The 3D's Now has its own patreon!

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The 3D's Now has its own patreon!

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I have created a patreon specifically for the 3D's To Adventuring: Darkness, Dragons, and Dimension game. Right now, the alpha's new version is available on it, still free. The subclasses and additional race has been move there as well. I will be using it now whenever I post new versions or updates. I'm still working on a sorter basic game version, which has been going rather smoothly despite the fact that I am rewriting most of the stuff in it, so it won't be one to one with the alpha and the is some mechanical changes like to how your spellcasting affects the time it takes you to regain used spells and I am finally addressing one of Irennan's Complaints (or was that the only complaint I can't recall) about the saving throw system, that the average save bonus and poor save bonus where too close in value in the end, I've fixed this. I find the right kind of pattern that allow the average to start out with a +1, stay at a point where it is only slightly better, then start to get noticably better without out shining the good save then cap out at a nice +15.
The new patreon is

And yes, the reference is intentional.
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