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zellak 12th level wizard human male .age 52

(note this is an old Basic D&D/first edition AD&D character)

Str 8
Int 16
Wis 14
Con 16
Dex 15
Cha 10

Alignment Chaos

He is a short man 5' 4"
He does not stand out in a crowd, his complection is weathered from many years in the saddle, commanding barbarian horsebowmen. His beard is trimmed and is almost all black except for two grey streaks from his chin. The most unforgettable thing about him is his loud commanding voice, another by-product of shouting commands over a horde of cantering horses.

His dress is comfortable and nondescript, except he wears a floppy hat with a brightly coloured feather ( red and yellow plume).
He rides his Nightmare Firefang and enjoys hawking , he keeps several birds of prey.
(" A man needs a hobby" being his favourite defence to his wifes gibes).

He was a mercenary Wizard /General , he knows only soldiering and has lived his life in the van of various armies.
He finds longwinded civilians tiresome. And is always annoyed when they refer to a fight with less than 5,000 men a side, as a battle. He has survived nine battles in his time, leading Orcs ,Barbarians and once even Lizardmen. Though that did not end well.

Being born to an unknown wizard and raised by his mother. He spent his early years travelling by wagon, following one army baggage train or another. Eventually his aptitude was discovered and he was sent to be an apprentice wizard, this did not suit him at all and having learned the basics he fled.
Joining a band of adventurers (led by Baron Byron the Butcher) he rose in power. Finding himself again as a war-wizard, coming again full circle, he became a warchief of a tribe of Horsebowmen, and adopted their religion to gain their trust.

He is a skilled cavalry officer. A firm believer in the advantages of mobility and raw firepower.

His wife Akordia is Drow (8th NPC), she is a freed slave , her tongue restored, her hair now long but the slave tattoo still visible on her forehead.

He has 8 loyal followers Firefang, Nuru his standard bearer, Harg his chief scout, Sergeant Boscog, Mulk the armourer and three servants ( for Zellak, Akordia and Firefang).

All are human. (except the Nightmare ;) )

He has now , at the age of 52, decided to follow the call of war no more and put down roots in Karazan.
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