In Need of A Opinion 17: Genders, Eladrins, and Item Crafting

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In Need of A Opinion 17: Genders, Eladrins, and Item Crafting

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So technically, I had released a new playtest version last week, but that wasn't a very big update It only really included a Table for randomly generating height for each species, had a table showing the Ratio of each species population for each possible gender (biological Male, biological female, Intersex Female, Intersex Male, and Hermaphrodite) which you could also use to roll for your characters gender randomly if you want (I wasn't sure if anyone here would be interested in giving opinion on me giving such information to players and it is kind of a big part of that update, so it was my main reason for not doing an In Need of A Opinion Topic for last weeks release), and the other big thing from last weeks release what the Infamous Sex in roleplaying section which has been teased in the Constitution ability score section since I believe 2014, which also includes fertility rates for each species (though I didn't really tackle if any of the species develop in a different rate than humans do during pregnancy and I'm not sure how many species should have a different development rate either). This week however, I released a bit bigger of an update, Eladrins which have been in the game for a couple of years now finally have all of their description information which even has a bit of LORE of how the Elven Pantheon came to be the way they are now as well as officially introduce some of the Fae Lords which did have a small mention in one of my previous version some where around 2012-2013 I believe, but are not integrated and will be getting some of the same treatment as gods. I've also added the search general skill to the skill descriptions which should quite a lot more helpful than the 3.5 search skill was and I added three new feats including Ambidextrous which did require me to make an addition to the improve two-weapons Fighting Style in order for its effect to be addressed properly. But, the main attraction this week is a new document where I have rough drafted the item craft rules for magical item creation (right now for potions) in a bit more details, including ingredient, cost, and EXP Value as well as effects. Crafting Magical items is a core skill for the magic-user and unlike other D&D edition, magic-users in 3D's get experience point for successful crafting items not just for finding items. They get EXP equal to 1/4th the magical items EXP value when they finish crafting it. If you want to take a look at the whole document here is a link to my patreon where you can download the current playtest documents for free:
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