In Need of a Opinion 9: Back into the fold

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In Need of a Opinion 9: Back into the fold

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So, I've taken several of those smaller individual document I was using to test out mechanics and folded them into the main playtest document, I've also fixed a few issues with the sword dancer that had escaped my view originally and add a spell list for them. Here is a full list of changes:
- A gestalt Multiclass table for elves and their subraces to show possible gestalt multiclass combinations they can be.

- A descriptive text at the beginning of the Bard and Cleric classes to help players understand their roles with one for the other classes coming soon.

- The Cleric now has all of its tables from the previous version back.

- Added a spell section with some spells (mostly magic-user and cleric, but with a bard spell).

- I've folded in most of the combat rules from Actions and Combat document.

- Added Appendix 1: Deities of Darastrixoposs, which folds in the Drow Pantheon of Darastrixoposs into the main Plane Test document and I've added a table the list almost all the deities in the setting and add the Description and Cleric features of the The Matriach Dragon Arsthyrtiaurathearvoral.


- The rules for the move action has been altered to be a combination of the Actions and Combat version with the version that was already in the document before hand which lift the 10 feet movement restrictions. Characters can now move faster and performing a full-round action no longer limits them to moving only just 10 feet, now they can move their full movement speed.

- Species movement speed has increase to 90 to 120 feet.

-Fixed a Issue with attacks per turn, the name was inaccurate to how the feature functioned and has been changed to round and have been updated to reflect the new changes in the move action and full-round action.

- Fixed some minor issues with how much time each kind of actions take and other small in consistencies.

The Sword Dancer Revisited has had some minor changes to it as well and has been added to the attachments.

- Fixed an Issue where attacks per turn was shown on the feature table, but didn't have the Feature description for Attack Per Turn.

-Attack per Turn has been updated into Attack per round and now reflects the new movement rules.

- Added a spell list of all the spell the Sword Dancer will have access to.

Both documents include other minor tweaks and fixes in spelling.
You can view get both document here:
I hope you guys like and I'd love to hear some more feedback, especially about the sword dancer.
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