[Arena] Raiders in the grain fields.

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Re: [Arena] Raiders in the grain fields.

Postby Grahl » Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:53 am

Well, this was unexpected. In hindsight, it should have been expected. Jonas, keeps back allowing his minions to charge into battle. His clearly outmatched minions however, provide him time to compose himself, as the frightened and now rescued hostage. The loss of four demon minions is easily replaced, and little more than the inconvenience of another summoning, after all. The first two Vrocks are taken fully by surprise, and put down while unprepared, the other two, while also put down, may manage to slip in swipes from their wicked claws, or bites from their vicious beaks, but again, they are fodder for the survival of Jonas and Varro. As the dust settles and Olba'id remains, the bodies of the four Vrocks vanish in a burst of flame, and sulfuric odor. Jonas shields his face from the fire. Coughing from the odor, he looks up to the monk with tear-filled eyes, "Oh, thank you. Thank you! they came out of nowhere when one of the goblins began chanting something, then they grabbed me as I tried to run away. Someone must stop that goblin before he brings anymore of those... things!"

Convincing tale, no? Frantic, terrified, and above all else thankful for his salvation, this fallback act, is one Jonas has perfected over the years, back when he was just an 'innocent' young boy. Perhaps some ill-fated day, an actual blood-relative might recognize the boy for the homeless urchin taken from the streets of Luskan, to serve a greater purpose. For now, though, he glances back tot he chaos of battle filling the village, and the distant whirling devastation of an elemental, and tries to duck into the temple to escape the dangers, that is, if the monk doesn't stop him.
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