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Arelith Servers - Eilistrae Support

Postby Miklaysee » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:34 pm

Hi all!

Wow, it has been like 10 years since I have perused this site. I went by Ebonith and ran the Ched Nasad Server on NWN ALFA for a spell. I skulked this website during that time. I even had an RP thread with Shir'le here at some point. I can't believe I saved it!

Anyway, with the addition of NWN Enhanced Edition (found on Steam for $20), persistent worlds have sprung up better and sexier than ever! I discovered Arelith and man, they do it right! My buddies and I (three of them from ALFA days) have been playing on the "Arelith - Cities and Planes" server, which most of it takes place in the Underdark city of Andunor. Plenty of lore to read up on, but it takes place in 1372 in Forgotten Realms, which means Eilistraee is very much alive--and she can be picked as a deity!

There is also a "Arelith - Surface" server as well, but as a drow, you must start in the Underdark, which I get. You will not be able to start as a good-aligned drow without a special award. They are worried about 15,000 Drizzt clones, understandably. However, you can be Neutral. Most Surfacers may kill you after RPing with you a bit--there is some PVP, but RP must take place first. It really doesn't happen that often, even in the Underdark, but folks don't act stupid--because they know there are one step away from death.

Anyway, I encourage you to try it out. Look for me, I play Miklaysee--yes, the same character from ALFA if you go back that far. If you have questions, I am happy to answer them. Here are some links to help you. Cheers!

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