis (fd, P)

Karelist Nurbonnis (md, M)

Pernictal Nurbonnis (md, M) Firstborn son of

Daevion'lyr Nurbonnis (md, F/M) Second son of

Adlictin Nurbonnis (md, F)

Caraf'nir Pron'nonnis (md, F)

House Zolond

Rilvae Zolond (fd, *Clr) junior priestess at Arach-Tinilith

House Ousstyl, Fifty-second House

Talindra Ousstyl (fd, *Clr) Matron Mother

(said to interbreed with humans ...)

Deceased Houses of Menzoberranzan (in alphabetical order)

House Bront'tej (fmr. 27th) (defeated by Barrison Del'Armgo)

House Celofraie (defeated by Agrach Dyrr)

House DeVir (fmr. 4th House) (fall pre 1297)

Ginafae DeVir (fd, P) Matron Mother, killed by Zaknafein Do'Urden

Alton DeVir (md, M) "The Faceless One", killed by an exploding wand

Viconia DeVir (fd, P of Shar) (from Baldur's Gate I & II)

House Do'Urden (fmr. 8th House) (fall pre 1358)

Vartha Do'Urden (fd, P) fmr. Matron Mother, died unexpectedly and thus making way for Malice

Malice Do'Urden (fd, P15) Matron Mother, killed by Briza

Nalfein Do'Urden (md, M) Firstborn son of Malice, killed by Dinin

Dinin Do'Urden (md, F12) turned into drider, dead

Briza Do'urden (fd, P13) Eldest daughter of Malice, dead

Vierna Do'Urden (fd, P11) Second daughter of Malice, fmr. member of Bregan Daerthe, killed by Drizzt

Maya Do'Urden (fd, P9) Third daughter of Malice, killed during the fall.

Zaknafein Do'Urden (md, F24) weapon master, sacrificed to Lolth by his Matron Mother

Drizzt Do'Urden (md, F18 - R16 - *F10/Bbn1/Rgr5 of Mielikki) renegade, wandering surface

Rizzen (md, F8) patron, FU, presumed dead

House Elec'thiel (defeated by Agrach Dyrr)

House Freth (defeated by House Teken'duis)

House H'Kar (fmr. 12th House, FU)

Jerlys H'Kar (fd, P) slain by Artemis Entreri

Khareese H'Kar (fd, ) drow slaver, killed by Bregan D'aerthe

House Hun'ett (fmr. 5th House) (defeated by House Do'Urden & Bregan D'aerthe)

SiNafay Hun'ett (fd,P) Matron Mother ... adopted as Shi'Nayne Do'Urden after Hun'ett's fall, FU

Masoj Hun'ett (md, F) apprentice to Gelroos, killed by Drizzt

Gelroos Hun'ett (md, M) a.k.a. "The Faceless One", slain by Masoj

House Masq'il'yr (from Golothaer, founder member, fell during the wars with Nasadra when Menzoberranzan was still young, priests and priestesses survive as ghauropers in an underwater temple beneath Donigarten, Ghaunadaur worshippers.)

House Mlin'thabbyn (defeated by Agrach Dyrr)

House Oblodra (fall 1358/59) (defeated by Baenre)

K'yorl Odran (fd, P16 or P9/Psi15) Matron Mother, FU, presumed dead or undead

Kimmuriel Oblodra (md, Psi) survivor of the fall, *Bregan Daerthe

(undead survivors may haunt the Claw Rift as some sort of ghosts (witchlin))

House S'sril (from Golothaer, founder member of Menzoberranzan, became extinct because of lack of noble heirs)

House Syr'thaerl (defeated by Agrach Dyrr)

House Teken'duis (defeated by House Baenre)

House Thaeyalla (from Golothaer, founder member, fell during the wars with House Nasadra when Menzoberranzan was still young)

House Tucheth (see House Thaeyalla)

House Uusralla (see House Thaeyalla)

House X'larraz'et'soj (defeated by Baenre)

X'larraz'et X'larraz'et'soj (fd, P) Matron Mother

Quave (fd, *Clr) instructor

Jyslin (fd, *Clr) 1st year student, commoner

Lidnolu (fd, Clr) former instructor at AT, killed some time ago in her classroom

Leandran (md, Abj.?) Master of Abjuration at Sorcere

Norulle (maybe Baenre) (md, *Wiz?) 5th year student of Sorcere

Non-noble Houses and other NPC of Menzoberranzan
Families and non-noble houses: (FU)

Asbodela, Balartyr, Bluirren, Chueth'duis, Dlaen' Del'Amatar, Fael Olyphar, Hael'lrin, *H'tithet, Illith'vir, Ilueph, Ilystryph, Klor'lbar, Llarabbar, Miliskeera, Neereath, Ol'il'isk, Ouol, Ryrrl, Shun Tahaladar, Ssh'starm, Thadalix, Tirin, Tuek'tharm, Ulutar, Urundlet, Vahadarr, Waeth del'tar, Yulaun'tlar, Yune'duis

Former non-noble house: Orlzz'Hune

Individuals: (more often than not FU)

Jalynfein "the Spider Mage" (md, M24)

Ryld Argith (md, *Ftr15/Rog2) Master of Melee-Magthere

Valas Hune (md, *Rog10/Rgr2/Ftr4) Bregan D'aerthe scout

Hatch'Net (md, ) Teacher at Melee-Magthere, Master of Lore (history)

Akordia Pharn (fd, *Clr15) Mother of Eklavadra

Eklavadra Pharn (f draegloth, *Clr9)

Arda Pharn (fd, *Clr later Arachne)

Pelannistra (fd, *Clr?) traitor of Menzoberranzan, slave

Nym (md, *) owner of a "guesthouse"

Guldar Melarn (md, *M?) Elementalist at Sorcere

Cobranhree (fd, P of Lolth - Vhaeraun) killed, unmasked "Masked Traitor"

Haleera Shundyl (fd, M) known to have used the "wingless wonder" - form, FU

Iliree (fd, P of Lolth - Vhaeraun) killed, unmasked "Masked Traitor"

Myyrin Jalhuus (fd, P of Lolth - Vhaeraun) killed, unmasked "Masked Traitor"

Narr Thuirbrynn (md, Clr of Lolth - Vhaeraun) killed, unmasked "Masked Traitor"

Phaerl Godeep (md, M) pbly. Not of Menzoberranzan, forced to live in wingless wonder - form, FU

Slylyndrath Dhree (fd, P of Lolth - Vhaeraun) killed, unmasked "Masked Traitor"

"The Watchspider Wizard" (md, M) escaped to Underdark in wingless wonder - form, FU

Tsabrak (male drider) part of the uprising in Menzoberranzan

(For the DMs convenience, no class levels either.)

Alyss (fd, F) potter & sculptor

Balaeryn (md, F/M) mercenary leader

Baelaskros Do'llisharr (md, F) food trader

Bhaern del'Hluanter (md, F) trader

Blaethiira Duth Del'Ammyth (fd, F/P) potions, poison, information dealer

Blundyth (md, ?) trader of wizard supplies

Bruherd (md, *Wiz) outcast

Calauthe Mez'talyth (fd, F) poison, information dealer

Daelein () bazar trader

Dhaunythe Blaur'duis (fd, F/P of Ghaunadaur) weapon & potion dealer

Dhellarn & Diriziir Jaszar (md, F) perfume traders

Drythaera Bryn'Tereth (fd, T) information & Underdark maps

Du'arthe Klendara (md, F) cloth-merchant

Dzurren (md, F) weaver

Filofar (md, *Ftr/Wiz?) captain at one of Menzoberranzan's gates, contacts to Bregan D'aerthe

Halaera (fd, F/P) perfume trader

Heegan (md, ?) killed by Danifae in a vision

Hondel Belek'tyr (md, F) gemtrader

Infinyl Mestpar (fd, F) mercenary, gemtrader

Maershala (fd, P/F) perfume trader

Malaric (md, M/Psi) contacts and information

Mritt Shadalun (md, F) gemtrader

"Nal" Xalyth (fd, F) trader, 1371 DR

Nantel (md, F) moneylender

Ologh Ilyri (md, F) moneylender

Phaeril (fd, F) weapon master, weapon trader, scout

Rhauldyn (md, F) swordsmith, weapon trader

Rhauvais del'Ygana (fd, F) weapon trader

Sh'aun Darnruel (fd, F/P) trader

Sheeress (fd, M) moneylender

Thaelara Oblare (fd, P) gemtrader/tailor

Tlar Quel'tlarn (md, F) metal trader

Tolokoph (T/M) trader (Wild Magic adventure)

Uluruela Drael Tuabbar (fd, F/P) merchant

Vhrun Bhaelyndryn (md, F) bazar beast trader, retired "warrior"

Yuimmith (md, F)


Alessra, Alabaeyr, Arachar, Droblyn, Dylchanta, Elstearn, Filaril, Ilitree, Mauryn, Myrinzar, Nanszryn, Orlabryn, Ormyth, Shandearyn, Shimryl, Shondarl, Symeera, Vhaudryl,

Other places in alphabetical order:

Zelzpassa Duskryn (fd, *Rog/Clr) of Menzoberranzan, leader of the raiders here


Cleotraw (fd, *Sor/Clr) of Undrek'Thoz, tries to become a lich here

BREGAN D'AERTHE (individual members)

Rai'guy Bondalek (md, C/M) of Ched Nasad, Bregan D'aerthe

CHAULSSIN - The City of Wyrmshadows

House of Master Assassins: *Jaezred Chaulssin (with the following members, all Vhaeraunians)

Durrelon Claddmtor (male young adult drow dragon, Rgr/Asn) Chaulssin and Dusklyngh

Ilphtrim (male adult drow dragon, Rog/Ftr/Asn) Chaulssin and Sschindylryn

Mauzzkyl Jaezred (male great wyrm drow dragon, Sor/ Asn) Patron Grandfather, Chaulssin

Quildan Oussgyhm (male young adult drow dragon, Rog/Asn) Chaulssin and Karsoluthiyl

Tomphael Arkenrret (male mature drow dragon, Wiz/Asn) Patron Father, Chaulssin and Eryndlyn

Vesz'zt Auvryana (male adult vampiric drow dragon, Rog/Asn) Chaulssin and Maerimydra

Xorthaul Barriaths (male mature adult drow dragon, Rog/Clr of Vhaeraun/Asn) Patron Father, Chaulssin and Jhachalkhyn

Zammzt Everharn (mature adult drow dragon, Rog/Asn) Patron Father, Chaulssin and Ched Nasad

(For information on drow dragons see Dragons of Faerûn, p. 44)

Nimor Imphraezl (md, half-shadow dragon, Rog3/Ftr4/Asn9) Anointed Blade of the Jaezred Chaulssin

- aliases used by Nimor were: Reethk Vaszune (Menzo, trader in spell components), Zhayemd Dyrr (Captain & scout of House Agrach Dyrr of Menzo)

CHED NASAD - The City of the Shimmering Webs

During the War of the Spider Queen (1372) the City of Shimmering Webs was more or less destroyed and only about 3000 drow have survived the fate that has befallen this place. Only a few survivors are known by name, others may still be found in the list given below.

Halisstra Melarn (fd, *Brd8/Clr10) First Daughter of House Melarn, only survivor of this House convert to: Brd8/Clr10 of Eilistraee

Fammzt "Zauvirr" (md,) * (but see Chaulssin)

House Teh'kinrellz *

(One of the Houses which survived the disaster, at least in terms of personal, was the former 21st House. It now seeks to rebuild Ched Nasad to its former glory and remain high on city ruling order.)

Prellyn Teh'kinrellz (fd, Rgr )

Quevven Jusztiirn (md) *(Just as an example for a drow name.)

Pre 1372 (since it is almost up to date, no class levels here either - see full version):

House Nasadra, First House of Ched Nasad

Aunrae Nasadra (fd, P) Matron Mother, twin sister of Ildibane

Ildibane Nasadra (md, M) Archmage of Ched Nasad, twin brother of Aunrae

House D'Dgttu, Second House

Umrae D'Dgttu (fd, P) Matron Mother

House Melarn, Third House

Drisinil Melarn (fd, P) Matron Mother

Q'arlynd Melarn (md, *Wiz) son of Drisinil

Mathira Melarn (fd, *Clr and Sword Dancer of Eilistraee) elder sister of Halisstra, renegade and fmr. wielder of the Crescent Balde, slain by a purple worm

Norendia Melarn (fd, ?) sister of Halisstra, killed by the latter

Jawil Melarn (fd, ?) sister of Halisstra, second oldest daughter after Halisstra, killed by the latter

House Auvryndar, Fourth House

Shyntlara Auvryndar (fd vampire P) Matron Mother

House Mylyl, Fifth House

Inidil Mylyl (fd, P) Matron Mother

House Aleanrahel, Sixth House

Jyslin Aleanrahel (fd, P) Matron Mother

Zesstra Aleanrahel (fd, P - *Clr of Shar) was the third daughter of Matron Jyslin Aleanrahel)

House Claddath, Seventh House

Talabrina Claddath (fd, F/C) Matron Mother

House Rilynt'tar, Eighth House

Ulviirala Rilynt (fd, P) Matron Mother

House Maerret, Ninth House

Lirdnolu Maerret (fd, P) Matron Mother

House Zinard, Tenth House

Nedylene Zinard (fd, P12 - *Clr) Matron Mother

House Zinard, Tenth House

Nedylene Zinard (fd, P) Matron Mother

House Ousstyl, Eleventh House

Pellanistra Ousstyl (fd, P) Matron Mother

House Hlaund, Twelfth House

ShriNeerune Hlaund (fd, P) Matron Mother

House Teh'kinrellz, Twenty-first House

Durdyn Teh'kinrellz (md, F) weapon master

Relirva Indagley'Belash (fd, F) scout of House Teh'kinrellz, 1371 DR

House Zauvir

Ssiipriina Zauvir (fd, *Clr) Matron Mother

Faeryl Zauvir (fd, *Clr) fmr. ambassador of Ched Nasad in Menzoberranzan

Gruherth Zauvirr (md, *Wiz?)

House Vinn

Chalithra Vinn (fd, Clr) young but powerfull priestess of this house, investigated Vhaeraunian activity around the "Ched Nasad Portal", FU

Individuals from Ched Nasad

Veldrin (of Ched Nasad, mentioned as a name in BG II PC game)

Ilphrim (md, *Ftr) fought during the fall, got help from Aliisza to get free from under a half-giant


House Dhuurniv (during the days of the Fall of Myth Drannor)

Laele Dhuurniv (fd, ) Matron Mother, killed by Amara Ildacer

Ilmra R'diin, ( d,) FU

Tasima Maelloer ( d,) FU

House Jaelre (all * and followers of Vhaeraun) in a place called Minauthkeep

Jezz Jaelre (md, Rog/Sor) Co-Leader of House Jaelre

Belarbreeza Jaelre (fd, Wiz) Co-Leader of House Jaelre

Tebryn Jaelre (md, Ftr/Rog) Co-Leader of House Jaelre

Nurkinyan (md, Clr of Vhaeraun) Co-Leader of House Jaelre

Tzirik Jaelre (md, Clr)

Valas (md, Wiz)

Velonor (md, Clr)

Ginafae (fd, Rgr)

Drisinil (fd, Wiz)

Sorn (md, Clr)

House Auzkovyn


Krystarn "Fellhammer" (fd, Wiz?) explorer in Cormanthyr's ruins (Lost Library of Cormathyr)

Cult of the Moon

Kaedthis (fd, *Drd/Bbn/Black Blood Cultist of Malar(?)) leader of one branch of the Cult

Anasta Sarth (fd, Clr of Kiaransalee) advisor to Kaedthis

DALLNOTHAX (surface, Forest of Mir)

Raaghar T'Enorgh (md, P of Vhaeraun) leader of the drow

Tleobar T'Enorgh (fd, F/M) wife of Raaghar


Nym Inthigg (md, ) consort of Melanith, fmr. Queen of Dambrath, FU

Skield (md, ) consort of Duchess Falrith, dead

Rualn (md, ) consort of Duchess Selanith

DEEP SHANATAR - Ultoksamrin

Vokkrzyr Rualfren (md, *Clr of Vhaeraun) leader of the local drow clans


Seyll Auzkovyn (fd, *Clr of Eilistraee) fmr. Lolthite

Xarra (fd, *Clr? of Eilistraee)


Former House Yauntyrr

Danifae Yauntyrr (fd,*Rog3/Clr13/Blk2) was battle captive of Halisstra Melarn of Ched Nasad

Zinnirit Yauntyrr (md, *Wiz?) fmr. House Wizard, one of the few survivors of the house's fall, refuge in Sschindylryn, over 1000 years old


Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias (fd, C of Eilistraee) ambassador of the Eilistraeens on Evermeet

Mourn (md, Rog) waiting on the Sword Coast, hunting Karsel'lyn (?)


House Mizz'rynturl


Dolor (FD, *Clr of Eilistraee)


House Tanor'Thal, First House of Karsoluthiyl

Haelra Tanor'Thal (fd, P) Matron Mother

Ilmra Tanor'Thal (fd) cousin of Kesra (see Skullport)

Olorae Tanor'Thal (fd) cousin of Kesra

(see Skullport for more info)

House Lysaen

(a mercantile drow clan)

Ahlysaaria Yril'Lysaen (fd, P) hunter for House Lysaen in Undermountain

MAERIMYDRA - City (all * )

Irae T'sarran (fd, Clr/Hie of Kiaransalee) leader of the Kiaransaleens

Velina T'sarran (fd, Clr of Kiaransalee) niece of Irae, twin of Velasta

Velasta (fd, Clr of Kiaransalee) niece of Irae, twin of Velina

Zedarr (md, Rog/Ftr/Blk of Kiaransalee)

Cabrath Nelinderra (fd, Clr of Kiaransalee)

Maas (md vampire, Mnk/Rog/Ass) lover of Cabrath

Paelinn (fd, Rog/Skr of Kiaransalee)

Khumarr (md, Ftr/Blk/Chm of Kiaransalee)

Duneth Wharreil (md silveraith, Wiz/Acm) fmr. Archmage of Maerimydra

Laerekh (md, Sor)

Taharak (md ghost, Ftr)

Umaerh (md lich, Sor/Dev)

Hamadh (md, Rog/Rgr/Shd of Vhaeraun)

Karas (md, Rog/Clr/Skr of Vhaeraun)

Loghala Thenduk (fd wererat, Rog)


Harammamyl H'tithet (fd, *Rog/Ftr) leader of the drow traders

Yyssisiryl H'titeth (fd, C) fmr. leader of the drow enclave

Reftael Jerritril (md, F) leader of the drow warriors, FU (Wild Magic adventure)


Hathmar Blademark (md, F?) mercenary

Rebekkah Darklyte (fd, P of Eilistraee) High Priestess of the local shrine

Deseant (md, ) worshipper of Tyr

Valandrin Telenna (md, )

RILAUVEN (an official place, but data below is taken from the Icewind Dale II PC game)

(There has been a change in rulership in Rilauven lately. Working alongside others, the Vhaeraunians managed to overthrow the government of the Priesthood of Lolth. Yet, they did not take over government, for the power now lies in the hands of a council, which consists of the leaders of Rilauven's Sorcere, Melee-Magthere, the Traders and the clergy. The Lolthite clergy has not been destroyed either.)

House Despana

Malavon Despana (md, ) Archmage of Sorcere

Ginafae Despana (fd, ) sister of Malavon, turned into a drider and returned to drow later

Ilmryn Despana (md, ) brother of Malavon, dead

Malfeem Despana (md, ) son of Malavon, fmr. weapon master, dead

House Arabani

Viizra Arabani (fd, P of Vhaeraun / Lolth) a Masked Traitor of Vhaeraun (& Lolth), First Daughter

Dizreth Arabani (...)


Khadresh Olonrae (md, P of Vhaeraun)

SEA OF FALLEN STARS (Underdark no specified location)

Nathglaryst (fd, Wiz more likely Sor) Queen of an unnamed kingdom


House Tanor'Thal

Kesra Tanor'Thal (fd, F/P) niece of the Matron of Karsoluthiyl

Dark Dagger

Malakurth Tabuirr (md, F/T) Leader of the Vhaeraunians of Skullport

Amryyr Yauntyrr (md, M/T) contact to Xalyth of Menzoberranzan

"The Rag Mage" (md, M) insane spellcaster

The Promenade Temple

Qilue Veladorn (fd, P16 - *Clr16 Dis3 of Eilistraee) High Priestess, Chosen of Mystra & Eilistraee

Elkantar Iluim (md, F) Right Hand of Qilue

Iljrene Ahhruyn (fd, F/P of Eilistraee)

Molheeruae (fd, P of Eilistraee)

Ysolde Veladorn (fd, P of Eilistraee)


Veskran Magry'Tzornyl (md, *Ftr/Rog) owner of a local tavern


Susprina Arkhenneld (fd, Eilistraee) former apprentice of Elminster


Firritz (md, *?) an old trader

THAY, Bezantur (Temple of Lolth)

Triel Teienna (fd, C) High Priestess of the largest surface temple of Lolth


Cierre (fd, Rgr of Auril)


Sshamath's ruling conclave

Masoj Dhuunyl (md, Abj - *Abj) Master of Abjuration

Shurdriira Helviiryn (fd, Tra - *Tra) Master of Alteration

Urlryn Khalazza (md, Con - *Con) Master of Conjuration and Summoning

Seldszar Elpragh (md, Div - *Div) Master of Divination

Malaggar Xarann (md, Enc - *Enc) Master of Enchantment and Charm

Felyndiira T'orgh (fd, Ill - *Ill) Master of Illusion and Phantasm

Krondorl Waeglossz (md, Inv - *Evo) Master of Invocation and Evocation

Tsabrak of the Blood (md vampire, Nec - *Nec) Master of Necromancy

Guldor Zauviir (md, M - *Wiz/Acm) Master of Mages

Antatlab of the Shaking Stones (md, EleE - *Wiz/ElemSav) Master of Elemental Magic

Alak Faerzhind (md, Tra) Master of Apportation and senior member of the school of Alteration

Calimar Arkhenneld (md, lich Enc), Master Emeritus of the School of Enchantment and Charm, premier creator of magical items in Sshamath, follower of Mystra

Nym Mlezziir (md, F/M - *Ftr/Wiz) Battlemaster of the Eastern Marches & the ruins of Oghrann

Nurissa Vyllshan (fd, *Ill/Sha) Mistress of the Shadow School

"Ilharess" Laele Zauviir (fd, P) leader of the Spider Queen's temple,FU

Wildstorm (md, WildMage) leader of the Cult of Malyk, FU

Pharaun Lhalabar (md, P) leader of the clergy of Vhaeraun

SULASSPRYN (surface)

Azanza Mizzrym (fd, P) of Menzoberranzan, leader of the stronghold


Dragon Hoard mercenaries

"Dragon Hoard" mercenary band (based amongst others in Ched Nasad & Skullport)

Nisstyre (md, W - M) of Ched Nasad, leader of the Dragon Hoard mercenary band (Vhaeraun)

Gorlist (md, F) son of Nisstyre, member of the Dragon Hoard

Henge (md, P of Vhaeraun) fmrly. of Ched Nasad, member of the Dragon Hoard

Brindlor Zidorian (md, "Deathsinger" Brd?)

Ansith (md, Ftr?) brother of Chiss

Chiss (md, Ftr?) brother of Ansith

Taenflyrr (md, Ftr?)

The Hunter's Blade renegade quartet:

Ad'non Kareese (md, *Ftr?)

Donnia (fd, *?) "slain" by Drizzt

Kaer'lic Suun Wett (fd, *Clr?)

Tos'un (md, *Ftr?)

Lucia Calefar (fd, Rog/Nightmask Deathbringer) possibly of Westgate

(Thorn [a female moon elven lythari, Rgr? of Eilistraee] Chosen of Eilistraee, last seen in Rashemen)


Dorina T'sarran (fd vampire, *Clr of Kiaransalee)

Alisannara Morcane (fd keening spirit, Clr) fmr. High Priestess of Szith Morcane

Tierak Morcane (fd, Clr)

Dessa Sik-Morcane (fd, Clr/Bbn)

Solom Ned'razak (md, Wiz/Acm) Archmage of Szith Morcane

Susztam Mar-Shinn (md, Ill/Sha)

Tooman Thendrik (md, Clr of Ghaunadaur)

Filzaur ( md, Wiz)

Nobruzzal (md, Wiz)

Indrizil (female name)

Rhavauz (md,)


Leargath (male draegloth, *Rgr/Cavelord) roving the Underdark (Champions of Ruin)


Essra (fd, F/P of Selvetarm) leader of a drow faction

Eraun (fd, F)

Milfal (fd,F)

Gaerd, Hanthrah, Ilitar

Folon (md, ) fmr. entertainer in the ancient drow area of Undermountain

Ahlysaaria Yril'Lysaen (fd, P5 of Lolth) Working on behalf of House Lysaen of Karsoluthiyl

UNDREK'THOZ - The Segmented City

*(This city is divided into 9 parts, which are ruled by the Houses of their names. It is a new appearance on the Faerunian Underdark and as such totally 3RE)

House (& segment) Trun'zoyl'zl

Jesthflett Trun'zoyl'zl (fd, Clr) Matron Mother

House (& segment) Vrasl

Harthel Vras (fd lich, Clr) Matron Mother

Karu'shon Vrasl (md, *Wiz) senior mage of the House, accompanies Durdyn's Devils, brother of Xi'an

Xi'an Vrasl (fd, *Ftr/Sor/Arachnomancer) sister of Karu'shon

<;li>Durdyn's Devils (sellswords - adventure, hence no levels)
Durdyn (md, *Ftr) leader of the Devils

Arrak Abaeir (md, *Rog)

House (& segment) Drezz'Lynur

Zorratha Drezz (fd, Clr) Matron Mother

House (& segment) Sshurlynder

Oryssta Sshurlynder (fd, Ftr/Clr) Matron Mother

House (& segment) Nanitarin

Uphrezza Nanitarin (fd, Rog/Clr) Matron Mother

House (& segment) Fyvrek'Zek

Varr'ga Zek (fd, Clr) Matron Mother

Nurymm Zek (md, Conj/Acm) Archmage of Undrek'Thoz

House (& segment) Phaundal

Ithrylda Phaundal (fd, Sor/Clr) Matron Mother

House (& segment) Brundag

Jazmyndeera Brundag (fd, Clr) Matron Mother

House (& segment) Jenn'Yxir

Loxxa Jenner'Yxir (Clr) Matron Mother

House (& segment) Mezrylornyl

Quemm Mezryl (fd, Brd/Clr) Matron Mother

Haznyn Tellen'hez (md, Mnk) leader of the Order of the Blackened Fist

UST NATHA (existence still disputed)

Phaera (fd, P) FU, presumed dead (novel)

Solausein (md,) (novel)

Jaenra (female name) (novel)

(BG II - Shadows of Amn PC game)

House Despana

Ardulace Despana (fd, P) matron mother, killed by demon

Phaere Despana (fd, P) daughter of Ardulace, killed by demon

House Jae'llat

Hindra Jae'llat (fd, )

Istar Jae'llat (md, )

Sondal (md, ?) the duelist organizer

Lasonar (md, F?) a duelist

Chalinthra (fd, P) another duelist

Szordin (md, )

Visaji (md, )

Qilue (fd,)

Solaufein (md, ) member of the Male Fighters Society


Uluyara (fd, *Clr 11+? of Eilistraee) a High Priestess of the Dark Maiden's followers there

Breena (fd, *Clr of Eilistraee) Missionary of Eilistraee, slain by a yochlol during the Silence


Larynda Telenna (fd, P? of Kiaransalee) leader of the cult of the Revenancer on Faerun

Gudren Myrinn (fd keening spirit,) divine champion of the Revenancer


Kebella Mizzrym (fd, F/C) of Menzoberranzan, leader of the delegation

Taybar Rozziss (md, F/M) Kebella's consort

Special individuals:

"Darthirr'elgg" Aleanrahel (fd, P) High Priestess slain by the mortal Shevarash (pre -4070 DR)

Dheembleth (male draegloth Rog/Asn, Malkizid) wanders the Underdark

Kurolaboath Notepirroth (md?, "Oozemaster of Ghaunadaur") searches the Dead Goddess' Portal and her realm on behalf of Ghaunadaur.

Leargath (male draegloth, Rgr/Cavelord) roams the Underdark

Sendai (md, ) one of the Bhaalspawn mentioned in BG II - Throne of Bhaal


Champions of Ruin, The City of Raven's Bluff, City of the Spider Queen, The Code of the Harpers, Demihuman Deities, Dragons of Faerûn, Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark, The Drow of the Underdark, The Fall of Myth Drannor, 3E Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, 3e Lords of Darkness, Lost Empires of Faerûn, Menzoberranzan boxed set, The Ruins of Undermountain, Ruins of Zhentil Keep, Silver Marches, Skullport Tethyr - Lands of Intrigue, The Shining South, Underdark

PC games: Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale II

Novels: all of R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt novels (up to The Two Swords); Daughter of the Drow, Tangled Webs, Windwalker; Realms of the Underdark, War of the Spider Queen (Dissolution, Insurrection, Condemnation, Extinction, Annihilation, Resurrection); Lost Library of Cormanthor; Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn.

Wizard of the Coast website: Perilous Gateways - Darkelf Portals

Dragon: 302, 312, 322


AD&D: C - cleric, F - fighter, M - mage, P - specialty priest (see below), T - thief.

Specialty Priests: Eilistraee - Sworddancers, Ghaunadaur - Amorphites, Kiaransalee - Yathrinshee, Lolth - Arachne, Selvetarm - Spiderswords, Vhaeraun - Darkmasks or Masked Traitors (see Demihuman Deities for further information)

D&D 3E/RE: Bbn - barbarian, Brd - bard, Clr - cleric, Drd - druid, Ftr - fighter, Mnk - monk, Pal - paladin, Rgr - ranger, Rog - rogue, Sor - sorcerer, Wiz - wizard; Acm - archmage, Ass - assassin, Blk - blackguard, Chm - Divine Champion, Dev - arcane devotee, ElemSav - elemental savant, Hie - hierophant, Sha - Shadow Adept, Shd - shadowdancer, Skr - Divine Seeker

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There are other inconsistencies, but frankly, with the amount of information there, I'm fine to be off just a wee little bit.
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