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Postby Pheurazath » Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:29 am

Glaring still at him, even as he rises, the dragon, Pheurazath snorts at the question, "You have only yourself to blame for those, I had everything well in hand, until that fool of a bard ruined my negotiations. And then even as I improvised to make up for his impatience, YOU come charging in like a raving lunatic, right into the cave-in that I dropped on those damned spider-kissers' heads, thinking I could still get their captive out of their cleanly. So, I certainly hope you're grateful that I went back to drag you out of that disaster! As it is, unless you can make up for all the healing I've spent on you, my wings will be useless for weeks, perhaps even months?"

She spreads them open as much as she can bear to, visibly pained by the act, burned, torn, and tattered. Quite a horrible state that will cripple some of her mobility for awhile, "I've never suffered so much damage to them, and you best beg Bahamut they heal properly."

Scolding done, she can't stay angry at him forever, besides, there is some walking to do, to get back to the city, "The boy they'd captured, should be alright, as should the rest of your companions. Now, do you require any more healing before we begin getting you back to your Lith My'athar? Or could we try to mend my wings before leaving?"
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Postby Arya Baenre » Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:08 am

Pheurazath used her other racial shape change, taking serpentine form, and coiling herself upon Zhay, braced herself for a harsh landing, using her body to cushion him, and come to a rolling-sliding position in the path of the clerics, halting herself then, with wings, now bruised, partly torn, and one partially burnt, presenting Zhay, carefully released from the coils, bidding them, "Get him out of here."

Maryne looked up as the serpentine figure flew towards her and T'risstree, placing Zhay upon the ground and turning around with only a few words.

She bent to pick Zhay up, slinging one of his arms over her shoulder and half dragging and carrying him as T'risstree dodged her way through the falling rocks. Putting one last final effort into it, she pushed Zhay ahead of her, leaping after him and clearing the rubble as well.

"Well sister, whats it to be? One two or three?" grinned T'ristree at Maryne.

Now that they were free of immediate danger, Maryne slowed, signaling T'riss to stop and leaning Zhay against the wall. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, muttering a quick prayer to Eilistraee before casting cure serious wounds on Zhay. Leaning back once she was done, Maryne frowned at Zhay, unsure if her spell was strong enough to heal him.
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Postby veraka » Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:41 pm

Veraka turns to Phuerazath, and retorts; "blame myself, HA!! That boy was in trouble, and I'm was not about to see my young friend become a bloody sacrifice to that Spider bitch Queen. Plus, I believe that there is a word here that has been forgotten here; it is called communication. And as you just saw back there, lack of it can result in death of a good friend and possibly a loved one."

The paladin then raises a silvery brow in response to the dragons ranting, and turns to view her wings.
"Again with the communication to all of us, I believe that it could've been avoided all together."

He glances down at her wings, and raises a brow; "I wouldn't worry about them, if much at all. Torn and mangled yes, but they will heal. As to my needing more healing, no, I will not, and my repository of healing is still at its max, so I may be able to give your precious some much needed mending."


Grunt and moans emanate from Zhay's still form before Maryne's healing spell.
Blurred vision is what he wakes up to, the room spinning, his body in aching pain, and his head throbbing, Zhay still manages to push his muscled body up, despite all the injuries still there. He has to put a hand down onto the stone floor to stabilize himself from falling over onto his back, the dizzyness is so great.

"Where am I, and what the hell happened?" he blurts out, barely recognizing the twin priestesses looming over him. Looking up, his face shoots up an "Oh Shit" expression before he mumbles "shu vith."
He hoped that these priestesses venerated the same goddess as he did.
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Postby Aylstra Illianniis » Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:26 am

OOC: Since Talwyn is currently incommunicado, I'll just sort of drag him along for now, along with the gnome. We can meet up with you guys and continue to the city. That should give us a way to write them out for the time being.

IC: The young bard and the Tormite knight and his gnome friend all head back down the nearest clear tunnel toward the city, until they hear voices up ahead. Lothir looks at Aurora, and takes the two unconscious prisoners from her back. "Go see who is up ahead. I'd rather not get into any more fights if we don't have to, but you can scout ahead faster and better than we can."

A few moments later, the trio rounds a bend in the tunnel, and finds Veraka and the dragon speaking to each other. He listens for a moment before coming close enough to be seen, and gives the dragon a quizzical look. "A fool, milady? I've been many things, but never a fool. Your negotiations were doomed to fail with her in any event. My distraction simply evened the playing field. Be glad it did, or she would have done much worse than try to use her whip, with all the magic she had on her."
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