Art related question.

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Leema Har'gachi
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Art related question.

Post by Leema Har'gachi »

I recently drawed the same character twice with a bit different style, I was wondering what version do you guys think make her face look more elven like?

The first version?
[img:1d88n0gl] ... b30ywb.jpg[/img:1d88n0gl]
[url:1d88n0gl] ... -670212011[/url:1d88n0gl]

or the second version?
[img:1d88n0gl] ... b312an.jpg[/img:1d88n0gl]
[url:1d88n0gl] ... -670216415[/url:1d88n0gl]

I kind of want to have some feedback so I can continue to try a make more elven character that hopefully actually look elven.
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Shir'le E. Illios
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Re: Art related question.

Post by Shir'le E. Illios »

I would say the second version perhaps as the different nose makes her seem a bit more elegant. The first one seems perhaps a bit more of a halfling face.

Though of course there is variety in every race so they both could definitely be elves.

Hope that helps. :)

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Re: Art related question.

Post by Shae »

I kind of feel like what style feels right depends on what you want to convey about the character and her people. So you could consider the tension or interplay between how you as the artist personally envision elves/drow are in your gaming world, and this particular character's individual personality as that when making a decision. This is especially the case when you're drawing anime, cartoons or caricature style in general because the style lends itself so easily as a vehicle for "pointing" at background impressions and exaggerations that express personality. So for example side by side, the first face strikes me personally as feeling more childish and mischievous and the second more distant (though that doesn't have to be necessarily the case). Depending on how one feels the more "mischievous" or "distant" style jives with the PC's personality and how you see drow, that could play a factor in the choice.

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