DemonWeb Pit's Tavern of the Underdark.

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Re: DemonWeb Pit's Tavern of the Underdark.

Post by Pheurazath » Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:32 am

A chuckle rolls out from Carah and Neri in unison, the former, suggesting,[color=#0000BF:2fcp5dee] "If you think we're enchanting, you ought to meet our mother some time."[/color:2fcp5dee]

All fun and flirting come to an abrupt stop when the peculiar young drow, with his blank book and odd eyes makes a spectacular fall on the floor. Both sisters lean one way to get a better look of the situation, and Neri is the first to her feet, strolling over to crouch down beside the robed figure, plant a hand upon his shoulder gently, and shake gently,[color=#FF00BF:2fcp5dee] "Hey now, you alright there? Anything injured?"[/color:2fcp5dee] Naturally as soon as he is responsive, she'd help him to his feet, or to a seat.

Meanwhile Carah takes not of the hunched, cloaked figure, his stench, and the wolf. Though wrinkling her nose at the figure under the cloak, she can't help but admire the shiny wolf following him.
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Re: DemonWeb Pit's Tavern of the Underdark.

Post by Agmasek » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:53 am

A lot of peculiar figures have come in so far, but none more peculiar than what looks to be an ordinary red fox. Bold and brazen is she, this clever little canid that some hunt for furs, other praise as good luck, and some worry they are omens of bad luck. Up onto one of the many tables, the bold little russet beast leaps, and proceeds to shove her face into a the flirty dwarf's mug of ale, and begin lapping it up. Despite being a wild-looking fox however, she seems scented as with some sort of flowery perfume. No ordinary scent for a wild fox.
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Re: DemonWeb Pit's Tavern of the Underdark.

Post by seldszdra » Wed May 29, 2013 9:52 am

[i:fwqabpjx]Slow, steady strides and silent foot-falls gradually made their way through the lush, lavish and nature-brimmed vicinity -- or, otherwise, the topside of the tavern a certain dark-skinned, long-eared male had been seeking out since he caught whispers and rumors of it in his much-disliked travels. Upon finding the tunnel that lead to the entrance of the establishment buried beneath the earth, the males' tensed, suspicious composure seemed to.. droop with relaxation long over-due; it has been nearly a week since he had come across a resting-place that would suit his specific needs and it was becoming quickly apparent that what the male has finally found would be a place he would be staying in for quite-a-while, given that no.. problems arise.

And so, through the tunnel he went and after happening upon the opening into the bustling establishment, the Drow's ears drooped in displeasure. The torches stung his sensitive eyes and the several patrons and their swiftly-incessant (to him, at-least) conversations were causing the slender, dark-toned ears to twitch. Nonetheless, it was too late to leave now -- he would either rest here or in some filthy cave near-by.

He was a winsome, dark-skinned male; dressed up in comfortable, light-weight garb that was no-doubt what a rich rogue would wear. His silky tresses of stark-white hair appear to have been grown out - though kept styled in a messy fashion - and seemed to hide the dark-blue darkling eyes that only proved to accent the male's features. Every movement made by him seemed rigid and reluctant; perhaps even expectant of something to pop up as he made his way to a table in the far-corner of the establishment, proceeding to sit down with a soft, weary and masculine grunt. Instead of calling out to any of the employees that handle the taverns' customers, this male would simply.. wait, watch and rest. What would he have? More importantly, what did they offer? Shall he enjoy a glass of wine or meal? A tall tankard of ale? He could be considered indecisive, but of course, this would not be shown. His fingers lightly thrummed the table as he idly observed and surveyed the tavern, it's patrons and it's significant details while awaiting a bar-maid who would be so kind as to approach and ask of him what he desires.[/i:fwqabpjx]

[[ The appearance of the male: [hide:fwqabpjx][/hide:fwqabpjx]

Pardon any lack of response from my end through the next few hours. I decided to post this late at night and will be heading to bed soon. ]]

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Re: DemonWeb Pit's Tavern of the Underdark.

Post by Ogrim » Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:45 am

Hunter doesn't much seem to mind how little appeal he holds with the ladies here, or anyone for that matter. Still, he keeps his hood up and cloak drawn. Even though he has taken up a more righteous path, he is content in knowing he is a fine and handsome specimen of his race, desirable to most any of the females of his kind, except perhaps shamans. Off-setting the pungent odor of his person, is the golden-furred Farkas, a wolf exuding a holy presence (known to most any cleric, paladin, or similarly religiously knowledgeable person, as a Celestial Wolf). Farkas too smells of wet canine, and the wet dog smell of his companion clearly comes from the wolf's company.

Now with both of them sitting together, one seated upon the floor, beside the other in a chair, at a table, both look around expectantly for service, and with the arrival of another elf, and someone else calling for service, the cloaked ranger grumbles, and for that matter, very fluently, in goblin. The translation loosely coming to, [i:3n0uahnv][color=#FF8000:3n0uahnv]"Ugly flat-face dark-elf better not get served before us, we got 'ere first, and I'm tired of eatin' stringy little rabbits."[/color:3n0uahnv][/i:3n0uahnv] Then he speaks up in his growling, animalistic tones, in common, "What is the trouble? You will deny a ranger food for smelling of his travels?" There comes an edge to his voice, a dangerous, angry edge, that a nip on his arm from the wolf, puts to rest. Can't let his 'pack brother' slip back into old bad habits after all.

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