Argoth Despana

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Argoth Despana

Post by Argoth » Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:43 pm

Well, since most have at least a concept character here, I thought I might make one myself. After all, whenever I can I use the same character over and over again. It's like second skin to me. Argoth has been a friend and companion for the last 9 years, ever since I started writing stories, and I was 15 back then. And don't ask me about the time line, I haven't figured it out yet.


Argoth Despana (by his 70th birthday his family has suffered the fate described in ID 2, them becoming Vhaeraunites or dead)

Class: bard (mostly), but also has presented traits of character typical of a wizard (introvert and focused on some magical, private task at hand in the comfort of his own study), also was a spy (roguish), but his Underdark career focused on being a Death Jester (the specific bard class that was portrayed in Windwalker by Elaine Cunningham, but I failed to remember the specific name).

A very short part of his life is described in the 'story' section of the forums. There one might find out he escaped the perils of the Underdark when he became disfavored by the Matriarchs. While there, he used to travel a lot between houses, hiring himself to praise the Mothers with his bardic skills. As such he was an instrument of countless minor intrigues, but was never given any big assignment, to his relief one might add. He always cherished his status, low enough to go unnoticed, and just worthy enough to remain alive. All that mattered was the patron and the payroll. Thanks to him keeping out of sight of the major plots he could get all the money he needed to conduct some businesses with surface dwellers and (possibly, for this is just a rumor) buy a piece for himself in the night above. When the Matrons proclaimed a death sentence upon him it took all the connections and wit he had to escape. He encountered some adventurers still in the Underdark (the beginnings of Argoth's development go back to the City of the Spider Queen campaign, where I've played him for the first time with some friends, and ever since I've been using the character).

Once he reached the surface, he encountered Eilistraeeites (that's when this forum kicks in) and stayed there ever since. He left only from time to time on various agendas with some friends he encountered upon his journeys. Among them are Osborne, a halfling rogue, Bam Lef'ler, another drow, Aramil, a human fighter and Shilava, a half-elf rogue. Most of the time he spent with the halfling and many, many adventures they did have.

Aroght's love life, if one can call upon the subject, apart from many, many adventurous encounters, boils down to meeting a Moon Elf, who's taken him to Evermeet. Ever since his dream was staying there, with her (for they had to part due to legal, moon elf issues) and parenting their daughter. However, the name of the moon elf sorceress is unknown. Rumor has it that Argoth even was given a Moon Blade, one of the most treasured symbols and weapons of Evermeet. If this was true then it would imply he wasn't cast out of Evermeet at all, but sent on some mysterious errand. Fact is, his usual dwelling place is a remote temple dedicated to Eilistraee, who has been Argoth's patron deity ever since he first heard about her.

There are many gossips of Argoth's faith, beliefs and signs of his devotion. Many of these are believed to have their source in Argoth's ballads, songs, poems and his bragging about certain issues. Some say he is also a cleric of the Dark Maiden, others that she has presented many proofs of favoring the drow minstrel, but none can be actually certain if any are true.

He favors using a hand crossbow and rapier, even in close combat. His body is slender and flexible, thanks to what he can perform diverse actions during combat. He specially likes combining the short range crossbow in close combat, but is also known for using twin short swords, supporting himself and his allies with magic. He is agile and capable. Many times he managed to remain among humans hostile to other races, completely unnoticed and yet gather all the information he needed.

Here are some technicalities. I purposefully omitted the feats and skills, no need for them here.

Male Drow Elf Bard 10 / Rogue 2
Chaotic Good
Origin: Menzoberranyr
Strength 12 (+1)
Dexterity 18 (+4)
Constitution 10 (+0)
Intelligence 20 (+5)
Wisdom 10 (+0)
Charisma 18 (+4)
Size: Medium
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 105 lb
Skin: Black
Eyes: Red
Hair: White

Sect: Eilistraee

Total Hit Points: 35

Speed: 30 feet

Armor Class: 20 = 10 +4 [chain shirt/mithril/+2/haste 3x per day] + 4 [dexterity]
Touch AC: 14
Flat-footed: 14
Initiative modifier: + 4 = + 4 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: + 3 = 3 [base]
Reflex save: + 14 = 10 [base] + 4 [dexterity]
Will save: + 7 = 7 [base]
Attack (handheld): + 9/ + 4 = 8 [base] + 1 [strength]
Weapon Finesse: + 14/ + 9 = 8 [base] + 4 [dexterity] +2 [rapier]
Attack (missile): + 12/ + 7 = 8 [base] + 4 [dexterity]
Grapple check: + 9/ + 4 = 8 [base] + 1 [strength]

Light load:
Medium load:
Heavy load:
Lift over head:
Lift off ground:
Push or drag: 43 lb. or less
44-86 lb.
87-130 lb.
130 lb.
260 lb.
650 lb.

Languages: Abyssal Common Dark_Elf_Silent Elven Orc Sylvan Draconic

Dagger [1d4, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 10 ft., 1 lb., light, piercing]

Dart [1d4, crit x2, range inc. 20 ft., 1/2 lb, piercing]

Short Sword [1d6, crit 19-20/x2, 1 lb, light, piercing]

Rapier [1d6, crit 16-20/x2, 2 lb., one-handed, piercing, +2, sharpened]

Hand Crossbow [1d4, 19-20/x2, range incr 30 ft., 2 lb., piercing]

Chain shirt [light; + 6 AC; max dex + 4; check penalty -2; 15 lb., +2, mithril]


Bardic Knowledge

Bardic Music

Can know only limited numbers of spells

High charisma gains bonus spells daily


Sneak Attack +1d6


Evasion (level 2)

Trap Sense (level 3)

Uncanny Dodge (level 4)

Improved Uncanny Dodge (level 8)

Special Abilities (choices begin at 10th level)

Feat distinctive for Toril:

Highborn Drow: A drow uses detect good, detect magic, and levitate once daily as a spell-like ability.

53 lb Weapons / Armor / Shield (from above)
Crossbow bolts (quiver of 10) x5
Blanket, winter x1
Case (for map or scroll)
Flint and steel
Ink vial
Lantern (hooded)
Paper sheets x10
Rations (1 day) x5
Rope (50', silk) x1
Signet ring
Vial (for ink or potions) x10
Holy symbol (silver)
Musical instrument
Spell component pouch
Thieves' tools

That's more or less Argoth, at your service.

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