Song of Your Soul

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Song of Your Soul

Post by Faediira » Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:40 pm

Faediira Tebryr'Daersharra stared at herself in the mirror. She found nothing wrong with her silvery-white hair, dusky-colored skin, blue eyes or rounded tipped ears. The N'Tel'Quess however, did not understand why others treated her so coldly.
Her aunt, Kierda, stood behind her watching the eleven year old, as Faediira admired herself in her new purple dress.
“Why do they treat me so differently, Kierda?” Faediira asked, turning away from the mirror. “Is it because I have not developed powers like the other children?”
“No Faediira,” Kierda smiled wryly, sympathetic to her niece's need for acceptance. Kierda was a drow, and like many drow had red eyes, ebony colored skin, and instead of the usual bleached white hair she had silver. However, unknown to the surface dwellers that ridiculed her from their light filled world, they did not know that some drow were not evil. Kierda walked the benevolent path of Eilistraee, goddess of good drow. House Tebryr'Daersharra and its family were hated by evil Lolth worshipers.
“You're a half-drow, Faediira. Some consider you a human.” The drow priestess replied sadly, “You are a child of two worlds, belonging to neither.”
“Why do you say that, Kierda? You think me human? I'm not!” The thirteen year old asked, walking over to an open window.
“Faediira, you are half-drow. A half-elf, born of an elven mother and a human father. One day perhaps you shall choose to find a place in the world,” Kierda said in return. The priestess caught her own reflection in the mirror. She was not the same person she was many years ago. She had secrets now, secrets that could tear her family apart. She could not judge her young niece, lest she condemn herself first.
“Lady Jhaelrya needs me Kierda. I am her only daughter and this is my home. I would never leave them.” Faediira held her head up defiantly and leaned over the window. Her world was one of ringing swords and wizards and sorcerers casting spells and priestesses chanting their prayers. A world that she had no fear of, but was curious of no matter what creature, weapon, or new spell appeared to rouse her interest. She was just learning about life in her world, how could she ever think of leaving it?
Kierda, Lady Jhaelrya's twin sister, detected something more about Faediira. The half-drow had never tasted the evils of the dark, starless world beyond House Tebryr'Daersharra's gates. It was Faediira's innocence which allowed her to speak so honestly.
“What about destiny? Your father is human. Perhaps your true calling awaits you in the Lands of Light,” Kierda told her, “Within you, child, there is a song. A special song that only you can hear, Faediira.”
“What kind of song?” The young half-drow asked still looking out the window. She did not even bother to turn around to look at her aunt. She continued to stare out the window and down at the guards going through their training routines.
“A song of a child, that dwells between the twilight of the darkness and the light.” Kierda replied. “If you will not listen to me Faediira, then listen to the song of your soul. It will not betray you, as others do. It will protect you when you need it most.”
The half-drow remained quiet for some time. It was time for Faediira to face the truth about herself. It was time enough for her to accept both, her drow and human heritages. She spun away from the window. Her face contorted in a mask of confusion and fury.
“Nooooo!” Faediira screamed suddenly. Her blue eyes flashed and suddenly glowed red at her aunt.
Kierda backed away from her half-drow niece. She hadn't expected Faediira to suffer so much mental anguish and anger. Ever since Faediira was born, she was ridiculed by others in the family. Her father had given her the nickname, “Twilight”. He had meant it only as a term of endearment, something special that would link them together even after he departed from this life. Tarrellan never thought it would be turned into a racial slur to use against her.
There were others in the Tebryr'Daersharra Family that believed Faediira might have been something more had she been born a full drow. The half-drow lacked all of the innate abilities of a drow. She could not levitate, or see as far in the dark. Even the simplest of innate abilities, to create dancing lights, was denied her and only added to her frustration. It was no wonder that the half-drow felt betrayed by everyone around her.
Kierda had no way of knowing Faediira's emotions would spill out in such an unexpected fashion. And the priestess thanked Eilistraee, that her horrified expression went unnoticed by her irate niece.
“To the Nine Hells with anyone who dares tell me to move on!” Faediira said at last triumphantly. She had learned the hardest lesson life had to offer. Faediira Tebryr'Daersharra had learned to stand up for herself.
The half-drow walked over to the mirror one more time. The older drow stepped up to her and held her. Slowly, one by one, Faediira's tears fell upon her new purple dress. She lifted her head and said, “The song and my destiny, begin here, Kierda.”
May the light of Eilistraee shine brightly in the face of evil!

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