Test run!

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Re: Test run!

Post by Rainbow Prism » Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:41 am

Feeling familiar pulse of unholy presence, instead of striking at fiend, iron cut into stone with it's tip, digging three inches in it with sparks flying and metal heating with power, exploding into strong wave of magic unmaking. Even magic of black armor on the warrior's torso dissipated, losing it's magic sparkle and becoming dull polished charcoal steel. The radiance of blade, however, did not disappear. Glare from under full helmet promised that next strike will be last, blade effortlessly freed from floor and lifted for next strike.
"Trust in this, freak!" Crossbow clicked menacingly, finger ready to push trigger even if it will pierce the woman in front of warmonger. "Screw yer senses and demands! When the demon is done, you are next."
"Listen, human. This is more than just simple misunderstanding. Why not put this down and talk..." Shaking hand of druidess was raised and stopped by loud growl.
"Like he talked about his true nature? I don't think so!"

Soldier on the wall did not really understand the nature of the rare creature that is not so prominent on western part of continent unlike on other half. Whispering to the closest lower rank after him, he pointed at the demihuman below.
"If he tries anything - move in, climb, use magic, fly to get in - shoot him down without questions."
Nodding, silent order of alert was spread through ranks on the wall. The aim was still up and tension rising.

On all this, wizard in cellar looked through eyes of invisible miniature familiar, deformed humanoid that looked like shrunk ugly halfling with mottled leathery wings and black lifeless eyes, which was gliding through air above. More information brought more questions than answers. Impatient scholar sent command to his creation - that lingered in jar unused until now - to fly on.

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Re: Test run!

Post by Vailintin » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:27 pm

Threatened anew, by this fool of a commander, it came the time that Tristian had decided, he had had enough of the fool threatening him with weapon after weapon, now believing without a doubt these blind murderous zealots were either the pawns of a greater evil, or taken their fanaticism so far as to be blinded to their own falling. Evil was afoot, and it as running amok, unchecked. His duty became quite clear, for when forces of either man or beast impede his duty to the cause of ending undead and their masters, they too are marked as servants of evil. At one time, he had almost reached this reaction when just in time a fellow druid appeared. She is being threatened just as much in his mind, and so he steps before her, calling upon an advanced form of a Druid's Wild Shape abilities, his form grows large, skin becomes slowly transparent, and before the eyes of all, red-eyed moon elf slips away into the whirling insubstantial shape of a huge Air Elemental, rendering him immune to threats of mere physical weapons, silver or not. He has however disciplined himself enough to still make use of his spells in even this form, however being able to see that he's even preparing to cast one, has become near impossible. What does he us though? What spell could someone be trying to guess to attempt to counter? Directed upon that annoying commander and his undisciplined mind, [b:2rlhdjck]Repel Metal or Stone[/b:2rlhdjck] is unleashed, releasing waves of intangible energy from Trisitain's position, pushing both Kars and the commander backward, or more specifically pushing all metal objects away from the elf-turned-elemental. If not for the armor worn by either man, they might have been unaffected, but dressed as they are, this spell would pin them against the wall and hold them there. Even still, in this shape at any moment, the elf turned elemental could simply fly out the window, and go just about anywhere faster than Paladin or mere militiamen could follow. His voice comes now, as more of a mighty howling wind, a sound just shy of the force as one might hear from a tornado,[color=#FFBF00:2rlhdjck][i:2rlhdjck] "Cease this foolishness paladin, or I will mark you in league with whatever forces summoned that undead horde, and then you shall know humility or you will see if your god welcomes your wretched bloodthirsty soul!"[/i:2rlhdjck][/color:2rlhdjck]


Sunrise was coming, and with it, reinforcements, the best mage of the Gyssemitori clan, approaching from the north, via the road, on foot, in his customary red robes, long-flowing dark blue hair, and somewhat wizened elven face, he just like Tristian, sharing in common those red eyes, but unlike the much younger Tristian, far more experienced, with a singular spell to enhance his voice, it absolutely booms over the whole town, [color=#FF4000:2rlhdjck][b:2rlhdjck][i:2rlhdjck]"By order of the Gyssemitori Clan, and the support of the Lords of NeverWinter, and Waterdeep, I order you, release any and all lycanthropes you may be holding prisoner,their allies, and possessions peacefully, NOW, and you shall be allowed to continue the rest of your affairs undisturbed. Refuse, and you shall face the consequences!"[/i:2rlhdjck][/b:2rlhdjck][/color:2rlhdjck] Not about to let anyone ask what consequences, he makes it quickly and abundantly clear, with the casting of [b:2rlhdjck]Gate[/b:2rlhdjck], and more specifically summoning a known ally by name. For the brief moment the Gate portal is open, heavenly light washes out, and through it appears a human-like figure, with emerald skin, bald head, and white feathered wings, equipped with a magical greatsword, there is little mistaking the sight of an angel, more specifically a Planetar Angel. Generals of celestial armies, and allies to powerful mortals who champion goodly causes, the sight of such a being may well cause some guards to lose their will to oppose a wizard who may call this angel, an ally.

Now that he likely has -everyone's- attention, the real rescue operation begins, dropped from Vidanya's back as she soars over the city, comes a few members of the family brought in through marital ties. None sporting their hybrid forms however, so as to blend in with ordinary folk, first a human monk, whom as soon as he comes in reach of the keep's outer wall slows his fall to the point that it hardly even phases him, waiting below then, he receives and catches one, then another halfling young woman, both very alluring even in spite of features that held bird-like resemblances. Twins the both of them they begin wandering the streets, their affects on wild animals less prevalent as that of a wolf, and even less so with the madness consuming much of the animal life in the area, thus making their task of locating the wolf they heard about in their briefing, all the easier. Once both have met at the poor guy's window, one grins, transforming into a raven, while her sister gently helps her squeeze through the bars and into the wolf's cell, fluttering down to the floor and staying quiet, looking up to admire the big wolf, then turns back into her halfling self. She keeps her voice low and soft, "Yer pretty handsome for a jailbird, how about you come run with our clan?" as she goes to work on the lock with her lock-picks, no expense spared in getting the best there is. Sister still outside gives her signal to the monk, and he is soon enough able to locate the doors Tristian went in through, the warped wood making them abundantly obvious, and likely a route to expect guards to approach from. But he appears to simply be an unarmed man dressed in rags, nary a soul in sight would easily guess his bare hands on par with adamantine warhammers.


Far and away from all this commotion, Vailintin strains to hear the booming voice, listening so intently to make out the fine details, when comes that flash of light. Without knowing why, it causes him to shudder, and yet the little bit of human in his blood allows him to find it beautiful,[color=#FF0000:2rlhdjck]"Looks like the party is startin' without us! "[/color:2rlhdjck]
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Re: Test run!

Post by NathreeDe'Shezbron » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:06 pm

Jherall felt the magic of the spell cast by the elven druid turned air elemental. The half fiend breathed a quick sigh of relief, as it seemed the druids were not his enemies, and he still hoped to diffuse the situation. Getting his anger in check, the flames subsided once more, and Jherall quickly called out a spell to counter the magic of the druid. "Humans lay down your weapons, this is not the place nor the time to fight." The theurge let his miasma subside again, however the spell of displacement was still active on his person, "If you are so eager to paint the ground red with blood, how about you deal with the attacks on the village that are happening right now, or else you might not live to deal with the supposed future evils that I might inflict."
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Re: Test run!

Post by Grahl » Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:29 am

With offers of a warm meal and shiny knights the young boy nods, "Oh I'd sure like ta have something to eat, but shouldn't I get cleaned up and presentable before I'm goin' before nobles? At least a clean change of clothes? Da always told me, that I should look my best if I meet any nobles, and only nobles can be knights." Of course he should want to clean up and have some time alone. His family has likely just been killed, and he himself narrowly escaped, that's the story anyway, and there's hardly reason to disbelieve it.

Was it really the case though? Secretly hopping with anticipation, was Varro plotting the next move, the boy a splendid actor with the demon's coaching and prompting, a boy with no history that anyone knows or cares about, a once homeless waif on the streets of Luskan, removed from his poverty and made the trusting puppet vessel for a demon who has acquired the loyal services of an apprentice wizard, all too happy to accept shortcuts to great power. A little time alone for the 'recently orphaned' boy to mourn, all Varro needs now, to unleash more chaos, a few measly skeletons were only the beginning.
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