new here , with questions

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new here , with questions

Postby Iym'zebey » Tue May 15, 2018 4:16 am

I play on a NWN2 PW and I am fairly new to Eilistraee Rp . But my character is working toward becoming a darksong knight , is there a process for this. such as a ritual or training period? if so what would they consist of ?

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Re: new here , with questions

Postby Shir'le E. Illios » Tue May 15, 2018 9:40 am

Hi Iym'zebey and welcome to our little corner of the web. May you find a home of sorts here. :)

As to your question, I can't recall off the top of my head whether anything specific has been written up about the process of becoming a Darksong Knight. However, I generally tend to take the approach that Eilistraee is a Chaotic deity and as such any 'rules' written down tend to be flexible anyway and processes differ wildly from one community to another.

As such I would suggest to think of what you (and/or your character) would consider an appropriate path to becoming a Darksong Knight, discuss it with a DM if the PW has any, and come up with something that would suit Eilistraee and is unique to your character and the community they're in. Generally speaking I'd imagine it involving doing some of the things towards what Darksong Knights dedicate their lives to (spreading the ethos of Eilistraee, advancing her causes, and slaying the yochlol and other servants of Lolth). Maybe some specific training, a trial and an induction ceremony as well.

And I'm sure that people here are happy to give suggestions as well if you want.

I hope that was somewhat helpful at least. :)

Love -x-x-x-

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Re: new here , with questions

Postby Irennan » Tue May 15, 2018 1:45 pm

As Shirl'le said, becoming a Darksong Knight has no particular requirement (unlike the process of becoming a Sword Dancer, or a Silverhair Knight). That said, while the Darksong Knights do indeed uphold Eilistraee's ideals, they are the most war-oriented followers of the Dark Maiden.

Whereas the Sword Dancers are an extension of Eilistraee's mothering of the drow (and therefore diplomats, protectresses, artists, healers. etc...), whereas the Silverhair Knights are pacifists who do their best to defeat evil while never taking a life, the Darksong Knights are sworn enemy of all fiends, especially Lolth's servants (I guess they embrace the huntress aspect of Eilistraee).

So, the question to ask to come up with an initiation that fits your characters is why that character has chosen to take this particular path that not many take. Like Shir'le proposed, consider the outlook of the community your character belongs to, because this kind of rituals can very well vary from a community to another. Freedom of expression is one of the principles taught by Eilistraee, after all.

As for training, the Darksong Knights are mostly made up of paladins and clerics, with some rangers as well. Their training should be similar to the one that the Sword Dancers receive, from a martial standpoint (so, a graceful, agile combat style, that favors speed). From a knowledge/magic standpoint, the Darksong Knights should be well versed in planar knowledge, especially the lower planes and demons. They should learn about the vulnerabilities of such creatures and how to exploit them, as well as their strengths and how to react to them. The Darksong Knights should know how they move, how they deceive mortals, where they are more likely to appear, and so on (picture it as a Ranger's favored enemy knowledge). Learning to channel the light of Eilistraee in their blades, in order to banish and rebuke those demons, also sounds appropriate.

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Re: new here , with questions

Postby Iym'zebey » Thu May 17, 2018 1:59 pm

thank you that is helpful :D btw I play on the nwn2 server the kingdom of haven.

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Re: new here , with questions

Postby Orin » Fri May 18, 2018 11:24 pm

Hello Iym'zebey and welcome :)

I agree with Shir'le and Irennen both. It can be a lot of different things if you/ your DM wants it to be. As for a trial, I think as Shir'le said, an appropriate task may be to defeat a Yochlol or perhaps a monstrous arachnid servant of Lolth like a Drider, or Drider Wizard. Another worthy task would be rescuing an underdark drow that is trapped by the oppression of Lolth. Not converting them, or even telling them of the world above, but protecting them, guarding them as you escort them to a place of safety on the surface. Doing this, especially unasked, would definitely be a deed worthy of a Darksong Knight.

While looking up info I found this old post by Talwyn. viewtopic.php?t=1795 You may already have most of this info, but I thought the list of turnable creatures would also serve as a list of the kinds of creatures that you could defeat to earn the Dark Maiden's favor.

Another thought, as far as the actual ritual, or ceremony of becoming a Darksong Knight, might be to draw from something real world. One lost tradition of becoming a Knight was the symbolic breaking of chains (this represented actual chains that others had work in the past) and then being presented with the sword that did the breaking. There's also the tapping of the sword upon a knight's shoulders, you could play with this and have another knight that is doing the 'dubbing' dance around the one being dubbed in a circle with a sword, then gently tapping her with the sword on her brow as she finished the recitation of a prayer the the Goddess. There's also a tradition of slapping the knight after they've made their oath, which is to remind them of it. This may be a bit too harsh for Eilistraee, but it's worth mentioning.

An even more important and fun topic is exactly "what" you are swearing when you become a Knight of any kind. It's usually the same stuff, but a favorite oath of mine from an even favoriter movie is:

"A knight is sworn to valor,
Her heart knows only virtue,
Her word speaks only truth,
Her blade defends the helpless,
Her might upholds the weak,
Her wroth undoes the wicked."

You could toy with this a bit, though I think Eilistraee would be most happy with it as it is, but maybe change virtue for love and truth for joy?

It also doesn't have to be all ceremony either, it could very easily be far more personal, simple and intimate. You could also go full on old school battlefield promotion with it, wherein you aid a Darksong Knight deliberately and because your sensibilities align with their philosophy in a way that helps them accomplish their goals or saves their life or (even more likely) the life of an innocent. In return, perhaps sensing your characters desire to become a Darksong Knight, they bestow the greatest honor upon you they are able, and knight you then and their. <--- This...may or may not be my favorite.

I hope this helps, I also hope it wasn't overwhelming. I do go on ;)

Have a wonderful day.
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