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NSFW Tags Required

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"NSFW" is an acronym that stands for "Not Safe For Work" and is usually used to denote content (particularly pictures) that one might not want visible on their screen when others might be looking over their shoulders.

In short, for the most part this refers to pictures containing nudity. After all, in most work places one isn't supposed to look at nude pictures or others in the workplace might find it objectionable. Or perhaps one might simply be embarrassed if others knew what kind of images you like to look at.

As such I've added a number of "[NSFW]" tags to a number of thread topic titles and from this point I ask you to do the same if you post something containing nudity. In this it's better to err on the side of caution; it's better to tag something as NSFW when it is fine than to not tag something as NSFW when it really should've been. People could get in trouble if threads or tagged wrong.

Also, if you find a thread that you feel should be then let me know and I'll edit the thread if needed to include the tag.

Additionally, I also ask you to clearly mark any links that go to content that is NSFW. Threads themselves only have to be tagged if 'inappropriate' content is visible in the posts themselves (by using the img tags for instance), but at least make clear when people click a link if the page it'll load will be safe to view.

Use your own judgment and in case of doubt ask me and I'll make a decision. And I hope you all understand. :)

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