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Lynx (Claire Laf'aera)
[img:3ocs3xk9] ... /lynx1.jpg[/img:3ocs3xk9][b:3ocs3xk9][center:3ocs3xk9]Not sure who's the author of the picture but they have the full credit for it! Awesome work.[/size:3ocs3xk9][/center:3ocs3xk9][/b:3ocs3xk9]

[b:3ocs3xk9]Race: [/b:3ocs3xk9]
Sun Elf

[b:3ocs3xk9]Initial Alignment:[/b:3ocs3xk9]

[b:3ocs3xk9]Classes: [/b:3ocs3xk9]
Wizard (5)
Ranger (1)
Eldritch Knight (6)




This young Ar'Tel'Quessir stands just over five feet two inches. A shock of sand blonde hair frames her face, the stray strands of her mane fall onto the mischievous teal eyes that are usually lined with kohl. Her rosy lips are full and inviting, often curled in a soft smile. The delicate nose is straight and thin; the cheekbones are high. The woman's ears are small and pointed.

In contrast to her rather innocuously pretty face, her body appears well toned. Muscular yet lithe, Lynx has the body of an attractive athlete. Her clothing is rather simple and comfortable. She often leaves her toned belly bare, one can easily spot a little ruby stud piercing of her navel. Her manner of moving is swift, graceful, and shows her agility. Her precision gives her an air of discipline, be it ill begotten or not.

[b:3ocs3xk9]Background: [/b:3ocs3xk9]

Born in the city of Athkatla, Lynx, as she calls herself, was the only child of an elven wizardess Alaya and a ranger Caeldar. Both parents never seemed to agree on which way their child had to follow. Her father taught her a bit of the ways of the forest and her mother taught her magic, though warned Claire to not use it within the city to not attract the attention of the Cowled Wizards. The young elf seemed to absorb both paths, learning to combine them for her own benefit.

Her life was rather routine, until her friends pulled her into some mischief and she casted a few fireballs within the city perimeter. Her mother, after learning about it, got endlessly worried that her daughter might end up in the Spellhold in the island of Brynnlaw, and managed to send the young woman out of the city right before the Wizards came after her.

Lynx'd spent next several years travelling along the sword coast, seeking to improve her skills. The meeting with Ryltar Jaelre changed her life. The cunning and charming drow mage managed to quickly bewitch the young elf and she became his loyal companion, following the drow around in his travels.

[b:3ocs3xk9]Personality Profile: [/b:3ocs3xk9]

Despite of being an airhead at times, Lynx remains rather focused and disciplined in everything that concerns her training. Never backing off from a challenge, she seeks to test herself and the ones around her. The young woman respects the strength and power above all else.

She is rather friendly and loyal to her companions, yet able to abandon them should she deem them weak or their cause as either not 'worthy' of the effort or not challenging. As the elf is rather enthralled by magic, she could often be found practicing her spells - that is if she is not out to hone her combat skills.

She is quick to laugh and prone to play a prank at time, at other times she could be rather sharp and witty. Being a rather clever girl, she however lacks wisdom, which makes her a bit more trustful than one would expect as she has troubles interpreting people's intentions and emotions.

•+2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution.
•Medium size.
•An elf’s base land speed is 30 feet.
•Immunity to sleep spells and effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects. (Not reflected in the saving throw modifiers given here.)
•Low-light vision.
•Weapon Proficiency: Elves are automatically proficient with the longsword, rapier, longbow, composite longbow, shortbow, and composite shortbow.
•+2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. An elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it.
•Automatic Languages: Common, Elven.

[b:3ocs3xk9]Additional languages:[/b:3ocs3xk9]
Sylvan, Drow, Undercommon, Draconic, Gnome, Celestial, Animal.

[b:3ocs3xk9]Stats (level 12[/size:3ocs3xk9]):[/b:3ocs3xk9]
Str 8
Dex 16
Con 10
Wis 8
Int 20
Cha 11

Extended spell
Spell Focus Enchantment/Greater Spell Focus Enchantment
Access to the VI circle of Arcane spells.

[color=olive:3ocs3xk9][b:3ocs3xk9][center:3ocs3xk9]To be continued...[/size:3ocs3xk9][/center:3ocs3xk9][/b:3ocs3xk9][/color:3ocs3xk9]

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cool character!
Main character: Inriiaynrae
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