Weird idea: Eilistraee themed cookbook!

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Weird idea: Eilistraee themed cookbook!

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an idea for a project an unofficial cookbook
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Re: Weird idea: Eilistraee themed cookbook!

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Considering what Eilistraee teaches about food, it's not weird at all. There are some FR specific recipes, but all the drow ones are based on what you'd find in the Underdark. Followers of Eilistraee would probably embrace different traditions, seek new spices and recipes, so--assuming that they are allowed into non drow settlements (as of 1491, they are allowed in Waterdeep, and a new temple to Eilistraee is being built there after the goddess appeared outside its walls, so they'd have access to a variety of cultures there)--they'd probably have a mixed style. Those who live in the woods would probably try to make the best out of game, mushrooms, herbs, and berries.
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