Aryen. The Druid Drow.

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Aryen. The Druid Drow.

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Hi all, my name is Marta and i am from spain. I not ask english. For it i beggin this story in spanish lenguage, but a friend of mine is helping to traslate into english. Dont worry about my english lenguage level... this story will have better quality ^^

This story is inspired by a character I created for a Forgotten Realms campaign, however, as happens in many occasions the game could not be continued, this was a few years ago.

Nostalgia has led me to rescue the character and rewrite her history for my personal enjoyment, is a story of adventure, intrigue and survival.

Things that I want to clarify:

-I Not have intention of use characters already known as Drizzt, Quentel, Pharaun, etc..., all the characters will be original.

-I will add some original illustrations in some chapters ^^

-I'm not a writer, so I'm going to try to write it best that my knowledge I allow.

-I still newbie in lore, but I accept criticism constructive if you see that something is not block ^^

-Do not like to write gore scenes to me, is that the drows are cruel and that is understood and although in the novel is to insinuate things like this I will not describe it with hairs and signals

-I consider fan of them late happy or bittersweet in its defect, I know that is a history of drows and am aware, will try to give you an end that can be balanced...

Also added out of respect to the narrator's time, will contain the same plot or characters, but it will be a new story totally made by my. Greetings and I hope you enjoy it! ^^


I belong to one of the most cruel and heartless races that has ever existed. However, I was lucky enough to grow up in the surface with Aurón, a human druid, which is part of the Emerald Settlemen, and I consider him my father. Even to this day, the circumstances of my birth are a mystery.

My life changed tremendously when I saw them for the first time, those who were my equals, with whom I shared race and origins. They emerged and attacked the village where I was raised, not even being aware of my existence. They found me and took me with them, back to the dark depths of the earth.

I now survive as a slave, far away from freedom and my world, clinging to life and waiting for the moment when I can feel again the rays of the king of the sky. For them, however, the Sun is something to be afraid of that inflicts them pain.

Somehow, the druid teachings of my father, who had also been my mentor, had helped me to survive here for five years. This people does not know that this kind of power even exists, so I have to take advantage of this situation.

So yes, I am a Drow raised by a wise human. Now I'm taking back my freedom no matter what, and nobody will stand in my way!
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