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The Chosen of Eilistraee are a roleplaying group for the computer game Neverwinter Nights by BioWare Corp and Neverwinter Nights 2 by Obsidian Entertainment. We follow the Good goddess Eilistraee and try to bring kindness, joy and music into the world. But most of all we try to find a rightful place for the drow in the world above. Come and talk to us and perhaps join in our arduous quest for harmony and peace.

The pages are designed for a resolution of 1024x768, but should also be viewable in other resolutions. And while it was created primarily for Internet Explorer 5+, is has been tested to produce at least readable results in other browsers as well (Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera). The site is a bit heavy on graphics (counting in at about 150KB) but other than that we are completely banner and popup free.

If you’re using Internet Explorer it might ask you to download a small application (if you don’t already have it). This program is not any kind of spyware, add-ware, or such (tested in Ad-aware 5.80 with 006-02.05.2002). It is merely a program to display downloadable fonts (which are used on the page). Once downloaded it should never ask again. To remove it simply delete the “TDServer Control” in your “Downloaded Program Files” folder (on Windows systems). Netscape 4 has native support for downloadable fonts. If however you’re using neither Internet Explorer nor Netscape 4 (for instance Netscape 6, Mozilla Firefox or Opera) then you can download the font used here (just install it in your fonts directory).

Due to a lack of my artistic ability the site does show some nudity. I wanted to show Eilistraee’s symbol, which, according to the FRCS description, is a “nude long-haired female drow dancing with a silver bastard sword in front of a full moon”. This I did achieve, but I was unable to make the hair swirl around to cover some of the parts. Thus some minor nudity is shown and if you’re under age or take offence at such things you shouldn’t enter the site. My apologies.

Otherwise, please enjoy your stay on our pages and feel welcome to post in our forums, whether you believe in our philosophy or not. The Chosen of Eilistraee have an open mind towards everyone.

Enter the home of the Chosen of Eilistraee

- Shir’le E. Illios, Chosen of Eilistraee