Leema's Guide to the Deities of Toril

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Leema's Guide to the Deities of Toril

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I've updated my older one, it is still a work in progress but it makes a nice break from working on the Basic game set every now and then. I've added Eilistraee's avatar which is using an updated version of the deity rules that was in my deities of darastrixoposs document which have been a quite a bit more fleshed out. Once I finished the basic game set I plan on going back to that to update Varn An'ar with the new rules and then at least finish the drow pantheon for it. For Leema's Guide to the Deities of Toril I have also added a new section for weapons, items, and relics important to the deity which for Eilistraee features the singing sword (including the singing weapon property, there is still some kinks to the item creation system I am trying to work out, but for the most part it works) and the crescent blade which in the crescent blade's case I am pretty sure it could use some fact checking. I also got a section that is for the specialty priests and religions organizations that work in the deities faith. In Eilistraee's case sword dancer's are already covered and their section here mainly replaces the one class feature that doesn't fit with Eilistraee specifically with something that works better, I also have the darksong knight as its own complete class and it is very dance focuses with a bit of rangerness thrown in. I hope you guys like it, tell me what you think and feel free to give feedback.
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