Drow Sleeping Poison

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Drow Sleeping Poison

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So this is another show and tell of stuff I had been working on as part of the basic game. This time on the infamous drow poison, I don't recall any edition really laying out how the poison is made. So working on a bit of setting material within the items description this is what came up with, which I then had to elaborate on. Like with the last post, text in italics designates setting lore (or in this case special names like spells), and text without italics is actual game text.
Item Cost weight
Drow Sleeping Toxin 100 gp 1/5th lbs.

Drow Sleeping Toxin: A liquid poison craft by drow and sometimes dark elves, it is created from an extract that is within a black mushroom with royal purple spots call kakindetetramecia which is then distilled with venom from breed of sapient spiders call Aracniadharowden commonly referred to by the drow as widow’s lover, both of which tend to be found exclusively in the darkrealm, though some pitch-black caves that aren’t connected to the darkrealm has been known to have some kakindetetramecia, though they are rare in such caves. This poison can be applied to piercing or slashing weapons as the poison is designed as a insinuation poison (it require a cut or open wound to affect a creature), applying the poison to a weapon take one minute and the drow sleeping toxin will only maintain its toxicity on a weapon for up to 1d5+1 hours before becoming inert. A creature that is cut with a weapon covered in drow sleeping toxin must immediately make a DC 20 saving throw vs poison or fall unconscious for 2d3+1 hours, if they succeed on that saving throw one minute late the victim must succeed on another saving throw vs poison DC 25 or be fully paralyzed for 4d4+2 hours the creature cannot move any part of their body except for their eyes and nor can they speak for the duration, creatures that failed the first saving throw automatically fail the second saving throw. This toxin has been known to be used on rare occasions in food or drink, however the poisons isn’t as affective when used this way. The toxin isn’t affected by extreme heat or cold and liquids do not dilute the toxins effect either, it is common to actually prepare the victims foods with the poison during the cooking process to avoid suspicion. If a creature ingests the poison, it effect will take 1d4+1 minutes to take effect. The creature who ingest the drow sleeping toxin must make a saving throw vs poison DC 15 or become fully paralyzed for 1d4+1 hour and then 2d4 minutes late the victim must make a second saving throw vs poison DC 20 or fall unconscious for 1d5+1 hours. Drow who use the poison this way will often monologue to their victims for a little bit before killing the helpless creature instantly. The vials of this toxin have enough does to poison up to five weapons or to poison up to five creatures, if the vials remain properly sealed, the toxin will retain its viability for up to 1 year. Creatures that sell drow sleeping toxin on the surface often had to wait up to 2d3+2 month for the shipment to arrive, only venders in drow or dark elf cities carry freshly made supplies, but they sell their stock at 1/10th the price of surface vendors i.e. 10 gp.
A creature applying a poison without using the tools from a poisoner’s kit has a 20% chance of accidentally poisoning themselves, if they are proficient with the kit and are using the tools to apply a poison then they only have a 5% chance of poisoning themselves. Assassins of 8th level or lower only have a 10% chance of poisoning themselves when applying poison to a weapon and assassins of 9th level or higher never accidental poisoning themselves when applying poisons to a weapon.

Widow’s Lover (Aracniadharowden)
Description: A large species of sapient spiders, having 3 feet long bodies, standing up to 2 feet off the ground, weighing nearly 20 pounds. Their body is often compared to the surface worlds black widow spider is body shape except the tend to be dark purple or obsidian in color with a web pattern on their thorax which can range in color from white, red, purple, to grey. Widow’s Lovers are strange as a species goes as they are all female, but reproduce by laying eggs inside the thorax of other widow’s lovers which then are fertilize by some kind of internal mechanism before being laid within an egg sack outside the body usually on a high surface which usually take 2d3 weeks to incubate. When the eggs hatch up to 1d100 x 2 baby spiders are born which take 6 to 8 month to reach adulthood. The Widow’s Lovers are a sapient species able to speak several languages usually common, undercommon, elven, drowic, and high drowic. They are often favored companions of high priestess of L’Jallil D’Vhid as well as matron mothers, in fact they are known to let their Widow’s Lover companion to implant their egg sacks inside their own womanhood’s in a kind of drow, spider, birthing ritual which is how the Aracniadharowden got their common name of Widow’s lover. It strangely often leads to a stronger bond between drow and spider especially the spiders children who will often repay their drow mothers kindness with a life time of service and devotion.
Habitats: Aracniadharowden are found exclusively in the darkrealm with the only widow’s lovers on the surface are those that are with dark elves who were drow that turned to the worship of T’puuli An’ar. They can be found in large number in drow cities, but the do live in the vast subterranean caverns outside of drow settlements usually in groups of 3 to 18 adults, sometimes with egg sacks or young. While they live in the dark, the light has no negative effect on widow’s lovers, they are also known to hide when a creature they don’t known enters their territories. They will try to talk with the creature from the shadow to engage their intentions, if the creature is not hostile they will warmly welcomed and if the creature asked for directions or assistance they will gladly help as long as the assistance they need isn’t fighting or would put them in conflict with the drow. In drow cities they will usually stick to the house they associate with, being more than willing to protect it from intrudes. Though if the house isn’t in active warfare, they will inquire to the reason for the intruders trespassing before chasing them out or escorting them to a priestess for interrogation. Because of the spider worship encouraged by the evil drow goddess L’Jallil D’Vhid, the Widow’s lover are treasured by royal houses and matron mothers often use them as body guards and companions, high priestess of L’Jallil D’Vhid always have one widow’s lover with them, though sometimes up to three are with them. Those dark elves who have widow’s lovers with them from their time as drow try to get them to be invested in protecting the darkrealm sections of their cities or at least introduce them to the worship of T’puuli An’ar and the joys of the community experience common to the dark elves.

Widow's Lover (spider)
Type: Vermin
Frequency: Common (darkrealm), Rare (surface)
# Appearing: 3d6 (adults) / 2d100 (baby)
Armor Class: 20 (adults) (+6 dexterity modifier, +4 natural armor) / 21 (baby) (+6 dexterity modifier, +4 natural armor, +1 size modifier)
Movement Speed: 150 feet
Hit Dice: 3d8+3 hit points (adult) / 2 hit points (baby)
% in Lair: 60%
Treasure Type: None
# of Attacks: 1 (bite) (+0 Attack Roll)
Damage(Attack): 1d8 piercing damage medium sized or smaller, 1d4 piercing damage large size or larger (bite)
Special Attacks: Poison, Webs
Special Defenses: Immune to weapons (+1 or better), resistances
Abilities: S 7 (-1), D 23 (+6), C 15 (+1), CM 3 (-3), W 18 (+3), I 15 (+1), CH 20 (+4)
Saving Throws: CGT +0, PPD +5, PP -2, BWAOE +8, WRS +3, CC +8, SP +5
Alignment: Any Neutral, commonly True Neutral.
Size: Small (3 feet long)
Psionic Abilities: Yes, 26 Power points.
Tier: 4
Combat: Widow’s lovers are immune to most poisons and they take 5 points less of damage from cold, electricity, an sonic damage. Their carapace is rather hard not only giving them a +4 natural armor, but also being immune to damage from all nonmagical weapons requiring at least a +1 to damage their carapace. The never are hostile by default and will always try to parley first before combat. Should diplomacy fail they can make 1 bite attack per melee round at a +0 to attack rolls, but on a successful attack roll the creature must make a saving throw vs poison against a DC 25. Should they fail the saving throw they will be fully paralyze being unable to move or speak for 2d4+2 minutes.
They can also as an action shoot out their webs, this has a range of up to 20 feet functions as a line, sticking to everything in a 5 feet radius of the target creature or space. Shooting a creature with the webs requires an attack roll at a +7, if the creature is entangled in the webs, it cannot move, though they can still cast spell though spells with a somatic components have a 50% chance of failing due to the webs, they creature can attack other, but only if they are within 5 feet of the creature. The creature cannot draw out any item or weapon, so they can only use items that were already in their hands when they got webbed. A creature trapped in the web can as a full-round action attempt to break free from the webs with a DC 20 saving throw vs grapple, if they have a slashing weapon in hand they gain a +2 bonus on the saving throw. A creature trying to break free takes a full minute to finish an attempt regardless of success.
Widow’s lovers are naturally psionic which allows them to manifest up to 2nd power level and they know up to 2 minor disciplines. They often know invisibility, expansion, reduction, or cell adjustment. Widow’s lovers can climb on walls or ceiling with normal movement without making any kind of skill checks to climb, so they move up to their movement speed up a wall or ceiling and stop without failing down, they are also able to climb on webs of any kind even the web spell without being hindered by it and in fact are never entangled by webs.
Baby widow’s lovers bite deals only 1 point of piercing damage, their poison has a DC 8 and will only cause partial paralysis on a failed saving throw, they creature will lose the ability to speak and move their arms, but they can move, but only at ½ their normal movement speed for 2d4 segments. They can show webs but it is too small to entangle or hinder a creature unless they are micro size.
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