The books Have Arrived

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The books Have Arrived

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Back in late April, I'd had ordered the 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manuel, and the Unearth Arcana from the DMsGuild and after a a first month of issues and a nervous second they finally arrived today, yeay!! So the cover and the text inside the Print on Demand versions is "based" on the Premium edition Reprints, however if you had bought one of the premium reprints and thought that you could complete the premium reprint collection your gonna be disappointed. The premium edition reprints have a engraved print for the title and leather bound-like design on the cover is also likewise engraved giving a really nice texture to it when you move your hands over it, the edges of all the paper have a gold mat to them and the paper itself is incredible smooth, almost like it has some kind of wax-like material (it doesn't really feel like paper, the closest thing I could compare it to is a plastic kind of feel), and the books has a thin blue book mark ribbon built into the binding. The print on demand version lack all those little material bits, while the cover does have all the same art it lack all that nice feeling texture in fact the material they used for the cover feels identical to the materials that was used for the original 3.5 player's handbook cover, it does feel nice but obviously as it gets old it edges are gonna tear a bit (the material in the premium reprint just feels like a more solid and sturdy material). The text is a one to one copy of the premium edition reprint including all the typos, All of the typos for the unearth arcana is only on one page (at least that I have found) A OM rather than DM on the table of Multiclass options for the races and the Thieves table II : Effects of Armor of Thief Function doesn't have the superscript 1 over the No Armor column or the superscript 2 over the elfin chain column that they are suppose to have to go in conjunction with the notes. Even though I've had the PDF of them since I had Purchased the Print on Demand Book, I haven't yet gotten far enough in the DM Guide or Monster Manuel to notice any of the errors in them (though I am sure they are there). I should mention that the paper used for these pages feel exactly like those in the original printing of the 1st edition core book (which we still have my grandfathers copies, though they are pretty yellow with age), though being use to my Premium reprint Player's handbook (which doesn't seem to have as bright of a white in its pages compared to these Print on demand) and my Grandpa's very yellowish core book it is kind of off putting to see such a BRIGHT WHITE page when I open the books up. If you are looking for a cheap copy of the 1st Edition AD&D Core Rule book this is probable you best bet, but if you want a set that looks and feels really nice to the touch (that is if you are lucky enough to know a place that has the complete set) then you probable will prefer the premium reprint if you don't mind spending $43 per book, however... because of the number of typos and error in players handbook alone,I really think you might be better off tracking down an original printing of at least the player's handbook (if you don't mind how the miss match set will look in your bookshelf) except for the Unearth Arcana the only errors are on a page that is only errata from the dragon magazine and since it actually add corrects to the original printing the Print on demand (or if you want to shell out the money for the Premium reprint) is definitely the go to choice for that one at least.
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