The Unknown Past

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The Unknown Past

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Sits down on the grass with his sword on the floor. Kyoshi soon closes his eyes as he soon begins to remember about his own past when he was child. A city in the depts of the netherealm lies a main tower which it was ruled by a emotionless king and a devestated queen. they were known as kyoshi's parent's. with their orders on destroying innocents and taking over lands it made kyoshi very angry and sad. he felt really bad for the innocents that was killed by his own parent's and their army of demons. his memory for that tragedy was completely erased from his mind, Seeing another memory that has taken him here for a long time years. hearing someone " that talking...." he said in his mind that was completly in total darkness. tries to wake him up from the darkness in him that will not wake up, It soon takes kyoshi to the area that he was remain sealed for a long time. kyoshi walks and touches the locked seal that kyoshi himself recently locked in for a long time, His expression soon became blanked. Not smiling while in the darkness, kyoshi soon runs away from the seal. 50ft away from it, the seal soon grabs kyoshi's leg as it soon begins pulling him in. Trying to break free from the seal, Kyoshi uses his Razor ramonia soon slashing the seal as he soon runs away from it. Seeing a Fire Warrior coming towards kyoshi "Do you wanna leave this memory behind.......or stay with it and let it cosumed you..." The fire Warrior said in a Calm toned voice. " .......Yes...Shatter the memory I had when I was sealed....shatter it" kyoshi soon said with his eyes closed constantly looking at the ground emotionlessly. Soon the Fire warrior swings his powerful Fire sword slashing the memory Kyoshi had in his past. Shatters like a plain of Glass, Kyoshi soon wakes up from his Shattered memory. Staring at his hands " .......good....Now the shatter memory is gone...". Gets up slightly brushing the dirt off, He soon turns around and walks into the forest trying to figure out about the other Fallen memory he had

While in the woods with his razor ramonia onto his hand he suspects something wierd about this forest. In Kyoshi's shoulder, he feels alittle twitch as if he had a bad feeling about this forest. Soon checking the forest for any sign of life or the Un Dead. Finishing his checking he realizes that this forest isnt a normal kind of forest. The forest of Zin were once a beautiful green area so that the animal's play all day. but the forest recently been turn to a forest of the dead for some reason. They said that a Demon came around the forest and turned it into a Undead forest for the dead to walk among the forest. Kyoshi sees a lone human walking towards his way " mister.....are you currently on your way out..." Kyoshi said seeing the lone man walk towards him. Soon the man jumped and tried to attack kyoshi. Side stepping 5ft away from him, kyoshi stares into his eyes, seeing the dead and lifeless eyes of a dead person " he's dead also...." he said in a battle formation. Appearing behind the man, Kyoshi simply slashes the mans head off watching the mans body reduce to ashes. "....a dead person made from soil.......kinda not the usual thing to do...". Looking at the skies while it sooon turns to a dark purple color, a Black thunder storm soon hits the ground as kyoshi hears the thunders loud roar. with the extent roar, kyoshi stares at the thunder storms hitting the ground making more roaring sounds. its soundwaves soon command the dead to attack which they walk towards kyoshi. a pitch black area covers kyoshi soon making him remember about a piece in his memory. Kyoshi sees his kid side walking into the forest. Seeing him having fun with the animals and having a good time. 3 days later Kyoshi's little side soon fell into shock since the forest was turned to a dark Dead forest. a tear shed from his eyes begging the forest to return. Soon the memory shattered as kyoshi soon ran towards the dead slashing them. Soon making his escape out of the forest, he walks away from it. looking behind, staring at the forest with one final stare "..........Your soul of the living bare....its completely wasted...into dust...." Kyoshi in a calm toned voice. Turns away as he walks, Not wanting to see the forest ever again

With Blank Memories and Dispair distants of the fallen fire light wonders of forbitten's decent. Kyoshi sum how reverses the extend limit of his aura, tracking down a certain piece of a wired memory that he had once. Constant limitation of Ice and the pillars of the frozen snow, Kyoshi travels to the mountains of the snow's frozen angel. in the Depts of the snowy mountain comes by a mysterious snow demon that has been interfering the dencity and its tempurature of the snow tempurature. Kyoshi soon enters the caves that will lead him to the fartest ways of the snow Pillar temple. Rumors has it that the Snow Pillar temple is the source of Ice pillar's secret magic that can manipulate ice and snow. Kyoshi soon enters the temple looking around. senced that the forbitten memory that was lost in his mind were to be located on the center of the temple. Once reaching the temple he come across a snow Beast

Snowbeast: why have you Come
Kyoshi: ....Looking for a piece of memory that was lost.
Kuji: I am Kuji the inforcer of this temple
Kyoshi: me wheres the Piece of memory that im looking for
Kuji: im sorry but I wont Let you have the key to the Snow pillar. if you want it so badly...then Fight for it.
Kyoshi: ...That can be a good thing.......

Soon Kuji the snow beast gets up from his giant seat of Neveron. Kyoshi soon begins to go into his battle formation, ready for any kind of attack that the beast will let him. With the know beast constantly roaring, it sends out a sound wave pulse that triggers the sharp ices on the roof. it soon falls down trying to implale kyoshi. some how kyoshi suceeded by avoiding the attack by sidestepping 40ft away. Soon kyoshi sends out 5 black colored mirrors that has been approaching Kuji. Soon it surrounds him as Kyoshi's reflection stares at the beast "....which one you choose....". kyoshi said in a calm expression. Kuji hits the #3 as it shatters like glass." oops....wrong one...Now be hurt now" the words that kyoshi said, soon the shards of the black colored glass soon flys up where the sharp ices is located. soon raining down it impales kuji's body defeating him in the process. ",,,,,you....won...." said Kuji in his last final words after he was injured in battle. Kyoshi grabs the shard of memory that was kept. It soon begins showing kyoshi another past in his life. Seeing the Child like kyoshi spending a great time outside the netherealm. it all changed after the Priestesses sealed his parents. After the seal was over...the young kyoshi cried until he finally know what to do. when the memory was over kyoshi woke up from the memory flashback. ".....mother....Father...." he said in a calm and quiet tone voice. Leaving the temple,Kyoshi watches it fall down to the his Memory Mission Objective...were into completion. soon kyoshi goes to another location so that he can bring the shard of memories that he'd lost

Returning from the battle between the Icy beast, Kyoshi soon leaves the caves. While looking at the skies and the birds singing, he come across a little human girl that lost her parents. Seeing the little girl cry, Kyoshi bends down and assist her. "hey whats your name" Kyoshi said in a calm way. "...h...hikari...." the little girl replied while she cleans off her tears. "....why are you crying..." he said. "....I...Lost my parents.....and..........there were monsters....and they attack my village...Killing people and my parents.." she said as hikari soon begins crying again. Soon Kyoshi begins to remember another memory on his past. He begins seeing a Village full of humans enjoying their lives. But it all changed when it was attacked by demons. Seeing the human's getting killed and eaten alive by demons, Kyoshi runs to a house, soon seeing a lone woman with a baby. looks behind as kyoshi sum how see's 3 demons staring at the woman attempting to try and kill her. Unsheaths his razor ramonia, kyoshi slashes 2 demons by using a technique called "Corpse's demise". Corpse Demise is a Technique that 1 stab from an enemy causes his sword to break into 4 more blades as it impaled the enemy. It did the same for the demons, they were soon impaled by kyoshi's sword as they soon vanish like dust. Waking up from the memory, Kyoshi then takes the little girl to her village that was recently destroyed by demons. looking around not feeling any life around the area, the Hikari soon cries again seeing the human's corpse around the village. broken wooden houses soon collapse or sceeching. the Skies soon is a pitch gray colored skies that covered the sun. the scent of dead human soil around the area. hearing a wierd monster noise as a Demon soon approaches, attacking kyoshi out of no where. Soon trying to kick the demon away, 10 demons surrounds Hikari. She screams and cries on the ground. As soon as the Demons were about to attack, Kyoshi sum how unleashes his Demon Form Known as DemonsCreed. With DemonsCreed's powerful extend body heat, the Grounds begins to melt with a single walk towards them. Hikari sees kyoshi's demon form slighty in shock as Demonscreed grabs a demon. Crushing its skull to pieces, he swings them like a bat and smashes the other demon's head's off. watching the demons fly 30ft in the air, DemonsCreed soon unleashes his chain as it soon wraps around their throat. pulling the chain down the Demons fall down, Slamming to the ground with a powerful 5 tons of force which kills the demons. After the fight was over, Creed transforms back to kyoshi. As kyoshi looks at Hikari, she begins to be afraid of Kyoshi. " Sorry if...I showed you..." he said holding his hands up trying to help her up. Soon Hikari runs in fear and wont be near him. Sum how she remembers that kyoshi was the person who helped her get her courage back. Soon Hikari runs back to kyoshi and hugs him. They walk into a new village which Hikari will then enjoy her life living with a new Family. Waving goodbye to hikari, kyoshi sum how sees a Piece of memory that's floating next to him. Soon grabbing it, he sees a Memory about himself and the Training that he gained. It showed when he was 16 he beginned training. Listening to his Master Lo Kon, he teaches kyoshi how to limit his body and purposly kill an opponent if they were to attack him. Once the It was over, Kyoshi leaves and tries to figure out a new power. Once their he thinks of a New aura move that was preformed by his old Master that recently died by a critical accident during the mission that failed. Kyoshi sits down and relaxes his body limit. Soon his aura and his inside energy soon mixes creating an "aura Pressure". An Aura pressure is a Aura type form that Limits and Power Rise your Extend limit of Battle. Give it to a Weapon and your weapon will become powerful. While kyoshi was trying to control his aura pressure, The Gravitational pressure soon hits kyoshi's body, unabling him to move. Trying his absolute best to harnest the aura pressure, he sees his master doing the same post as kyoshi as he some how controlled it. breaking free from the Gravitational Pressure kyoshi finally controls his aura pressure. Soon 4 years has past as he became 20 years old. Fighting by his friends side they soon win many battles and won many Clan wars. But soon Kyoshi Fought agains the Priestess that sealed his parents as they soon had a crazied battle. Kyoshi soon Defeats the priestess as he thought he won and became superior. but the priestess caught kyoshi in a seal. With the Priestess last breath, he seals Kyoshi for 1000's of years. With all of his memories found kyoshi wakes up from that memory. Soon he shatters the memory like glass. "....I will Forget....that Day....." kyoshi said in a Calm toned voice. Soon turning around as he begin walking towards the dark forest. Soon as he reaches the deep side of the forest, He vanishes away as the clouds break, letting out the sun and the flowers Bloom. When they ever see Kyoshi again.......they won't know....if he really Shattered the lost memories that he had about his past......They will never know
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