Benedetto Basilio

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Benedetto Basilio

Post by NathreeDe'Shezbron » Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:00 am

[b:1trqurn9]Benedetto Basilio[/b:1trqurn9][/size:1trqurn9]
[b:1trqurn9]Male, Human (Vampire), Ur-priest 10 Monk5 Gentle Monk 5[/b:1trqurn9]
[url= ... 9:1trqurn9]Gentle Monk[/url:1trqurn9]

[u:1trqurn9]Age:145[/u:1trqurn9] <#>
[u:1trqurn9]Height:6'1"[/u:1trqurn9] <#>
[u:1trqurn9]Weight:140[/u:1trqurn9] <#>
[u:1trqurn9]Hair:White, one braid down to his waist, tucked into his belt.[/u:1trqurn9]
[u:1trqurn9]Eyes:Light Blue, barely perceptible red hue to them.[/u:1trqurn9]
[u:1trqurn9]Skin:White, slightly yellowed under the eyes[/u:1trqurn9]
[u:1trqurn9]Facial Hair:None [/u:1trqurn9] <color, length, style>
[u:1trqurn9]Handedness: Ambidextrous[/u:1trqurn9] <right, left, ambidextrous>
[u:1trqurn9]Scars/Tattoos:Skin of the left hand shows serious burn scars[/u:1trqurn9] <unique markings>

<General Physical Description>
Benedetto is a lithe man of slightly above average height. Nothing about this human seems extraordinary, except for the heavy burns on his left side. Also his eyes seem to be more red than blue under certain angles.
<General Str, Health, Agility>
His transformation into a vampire has increased his strength beyond his wiry frame. He is a fairly hale individual, due to the regenerative capabilities vampires enjoy. From his early life as a thief he has retained his manual dexterity, and affinity for sneaking into the rooms of nobles, taking the treasures they hoarded.
He has an average voice for a man in his mid 30's, but far more cultured than his ragged dress suggests.
As a human his body was fairly fragile, if flexible. He avoided fights, and trusted the shadows to make his living. As a vampire, he lost this fear, and now makes his living with assassinations.
<What he/she typically wears or how they dress>
He usually wears midnight black silk shirt, and silk pants, with knee high leather boots. His hands are wrapped up in old, slightly moldy hand-wraps, which despite their appearance radiate strong magic. He wears a large brimmed dark grey hat, which he uses to hide his face and head from the light. Very little skin is exposed, his garments made to hide his body from the sun, should he need to go out during the day. He wears a large over-cloak, that covers his body completely, an added layer of protection.
<What equipt. typically carried/worn>
He doesn't use weapons, rather having trained his hands to become powerful weapons in their own right. He has specifically trained various strikes, instead of just a fist. His vampiric transformation has allowed him to train even further, using his claws to perform pinpoint strikes to an opponent's joints or pressure points.
[u:1trqurn9]Items of Interest[/u:1trqurn9]
<Items that stand out or are special>
His favored items are his handwraps(+5 keen/impact lightning blast handwraps), specially commissioned by himself, using the last of his family's considerable fortunes to have them crafted. Also he spent a century either collecting or buying the rest of his magical equipment.

<General Personality Traits>
He is an altruist first and foremost. He cares nothing about the well being of others, he simply cares about restoring his family's fortunes and position in Waterdeep, eventually rising to the ruling caste in the city and maybe even forming a vampire empire, with Waterdeep as its heart.
<General Int, Wis, Cha>
His patience and sharp mind are his greatest assets. As a cleric of Shar, he has developed a healthy mind and a natural understanding of social situations.
He believes in functionality over wealth. While he recognizes the benefits afforded by his vampirism, he also despises others of his race.

<Attitudes towards friends/strangers>
Neutral/beneath contempt. He is a vampire, and other races are beneath his notice, simply cattle for the slaughter.
<Opinion of the World>
The world is an oyster to be deprived of it's jewels, and the best way is stealth and subterfuge. Honest fighting is for fools, and a dagger in the back is much preferable to a shield in your hand.

[u:1trqurn9]Birthplace:Waterdeep[/u:1trqurn9] <town>
[u:1trqurn9]Hometown:Catacombs below Waterdeep[/u:1trqurn9] <where home is now>

He was born into one of the founding families of Waterdeep, however, barely a decade after the village became the city it was in modern times, his family lost it's fortunes, and Benedetto was forced to survive on his own. He joined up, then took over a small gang of thieves and made his living like that. However, as time passed, he and his group drew the attention of a vampire clan, and their gang was "absorbed" by the undead family.


[b:1trqurn9]OTHER INFORMATION[/b:1trqurn9]
<Religious preferences>
He is faithless. As an ur
He has spent decades practicing martial combat. He has turned away from the family business of assassinations, yet he still honors Shar, and started his life as a priest in her service. However, with the destruction of his family, Bendetto turned from her service, and started perfecting his martial skills, spending his coin on rare tomes of mythical cultures. Eventually he came upon the Gentle Fist style, and has mastered an imperfect form of it.
<Magic Items>
Ring of freedom of movement, mind shield, energy immunity (fire). Amulet of natural armor +5, monk's belt, Boots of swiftness, bracers of relentless might, cheongsam of great stealth, Wraps of Battle.
<Pets/Animal Companions>
None, he has no respect for any other species other than vampires, and a healthy dose of respect for the undead casters.

Spells prepared
0th- Virtue, Detect magic, Mending, Detect Poison, Read Magic
1st Entropic Shield, Detect Undead, Divine Favor, Death Watch, Obscuring Mist
2nd Silence, Align Weapon, Death Knell, Desecrate
3rd Wind Wall, Clutch of Orcus, Blacklight
4th Divine Power, Blacklight
6th Harm, Blade Barrier.
7th Destruction, Control Weather, Regenerate
8th Firestorm, Unholy Aura
9th Siphon Soul
A fight need not end with the death of participant. A fight also ends when the desire to do violence is gone.


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