A forgotten book that was found.

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A forgotten book that was found.

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while wandering around this past day, I stumbled across this long forgotten tale.

I think our dark lady meant for me to find it and return it here to you all at this sacred place.

[url=http://tasharene.deviantart.com/art/Ble ... 4:1q5e13vg][color=blue:1q5e13vg] The Paladin and the Drow Part 1 by Kendris[/size:1q5e13vg] [/color:1q5e13vg][/url:1q5e13vg]

[url=http://tasharene.deviantart.com/art/Ble ... 4:1q5e13vg][color=blue:1q5e13vg]A picture in the book [/color:1q5e13vg][/url:1q5e13vg]

[url=http://kendris.deviantart.com/art/The-P ... 4:1q5e13vg][color=blue:1q5e13vg] The Paladin and the Drow Part 2 by Kendris [/size:1q5e13vg][/color:1q5e13vg][/url:1q5e13vg]

[i:1q5e13vg]Note: the story and the artwork are not mine and belong to two other fine people. I bring you think links so you can enjoy this short story and the picture that inspired it. [/i:1q5e13vg] :D
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