Tristian Gyssemitori

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Tristian Gyssemitori

Post by Vailintin » Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:17 am

I'll be using some of T'riss's format, some of my own, and meh I haven't fleshed out ALL of the details yet, but here goes nothin'!

Name: Tristian Gyssemitori (Family name = Clan of The Moon)
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good (cause most of his family are goodly folk and a Druid must maintain some neutrality)
Origin: Neverwinter Woods (A secluded private estate, owned, operated and protected by the whole clan)
Deity: Selune (The clan patron deity)
Race: Moon Elf (Dire Bat Lycanthrope)
Age: 110
Height: 5' 6" (as elf) 10' (as hybrid or animal form)
Weight: 50 lbs. (as elf) 200 lbs. (hybrid/animal form)
Eyes: Crimson (always)
Hair: Black
Fur: Black / Scarlet around eyes and chin.

History: (This is a bit generic, in some parts, as all children in his clan receive the same upbringing) During the first 20 years of his life, Tristian first lived in his Clan's fortified home, learning all the ins and outs of being both an elf, and a lycanthrope. Learning to understand and forgive mundane humanoids their fears and hate of what he is, also learning the basics of survival as both elf, and bat. Even within that time, he had been exposed to the many facets of the family, from those who pursued paths of Holy Men, to those of arcane study, to those of shadier aspects. There were even pure combat types, but what caught his eye most, was the Druid's way. Little did he know it back then, but his fondest playmate, and hunting partner, would one day lure him into that path. But then came his time being raised in a traveling circus, the [b:u48ys31y]other[/b:u48ys31y] part of the family, which helped to provide the bulk of the Clan's wealth.

For the next 70 years, he spent his life, trained and working as an acrobat for the amusement of the crowds. Of course, when passing near to those famous cities, either Luskan, or Waterdeep, a special performance would be held for the wizarding folk, with a little help from a local archmage, putting up wards to ensure sfety for both performers and audience, without hiding their lycanthropy any further. Where mage audiences were concerned, profits were at their best. Coming into his 91st year, he was allowed to return to the Clan, to turn all that hard work, into skills as an adventurer.

Gyssemitori, ever since the curse originally spread among them, has dedicated themselves to the hunting and elimination of vampires. To the public, this is simply a move to disassociate with these undead things that oft keep bats in their company. Privately, it is also a matter of food competition. Upon returning, Tristian, well mature enough to know about love, lust, and the desire for a mate and her companionship, reunited with his playmate, now older, as was he, and at that moment, old the friendship was rekindled, and reunited they spent every waking and sleeping hour together, practically joined at the hip.

The communication between the two went deeper than simply ability to do so then, a mutual feeling, and instinct drew them closer together, and while he was expected to choose what path of adventuring he might choose, an uncle, a druid witnesses the depth of their 'love' from afar, and promising the two that they might stay together the rest of their lives, if they agreed, enticed a then juvenile Tristian, into the ways of a druid, and he hasn't looked back since. After completing this training, he was allowed to return among his traveling circus kinsmen, for a few more years. Ever with his Animal Companion... nay his lover and mate beside him.

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