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Character Concept

Post by Moriquenti » Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:47 pm

Velnarin (Instrument) De Nardinil of the House De Nardinil 3d house of Khazal-Szithlin born in nobility.5th child and 2nd son of the house

Male around 50 (just passed in adulthood)
Drow fighter 1/bard 1
Trained as every male drow in two weapon fighting (twin sword style)
He is selftought in Bard class and he still cannot use spells.he just needs guidance...

Average height but strong and well build athletic body.
Vivid red eyes and shoulder long snow white hair...

Chaotic Neutral (Good Tendencies)
Believes that diplomacy path can resolve many issues but when this fails he resolve matters with his longswords.
Fast answers was always one of his weapons to make his opponents doubt for the second he needed to take action.
He is not afraid to kill even though he doesn't necessarily go for it
He hates Loth priestesses

Flaws: He hasn't yet understood the cruel nature of drow and he doesn't have a clue of what awaits on the world above

Phobias: Nothing important

Basic equipment:Studded Leather armor, boots of elvenkind, cloak of elvenkind ,two longswords and one lute.he lost or used anything else on his sudden abandon of his home city

Quick background:It was a night 1 year ago when Velnarin completed his 10 year training in Mele Magthere as a fighter when the unavoidable celebration feast took place.He was later staying in his cell thinking of the events that he experienced.How shallow all these were?What was the meaning of celebration in something that with no doubt would lead you in the loss of your life for Loth...for nothing. What a blasphemous thought!If the priestesses knew...But Loth and her cruelty had no place in the heart and mind of Velnarin.And then he saw it...A beautiful lute, remnant of a surface raid on an elven hamlet...he kept it as trophy (what a stupid trophy his instructors always saying) but he never noticed it before.
He took it on his arms.He touched the strings...He couldn't believe it, he could find rythm,meaning, balance in the sound, in the..."music".

Goals in life:Seek perfection in music because music has a big affect on him and combination with his fighting style...
Find out if the legend of good aligned drow is a myth or reality
Seek this dark figure he saw in his dream
Bereavest me of sleep, makest me wander under thy light...

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Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:52 am

I like him! He and me boy Lothir would get along great- they both love music, and have similar fighting styles. (Psst- not ALL drow use two-sword style. Actually very few can do it effectively. It's just more common in both PC's and NPC's since you-know-who was written as using it.)
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Post by Zarae Zyne Kilanatlar » Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:28 am

cool character!
even tho its known that drizzt uses 2 swords, ive always played a 2 weapon fighter, esp NWN type games... ;) and our own RPG, but yeah 2 weapon fighting's not as common unless the weaponmaster of the house trains the student in it...

heres a link to different fightin styles: ... tyles.html
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