Necrotic Poison

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Necrotic Poison

Post by Reincarnation »

Reincarnation the scion deals in undead treasure.

Recently she discovered a recipe for poison that co-operates as food for the undead.

The scroll requires the chanting of the word: "Aviamara" during the brewing.

The corrupt plant spell must be cast upon Mornings Grove, a herb found prevailing among the slain corpses of Ghouls.

Once the Moring Grove suffers from it's perturbation it becomes a Poison Serum.

Add to it bones of sanctified dungeons.

Following is the root of a dancing tree that is slain.

Finally cursegold is then mixed with viory then the magic spell dirupt undead cast as a counterspell.

Reincarnation grows the brew and pours it on her Katar casting permiency from a read magic scroll.

Her Katar bleed out Necrotic Poision.

She is now equipped for her journey as a scion.
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