To Go Where I've never Gone Been..... SPACE! In need of an Opinion 18: Star-Traveler Ships

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To Go Where I've never Gone Been..... SPACE! In need of an Opinion 18: Star-Traveler Ships

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Hey guys, how many of you are Spelljammer fans? Well, if you are or perhaps a startrak fan you might like my most recent playtest update. The Jyzumar Elves or Moon elves if you will are very technologically advance and as their racial feature talking about these Star-traveler ships or just star ship if you don't wanna say that mouthful. Well, I now have section dedicated to the star ships, how fast they travel, how they work, how to buy them and parts for them, while not finished and looking forward to further expanding the section. You can as of right now, use the rules to put together your own star ship. It will probable need a few passes to make sure it all works right, is readable, and makes sense. SO I really will need some feedback. Please take a look at the update in the link below, the Player's Guidebook to the Multiverse PDf has bookmarks for chapters and major section so getting to the new section should be easy. I hope you all enjoy the playtest.
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