Funny quotes from RPG games

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Funny quotes from RPG games

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DM: Alright, the enemy ship is alongside you now, and kobolds begin boarding the ship over ladders.
Me: Ok, I'll cast Glitterdust
DM: What's the save?
Me: 20.
DM: Alright... *rolls a bunch of dice, begins tallying up totals... sighs* Ok, well it looks like they're all blind.

Next round...

DM: Alright Travis, it's your turn.
Me: *specifies the area of greatest concentration of enemies* I'm going to cast soundburst here.
DM: Alrighty then. Roll your damage and tell me the DC
Me: Okey-dokey *rolls some dice* That's.... 9 damage. The DC for deafness is 19.
DM: *Rolls some more dice, tallies up the totals, then puts his head in his hands* They all fail. Again.
Me: F**k yeah! Welcome to the S.S Helen Keller, bitches!
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