A note from LiNeee

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A note from LiNeee

Post by LiNeee-niss'xae » Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:20 am

Hey guys!
Havnt spoken to any of you in just over six months. Withdrawals from writing, yes! However I'm stuck on my iPhone an cant really get much out without a whole ravel of mistakes and random dots! I'm guessing you've all carried on without me anyway in the role plays I was involved with so just keep on going. Won't be able to catch up. Miss you all though!
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Re: A note from LiNeee

Post by Millek » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:29 am

I think a few of them are waiting on ya to come back.
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Re: A note from LiNeee

Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:35 am

Don't worry, you haven't missed much! most of the rp's have been sort of dead or just VERY slow the past few months. Only a few posts made if any at all....
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A note from LiNeee

Post by byronJaf » Sun May 12, 2019 8:17 am

Oh, has Nigel had enough time to recover from Fatigue 1 hour rest with the going back and forth from Shade and a little time waiting at Shade?

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