An Eilistraeean tribute to the goddess [NSFW for Nudity]

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An Eilistraeean tribute to the goddess [NSFW for Nudity]

Post by Leema Har'gachi »

[url= ... 0:3hepojzo]Picture of Eilistraee, edited in photoshop[/url:3hepojzo]

Here's a picture I have recently made of Eilistraee. I used Photoshop to do some cleanup, and had inked most of it. Feel free to tell me what you think, does it look like her? Do you think She is accurately shown or whatever your feelings about the picture. I would love to hear it.
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Re: An Eilistraeean tribute to the goddess [NSFW for Nudity]

Post by Irennan »

Well, If I have to be honest, there's nothing (but the ankle-long hair) in the picture that makes me think ''yes, she is Eilistraee/one of her priestesses''. Maybe it's the fact that the colors are like they'd be in a negative, or the rigid pose (being Eilistraee a dancer, one would expect to see her portrayed in an acrobatic/artistic pose), or the lack of her dancing sword. That said, I don't know crap about art and kind of suck at drawing, so I can't comment about the technique of your drawing or give more advice than what I've already said; however I thank you for sharing your work.

Oh, and may you have a enjoyable birthday :)
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