A question of Art (NSFW)

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A question of Art (NSFW)

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So kind of need a bit of advice about a couple pieces of art (one that I finished and one I am currently working), sadly not elf theme though I did have one I was working on, but I kind of felt motivated to work on these two pieces after I started on the background so that one isn't yet finished.

The first one is kind of a remake of an older picture, I actually spent most of the week before thanksgiving working on it and managed to finished it last. However, I was kind of struggling with the pose of the character mostly with that left foot (Her left I mean, not the viewer left). I couldn't actually find any reference for that position, so I kind of feel like that leg isn't very good, but I was wondering what you guys and ladies think of it.
https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatewkar ... -862929355

The second one is a a work in progress that is going to be chrismas theme, but right now I've got the basic body and color and shading for the skin and now I need to draw the santa outfit and background. I was wonder how this shading and lighting style looks, I have lightening highlights in it even.
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