Character Concept

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Character Concept

Post by Henshu » Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:20 pm

[b:3lj6akjs]Name:[/b:3lj6akjs] Henshu
[b:3lj6akjs]Age:[/b:3lj6akjs] 19
[b:3lj6akjs]Sex:[/b:3lj6akjs] Male
[b:3lj6akjs]Race:[/b:3lj6akjs] Human
[b:3lj6akjs]Home Land:[/b:3lj6akjs] Kara-Tur
[b:3lj6akjs]Class:[/b:3lj6akjs] Wu-Jen(Oriental Wizard) [b:3lj6akjs]Level:[/b:3lj6akjs] 1

[b:3lj6akjs]Personality: [/b:3lj6akjs]

Henshu is a rather quiet individual who doesn’t talk much unless someone else talks to him first. He is easily lost in thought and never tends to be on scale with the greedy type. This young human has a knack for keeping things inside as along as he can and letting it out on his travels where no one would care or might see. He loves to study and enjoys fine music even thou if it get to rowdy he wont always just get up and leave.

He loves fine wears but never care much to keep more then he can carry or make him self. Even thou he prefers the more traditional look when it comes to things. The art of tattoos is another art he tend to get lost in as he loves the designs and the time taken to make them. When it comes to others and travel he is all for it as he the need for adventuring to find knowledge he could not get always compels him into this line of work. Has a natural suspicion of those who use stealth or constantly sneak around even those with shifty eyes.

[b:3lj6akjs]Description: [/b:3lj6akjs]

Henshu is a rather thin character who has little to no muscle build. He is adorned with self made shimmering white silk garments form head to toe. None of these clothes more clear then the designed scarf that sits around his neck stretching down both of his shoulders. The scarf comes down to his waist on both sides. His hair is a dark red only matching his auburn eyes. To tee it off his skin is slightly tanned to a seemingly crisp peach color.

Covering his eyes are exquisitely made glasses that are round at the bottom but flat at the top. They are rimmed with what would appear to be silver on all sides but the top and. His clothes are loosely fitting allowing for movement and as well as conformability of living with. His hair is long, combed back, and tied in long braid only allowing his right side to fall in semi long bang reaching the tip of his nose. His feet were adorned with sandals made of wood which fit his feet to the perfectly but could be removed with ease.


Henshu came from a wealthy family which lived in a region of Kara-Tur. which only used the basic elements of earth, fire, air, and water. Anyone or thing born under the element of metal was consider a bit strange and labeled for exile once they reached an age that they could travel on their own. Sadly the human male with auburn eyes met each of these requirements eventually and was never given the last name of his family. Not that he minded he kind of hated their stuck up attitude and not being attached to them made it easy for him to get around.

Sadly when he came of age and given what he needed to travel he was also issued an order to never return whether or not he gained any honor on his travels. He figured it was for the best at least he could so his seeds else where in time but for now the life of travel and books were his things. Any where known to have books in this region would be a good place for him to stop but he had a feeling that tugged him from his region to unknown lands

It was not strange that this happened as he truly never felt at home with his six siblings mostly all being female. Not to mention where ever he traveled most of the populous came of the same way to him even thou for a time he had found places to stay that suited him amongst the poverty of the lower class which he came to cherish his travels called him else where, else where to adventures of grandeur and lost knowledge.

[b:3lj6akjs]Basic Equipment: [/b:3lj6akjs]

Oriental Adventure Gear (Silk)
Specially made scarf (Silk).
Wooden Sandles
Two rings (one on each hand)
Spell Book and Spell component pouches

[b:3lj6akjs]Other Gear:[/b:3lj6akjs]

Back Back
Flint and steel
Ink and pen (normal)
Bed Roll (no tent)
Three pieces of chalk
Water Flask (animal skin)
The normal week’s worth of trail rations.

[b:3lj6akjs]Statistics and Spells:[/b:3lj6akjs]

Coming as soon as I get them all down on something other then my character sheets.

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Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:16 pm

Hello, Sanjo!! Er, whatever his name was....
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Post by Inriiaynrae Jaelre » Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:09 am

welcome, feel free to join in RP (the vale of shadows) if you wish.
so far its just me and zazzt. we're in the woods in a cabin.
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