Clone encounter Part 3

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Aylstra Illianniis
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Re: Clone encounter Part 3

Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:36 am

The drow turns to Pyro, grimacing. "No atrocity, however 'small', is ever justified. Once, in ages long past, my people tried to do something much like what you describe. They waged a war of hate and jealousy against their own kith and kin, razed entire nations, decimated lands and changed the face of my homeworld, all in the name of greed and power-lust. Even now, they capture hundreds of surface-dwellers in my homeland, enslave them, sometimes even force them to fight in gladiator matches against each other for their own amusement. I've witnessed such games, and I've seen a helpless escaped slave tossed over the side of a ship for no better reason than because they felt like it. I've seen entire ships slughtered to a man, I've seen entire Houses slain for simply failing to eliminate a rival family. It is all the same. It does not matter the scope of an atrocity, all that matters is that evil was done. You say that you wanted to act- my only question is- why DIDN'T you? Why did your people here not try to save at least some of those folk before obliteraing their world? Why did they not give them a CHANCE? I know it would be impossible to save them all, but failure to do what is right is just as evil as those who torture and kill for pleasure. Perhaps these things are a danger to all worlds, as you say, but how does annialating an entire world- obliterating those same folk who are endangered by those bugs, make YOU any better? Either way, those people had no chance. Seems to me the 'cure' may be even worse than the disease. At least with the bugs, they can try to fight back. Can you say they have the same chance against this ship? Think on that."

He seems uncharacteristically angry, cold, even. Glacial-blue eyes normally so full of humor glint hard as ice chips, and the lips so often lifted in a smile are now thin and drawn tight in a scowl. His entire demeanor seems to have changed. "If we fail down below- know this. We will NOT allow your ship to destroy this world- not without doing whatever it takes to save those on it. There are mages among us who can teleport, and if we have to overthrow your commanders to prevent it, we will. You see, I know a great deal about ships, and war, and commanding men. I was born to rule an empire, after all. Even if I have to commandeer this vessel myself, we will evacuate as many folk as possible before declaring this world lost. That is a promise."

He seems more the drow prince and warrior now than a musician or simple traveler, standing tall and defiant. " I do not wish to fight your people, but if that is what it takes.... I am certain the others here will all feel the same. You have superior weapons, perhaps, but we have powers among us that you've not yet seen, and if needs be, we WILL use them."
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Re: Clone encounter Part 3

Post by Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar » Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:05 am

((sorry for poor response. [i:1anj0blg]not [/i:1anj0blg]been good couple days))

She paused for a second, her face showing the doubt of global extention. Even if there was the power in their unique weapons, she doubt any of the dieties would allow it, much less all the magic available. But the idea of the danger and trouble was too intriguing, so she continued to follow.

((maybe I'll add more if my mind can come up with something good/better))
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Re: Clone encounter Part 3

Post by Arya Baenre » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:35 am

Once she finished her meal, Maryne took to walking the corridors in search of the room Onix had led her and Zarae to before. The clean, almost identical halls that this ship was comprised of were confusing after months spent on the open world of the Surface. Not to mention that the size of the ship alone made her feel small and lost enough as it was. She was just about to turn around and walk back the way she had come when she turned a corner to see Onix, Zarae and a few others standing near a lift. Her pet Tasha, who had followed Onix out of the room after sensing distress in the others, stalked his way over to her, walking past the guard that Onix had set up. "There you are! I thought I'd never find my way back," she called out, unable to hide her relief in seeing the others. She waved and began to walk to them, pausing uncertainly before the corridor guard and reading their grim expressions.

"Is something wrong?"
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Re: Clone encounter Part 3

Post by Drakashin » Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:11 am

Drakin took the needle and said, "His skin is thick but not as bad as his skull so this should work."

He went back to the bathroom and injected the concoction into the gargoyles vein. The effect was almost immediate the gargoyle looked up groggily at the needle and his eyes popped wide, "Get that thing away from me!"

"Relax, it's already done," Drakin told him, "on another note it's time to go."

"Ohh time for more fun?" The gargoyle ran out to the bar and grabbed the helmet the clones have given him and slapped it onto his head. "Time to see how this thing holds up."

As the returned to Stalker, Drakin replied, "I have yet to see something get passed your head as yet, so I'm not sure you need more protection."
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