Jherall Hrosin

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Jherall Hrosin

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[url=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/42 ... /:lyhmt1er][img:lyhmt1er]http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/1007/3 ... aught1.jpg[/img:lyhmt1er][/url:lyhmt1er]

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Jherall Hrosin (Human half fiend warlock 4 sorc 6 eldritch theurge 10)
Str 15
Con 20
Dex 18
Cha 30
Wis 20
Int 22

AC 24

HP 188
Spell Points 2545

Ring of Elemental Command air -2 electricity saves
Ring of Elemental Command earth - 2 earth saves
bracers of relentless might
Cloak of Cha +12
Amulet of epic spell resistance (40)
Boots of swiftness
Rod of the Wyrm (red) (magically hidden in cloak)
Staff of the Magi


Maximize spell
Quicken spell
Quicken spell-like ability
Silence Spell
Empower Spell
Spell Penetration (Necromancy)
Greater Spell Pen (Necromancy)
Spell Focus Necromancy
Greater Spell focus (Necro)

1st Mount, Identify, Magic Missiles, Jump, Feather Fall (10)
2nd Scorching ray, False Life, Crystaline Memories, Spider Climb, Alter Self (20)
3rd Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Haste, Gaseous Form (30)
4th Stoneskin, Fire shield, Caustic Mire, Black Tentacles (40)
5th Teleport, Permenancy, Telekinesis, Cone of Cold (50)
6th Chain Lightning, Wall of Iron, Contingency (60)
7th Force cage, Finger of Death (70)
8th Deadly Lahar, Blackfire
9th Detonate

3 Least Entropic Warding, Miasmic Cloud (conceal 20%, fatigue), Summon Swarm
3 Lesser Voidsense (blindsight 30 ft.) Walk Unseen (invis self only), Eldritch Chain
2 Greater Devour Magic, Wall of Perilous Flame (wall of fire)
1 Dark Dark discorporation

Eldritch Blast 7d6

Spellblast, Eldritch spellweave, greatreach blast.

Jherall was born to an ancient Netherese sorceress with a penchant for summoning devils and demons. Seeking greater power over the hellish forces, she summoned a pit fiend, and proceeded to have a child with it. Jherall was the result of that union. He followed in his mother's footsteps to some degree, taking up the mantle of a sorcerer, but delving into the arts of hell more deeply as a warlock. As he grew older, Jherall realized that the two arts were not mutually exclusive. Fortunately for him, his mother had passed away, and her fortune was left for him to use. He spent a lot of his money searching for tomes on learning the arts of eldritch theurges. Once again fortune smiled upon him, during the Karsus's Folly as the cities were plummeting from the skies, Jherall was able to survive due to his fiendish heritage, and instead of falling with the city Jherall was able to fly down gently. However, as an established mage, he was not able to escape the effects fully. The magical fallout of the crisis placed him into a state of temporal stasis, that could have very well lasted for all eternity, if not for the second death of Mystra during the Time of Troubles. Now Jherall has awakened, and is anxious to make a new place for himself in this world.
A fight need not end with the death of participant. A fight also ends when the desire to do violence is gone.

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