In Need of A Opinion 14: More Fluff, More Context, Feats, and New version number

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In Need of A Opinion 14: More Fluff, More Context, Feats, and New version number

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So after that failed attempt at directly posting the text from the new section for the drow, which I am still annoyed with, now that I have a little bit more added to the playtest document it is time for a full document update. This now includes the full new drow section, with overview, personality, physical description, alignment, homeland, and religion so you guy can get a good idea of what I am intending for the drow and the dark elves. It also now has the religion section for the dwarves filled out as well as a description for the mountain dwarves like I have for the dark elf and Jyzumar elf subraces, I also up dated the list of Deities in the back with the dwarf pantheon mention in the new religion section as well as added the Orc and Halfling Pantheon with a full deity description some time in the future. I also finally added feats, right now its only 12 feat and of those only three are possible for you to select at 1st level the rest require your highest class level to be at lest 4th. Speaking of Highest class level, I'm actually going to have to do a full document search to make sure any time a mechanic that isn't expressly to use a specific classes' level (I.e. caster level for Cleric and magic-user do not stack and are determined by the individual class level) it says using your highest classes level. This should apply to racial abilities, feats, combat maneuvers and weapon styles (provided they don't require a minimum level in a specific class).

Here is the link:

I hope you guys enjoy the read and will give me your feedback on the drow section.
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