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If you have problems or questions regarding the forums, the wiki, or any other part of the Eilistraee.com site then this is the place to ask. This includes bugs you run into, things that seem wrong, spelling errors, questions about ranks and experience points and such, etc. Please first make certain that your question hasn’t already been answered.

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[WIKI] Wiki Discussion Forum

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[EDIT] The Wiki Discussion Forum has now been merged into the Site Help forum.

Welcome to the Wiki Discussion forum.

This forum is to discuss the Eilistraee Wiki on the Eilistraee.com site. Though articles on the wiki also tend to have their own ‘talk’ pages where that article can be discussed, it’s good to have a central place for any discussions regarding the wiki.

Some things that this forum could include are:
[list:15nds9rt][*:15nds9rt]How to do various things on the wiki (including tips and tricks)[/*:m:15nds9rt]
[*:15nds9rt]How to organize the wiki[/*:m:15nds9rt]
[*:15nds9rt]What articles to put up and where to put them[/*:m:15nds9rt]
[*:15nds9rt]Any problems with the wiki[/*:m:15nds9rt]
[*:15nds9rt]Any improvements that might be made to the wiki[/*:m:15nds9rt]
[*:15nds9rt]Any MediaWiki extension (version 1.6 or older)[/*:m:15nds9rt]
[*:15nds9rt]etc.[/*:m:15nds9rt][/list:u:15nds9rt]This place should be the primary place for Eilistraee-related information. If people want to know something about Eilistraee I want them to think “we’ll just look at the Eilistraee.com wiki”. In addition I’d like it to be a place of suggestions for how to use them, ideas for rules in various rule systems, etc.

But I need all of your help to bring this wiki to what it can be. Writing an article or writing just a small section is fairly easy (about as simple as posting on the forums, though it uses different markup).

Registration for the wiki is separate from the forums and you’ll need to register to be able to edit pages (once I’ve got the preferences set up right), but registering should be simple and it’ll allow you to contribute to what will hopefully be the largest repository of Eilistraee-related information on the web.

Note that as of this writing I’m still setting up the wiki. I’ll let you know where it is (not that it’s hard to find) when I’ve got it ready for people to start using it. I’d also like to create an Eilistraee-themed skin for the wiki (as it looks very… boring and standard right now), but that’s a lower priority at the moment (and it shouldn’t change the use of the wiki).

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