Daelith Ali'Raer

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Daelith Ali'Raer

Post by Kami » Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:03 pm

Name: Dae'lith Ali'Raer.
[i:qdmx9oe0]Dae Lith- White Child. Ali Raer- Unicorn's Shadow[/i:qdmx9oe0][/size:qdmx9oe0]
Nic-Names: Dae.
Race: Drow
Height: 5'5
Skin: White
Hair:White to Silver ( Depending on light )
Occupation: Ranger/Rogue
Alinment: Chaotic Neutral

[b:qdmx9oe0]Physical Appearance: [/b:qdmx9oe0]
Standing a more uncommon height of five foot five, Dae is more curvy then most Drow females. Still possessing the slight build her willowy form hides the years of hard living.
Her white to silver hair is most at home hanging free down her back and shoulders free to sway at her hips as it pleases,yet it is not uncommon to find it held aloft in a top knot and strung with beads, feathers or even a common leather thong for decoration.
Adorning her ears she has chosen a row of silver earrings ranging from small studs to small coin sized hoops that hang on the lobe themselves. Her left ear however is offset by a long ago healed nick in the cuff of the ear.
She has the typical smooth ageless fetchers of her race, with high cheek bones and a slight narrow but heart shaped face. The shape of her eyes while still in the common almond shape, are often lined with charcoal making them seem much wider then they really are.
At home in either cloth or leather, her typical outfit will mostly consist of a cloth shirt, covered there in by a leather vest, a sturdy belt bearing sheaths for her two swords and pouches, often in the company of a pair of soft leather pants and soft leather knee high boots. Slung across her back one would find her quiver for arrows and a sturdy Elven crafted bow.
Her choice in color one would call lacking.. as she wear nothing more then grays, browns and various greens.. changing colors only when terrain demands it.

Born in the [i:qdmx9oe0]Year of the Spreading Spring[/i:qdmx9oe0], she has seen well over 300 hundred years of history. Born in the city Ust Natha her birth brought forth many questions. Born First daughter of her family her mother was indeed shocked when in the place of a perfect ebon skinned girl child..was a small white..babe. An albino.
Presented to Lolth at her birth, her family was once again taken back by the goddess's lack of attention or blessing. Still her birth as First Daughter saved her from meting a untimely death,only to be presented every year there in after for ten years with still no sign of favor. Shunned but tolerated Dae was mostly ignored by her family growing up on the outskirts..protected by name but not counted within their numbers. It was not until her 30th birthday that her life truly became in danger when her Mother birthed her second daughter.
Knowing full well her younger sibling would strive for her death in order to claim the right of First Daughter, Dae chose instead to flee her family's protection venturing even more deeply into the Underdark. By chance, divine grace or just the girls will..she survived to find herself within the very outskirts of the famed Menzoberranzan. Ragged, dirty, half wild and starved she hid mostly within the wastes surrounding the city living off stolen food or what had been tossed aside as garbage. It was during this time she had by chance been able to watch the students of Melee Magthere and learn the skills of combat.
Happy and content to spend her days testing her skills amoung the other youths of Menzoberranzan, ( unbeknown to them of course ) she felt at once a sudden and unexplainable desire to leave. Unknowing of her destination she simply followed this [i:qdmx9oe0]desire[/i:qdmx9oe0] allowing it to lead her straight into the wide open nothing of grass and stary sky baring witness to the phenomenon of the [i:qdmx9oe0]Eye of Myrkul[/i:qdmx9oe0]. It was also here she would meet the next leg of her fate, in the way of a small band of Moon elves. Apon which believing her to have been an escaped slave due to her pale skin and undrow like appearance..took her in quickly teaching her Common as well as the tongue used by the ' surface' elves.
This was also the first time she'd come across the teachings of the Goddess Mielikki..as well as Eilistraee, opening to her the path of the ranger. The [i:qdmx9oe0]Year of the Dragon Altar[/i:qdmx9oe0] also marks Dae's rebirth as she let go of her family name instead taking the name Ali'Raer in honor of the Ranger who brought her into the fold.
Dispite her many years now living on the surface world she has lead a fairly unremarkable life other then baring witness to history and the unfolding events shaping the world around her. Picking up a collection of other languages in her travels. If asked where she has been, her simple answer is ' Let me tell you where I have not.'
She has of course kept abreast of passing information keeping track of it in her own way. Mostly the lives of the Drow who like her have chosen to live above ground rather then under it.

Ranger Symbol: The outline of a Dancing Unicorn in front of a full moon. [i:qdmx9oe0]inherited upon Ali'Raer's death in the [b:qdmx9oe0]Year of the long watch[/b:qdmx9oe0].[/size:qdmx9oe0][/i:qdmx9oe0]
At her side are two companions. A Moon white Stallion she can summon to her side as a mount, as well as a animal companion in the form of a large black Dire Wolf.

Quiet for the most part, Dae chooses rather to watch then act. Allowing the natural order of things to happen without interference. This of course leaves her to be unpredictable in many ways as one never knows if she will help one in need, or just watch as they met their own demises. Sarcastic and often to the point her blunt and straight forward manner leave many who speak to her stunned. She will however on rarer occasions offer small pearls of wisdom to those who ask.
She is also loyal to those that have earned her respect, while baring no loyalty to much else. She is likely to turn on a employer seeking her aid should the deal sour in her eyes, as she is to stay with it despite the outcome.

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Post by veraka » Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:39 pm

Vendui, and welcome aboard, :)

Nice character profile, by the way; I like it :D
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Post by Zanathie Avuna » Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:54 pm

I really like your character's history, it's very unique. An albino drow, very interesting.

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Post by Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar » Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:38 pm

theres two szarki here now...cool! (inrii has a szarki drow bard/masked traiter: Alya)
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Post by Kami » Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:27 am

well i'm happy people like her. She's gone through a few changes over the years from when she fist popped up.

Her history was made more stream line, from it's original novel like content. >< I just wish I could more accurately calculate her age.. but since Yearly calender sort of ends around 1366 for now I can only say she's 328 during that time, but the books of the world have continued past that point. So I'm really looking more towards 340 or so if I brought it up to ' current '

Oh and if in case people are wondering. I do have the number value of each ' year ' I used if people want that. I just didn't use it in her bio.

And wont Dae be surprised should she ever cross paths with another like her.
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Post by Inriiaynrae Jaelre » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:18 am

cool character!
(and yeah, I have a Szarki antagonist in my RP)[/size:8snmgqxh]
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Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:03 pm

Nice bio! Never run any albino drow, meself. Might have to do that one of these days...
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