A Question of Honor

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A Question of Honor

Post by Lymeiara » Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:19 pm

This is the story about my new character Lymeiara, a female drow coming from the underdark to see the light of Eilistraee.

Lymeiara grew up in a noble drowhouse in Menzoberranzan as the fourth daughter of the Ilharess (matron mother). Her three older sisters were proud to call themselves Yathallar (high-priestess), Yathrin (priestess) and Orn'Tlu'Yathrin (novice) of Lloth.

Chessarra, the eldest sister, always wished death to her younger sisters because she was afraid of competition. The two middle sisters were always busy trying to outplay each other, so they almost forgot about the youngest one.

Since the family had already three priestesses in Lymeiara's generation and since she didn't show any particular talent for a priestess or seemed to be especially high in Lloth's favour, Lymeiara wasn't sent to the priestess' school, Arach Tinilith.

Apart from a few studies in magic, fighting and diplomacy, she was pretty much left to herself. So she enjoyed the decadent life of a noble, surrounding herself with music, pleasures and slaves.

One of her favourite slaves was a captured human male namend Darian. He was a faithful of Eilistraee and had been captured trying to convert some drow he met on the surface. Lymeiara kept him because of his talent in music and storytelling. At first, she didn't notice that many of his songs and stories carried ideas of Eilistraeean faith. Especially the idea of the moon seemed fascinating to her and she secretly longed to see it.

This yearning inside her grew from day to day with every song and every story. She caught herself asking him for more about this Dancing Maiden.

But suddenly, she noticed a change about him. He was completely broken and didn't seem to be able to recall a single song or story. He was pale, his eyes were empty and he refused any food or drink. Lymeiara was very angry that her favorite slave wasn't able to service her anymore and tried to find out the reason. Only when she threatened to torture him, he admitted to her that one of the female Sargtlinen (warriors) had abused him sexually for several times.

Lymeiara was furious. She herself had ordered that no one should touch that slave. What she hadn't told her staff and servants was that Darian himself had begged her for this one and only favour.
He wanted to remain faithful to his wife still living on the surface and he hoped to be reunited with her one day. Being forced by the Sargtlin had broken his will and spirit.

Lymeiara summoned the Sargtlin, planning to punish her severely. As she learned that the Sargtlin had involuntarily concieved a child from Darian, she forced her to carry out the baby.

As Lymeiara understood that she might loose Darian, she realized that she had grown to like him. A strange and unknown feeling... compassion. After a struggle with herself, she decided to set him free and have him secretly escorted to the surface. But then she remembered that even her own people were not loyal to her and that she could trust no one. So she finally decided that she had to bring him herself to ensure his safety. But as she had come up with a plan to rescue him, it was already too late. She found Darian dead. He had taken his own life.

Now, she discovered another new feeling: guilt!

A few months later, the Sargtlin gave birth to a half-drow son. Lymeiara, still grieving over Darians death and her own guilt, sent all others away. She stood at the bed of the involuntary mother.
"You've done your service. I have no use for a faithless servant!"
With these words, she drew her dagger and killed the Sargtlin in cold fury.

But there was still the child. Darian's child. If he were to grow up in Drow society, he would be a slave all his life. Lymeiara didn't want that to be his fate. This time, she wouldn't be too late with her decision. So, a few days later, she asked the permission of the matron mother to embark on a diplomatic mission to another drow city in the underdark. She left Menzoberranzan with a pompous escort of ten servants and the baby, whom she declared a sacrifice for Lloth. During the journey, she waited for the right moment to slip a fast-working poison in her escort's food. After everyone was dead, she secretly searched for a way to the surface.

The moment she left the underdark and stepped under the open night sky, the huge silvery orb of the moon rose over her. It was even more beautiful than in the songs and stories of Darian. It was then she knew she had made the right decision.

The next months were horrible for her. For a drow on the surface, its nearly impossible to survive and she had to care for a baby as well. After some long and tedious adventures, she finally made her way to a temple of Eilistraee. Here she found a home for herself and young Darian, whom she had named after his father...

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Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:48 am

Nice backstory. I like it!
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