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Cinderanna is half Drow elf and Moon elf who is developing a gift of sight often thrown into mystical diversions of curious visions.

Her class: Druid/Priestess of Eilistraee

Age 56
Height - She is quite small at 4'10"
Hair - very long white and thick
eyes - lavender
skin - grey with white vine like tattoos that swirl throughout her body.

General physical description:
Cinderanna is small but very strong and agile, thought she has very delicate and soft spoken with a musical quality to her voise. Her small delicate disposition can be easily misread as innocuous. Her greatest attributes in combat are speed and accuracy.

She is an sharp shotting archer, who has perfected her accuracy as she has her daggers, with her mentor and teacher the dread mage Olin Shael. Olin Shael has trained for the service of Eilistraee from her early childhood and for a mysterious task.
She is destined to carry her grandfather moonblade for this eminent task.
She was raised by her grandmother the moon elf Barroness Suru of the elk clan who is the wife of a very sucsessfull Baron merchant Cinderanna. She lived with her grandparents in both the mountain west of Farmeadows Evermeet and Northwest Faeron by the River Dessarin. Lady Suru's magic is able to disguess her skin color when Cinderanna resides with her in her mountain home on Evermeet. Cinderanna thow spent most of her upbringing in her grandmothers river mannor along River Dessarin.

" Ulu Kla'ath Zhah Usstan Bel'lam "
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