The Official Eilistraeen Music Thread

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Re: The Official Eilistraeen Music Thread

Post by Shae » Mon May 06, 2019 12:28 am

I'm glad you like it. Sorry that I rarely reply to these posts. Posts of this nature can be big timesinks for me so I can't always gather together a proper reply. But I'll just say that I don't see the idea of putting away a mask and constructs as necessarily so different from exposing a hypothetical vulnerability. As far as I know in society, the purpose of "masks and constructs" is generally used as a management tool for vulnerability and the fallout of it in the first place. So vulnerability is made so through context, and thus I don't think we're actually talking about fundamentally different things in terms of some of the benefits a drow character could get out of doing Eilistraee's "butt-nekkid moonlit dance!" as Cunningham in Liriel-voice once joked. XD Just the reasoning is from different perspective.

I just decided to post mostly pop music today.

Growing Pains - Alessia Cara

Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

Within Temptation (Shot in the Dark)

World on Fire (Sarah Mclachlan)

Immortal Rain Reverie (Composed by: 董貞 / 千年破曉 Bamboo flute: 佚名)

I think "Growing Pains" works for an anthem for a young Eilistraee, like in "Evermeet," when she realizes she has to leave Arvandor and that things will get harder for her from now on and will never be the same, although I think she seems more conflicted/uncertain in that book than Cara is in the song. But it's just the feeling of mingled determination and dread that works. I know "Love Me Like You Do" is a love song but rather than a romance with another person as such it always made me think more of Eilistraee's hobby of watching craftsmen etc. at work---to see people interested in what they're doing/what they created/what is made, etc.

"Shot in the Dark" has a kind of combined joy/wonder/sympathy/gratitude at certain parts that I think the character might be able to relate to like when another drow who needs to finds her, she has to try to protect or otherwise look after her followers when they are in trouble, or when she sees that a drow is getting away from Lolth and going on the journey of learning how to be themselves and what they want, even if it's not with her. Also Eilistraee is a character that fought a lot for a long time, so it must have been dark and hard at times that even she would feel like she wants to give up, especially when the Seldarine disagreed with her methods, and distance between them grew such that she and her drow felt shut out from them because of the lack of communication such that only Erevan Ilesere continued to associate with her. At that time if she were to see her methods working even a little anywhere, like for instance drow and surfacers beginning to work together more, I can imagine her own morale also goes back up a bit.

The lyrics in Mclachlan's "World on Fire" makes me think of "Evermeet" again when Eilistraee has agreed to go with the other drow gods into exile, and Lolth is saying that "power is taken," and Corellon counters with "power is given." In reality they're probably both right since the natural cycle requires reciprocity, "give and take, take and give."

"Immortal Rain Reverie" is a favorite guzheng style instrumental. There's an intermingled wild, wistful quality about it that I think fits the character.
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