Leaf Disturbs the Quiet of a Still Pool at Dawn

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Leaf Disturbs the Quiet of a Still Pool at Dawn

Post by Xaraphim » Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:36 pm

Leaf Disturbs the Quiet of a Still Pool at Dawn was hatched on a distant world, the capitol of Clan Ulonrith, the Tiger Clan. Tiger Clan was divided into several castes: the Noble Caste to which Leaf hatched, the Warrior Caste which was charged with the defense of the clan, the Spirit Caste which served as the medium between the Isola and the gods, the Merchant Caste who took care of the clan's economy and the Slave Caste who were, well, slaves.

There were several noble houses within the Noble Caste, and Leaf's house was called the Radiance of Three Shining Rivers. His house controlled the area outside his city encompassing all three of the rivers that led within, granting them significant status.

The only real rival his house had (aside from the clergy) was the House of Solemn Repose, whose military might rivaled that of the Warrior Caste.

Leaf lived a life of luxury (try saying that three times fast). Everything he could ever possibly desire was at the tip of his claws: he wore only the finest silks, ate the most exotic delicacies (when he didn't bother to chase his own prey down and tear it to ribbons himself), and listened to the finest minstrels. He would attend and throw gallant parties, and take to bed whomever he cast eyes upon.

For four hundred years he lay in the lap of luxury. He studied poetry, swordplay, theology, science, and the arts. Rumors of disturbing events on the perimeter of Isola territory were shrugged off. What did the Tiger Clan care for the troubles of other clans so far away?

Then the Serpent Clan, Moregedeon, appeared. Their skyships materialized over the Tiger Clan capitol. Haggard survivors from a desperate combat, the Serpent Clan had barely enough time to warn Tiger Clan of the coming doom.

No one wanted to see Clan Moregedeon on their doorstep; they were the largest of the Great Clans and their armies could dwarf all the other clans combined. They had curried a great deal of favor with the Emperor and most other clans were envious of the Serpent Clan's position.

If there was something that could put fear into the hearts of the Isola's most ruthless warriors, well...

The Tiger Clan and the remnants of Clan Moregedeon did their best to prepare for the fight, but nothing could have steeled them for what was to come. Aboleths, along with the Illithids had joined forces on a scale never seen before. An army of slaves and horrible mutated creatures out of nightmare were vomited from the aether and directly into the heart of the city. The Isola fought with nightmarish savagery, hewing limbs and spilling an ocean of blood and foul ichor, but the enemies numbers were without end.

Leaf took up arms and fought alongside his kin, but it was hopeless. He was severely wounded, and fell into one of the rivers that his house drew its namesake from. When he gained consciousness, he was far away from his home city, but he could see the plumes of smoke on the horizon. Clan Ulonrith was no more.

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I'll put up a little more later, this is just what started Leaf out on his path.

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Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:38 pm

You should post the story over in the Story forums!! Sounds itneresting.
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