The Mark of A New Demon

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The Mark of A New Demon

Post by Vizh'tho » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:24 am

[b:3o64qa2v]Name:[/b:3o64qa2v] Vizh'tho
[b:3o64qa2v]Age: [/b:3o64qa2v]125
[b:3o64qa2v]Birthday:[/b:3o64qa2v] June 17
[b:3o64qa2v]Zodiac:[/b:3o64qa2v] Gemini
[b:3o64qa2v]Gender: [/b:3o64qa2v]Male
[b:3o64qa2v]Siblings:[/b:3o64qa2v] None
[b:3o64qa2v]Diety:[/b:3o64qa2v] Lolth
[b:3o64qa2v]Class:[/b:3o64qa2v] Warlock
[b:3o64qa2v]Languages:[/b:3o64qa2v] Common/Drow


[b:3o64qa2v]Eyes:[/b:3o64qa2v] Red
[b:3o64qa2v]Hair: [/b:3o64qa2v]Mid - Silver - Straight
[b:3o64qa2v]Height:[/b:3o64qa2v] 6'0
[b:3o64qa2v]Weight: [/b:3o64qa2v]155
[b:3o64qa2v]Build:[/b:3o64qa2v] Muscular but Slender and Compact
[b:3o64qa2v]Skin tone:[/b:3o64qa2v] Dark

[b:3o64qa2v]Physical Description:[/b:3o64qa2v]Vizh'tho usually wears dark clothing so as to not be discrete when waling amongst the streets for fear that he needlessly be attacked. And so he uses his budding yet still amateurish dark magic to cloak his true face under a hood. This is not because he unsightly, in fact he is quite handsome and charming on the outside. But on the inside lurks a vast realm of devilish intentions. He stands at a fair height so he tends to stay on the back alleys anyway. There are many internal marks within Vizh'tho that he has had to endure in order to begin to even start harnessing the brute and raw power of Eldritch.

[b:3o64qa2v]Background:[/b:3o64qa2v] Always one for his own personal agenda, Vizh'tho is a rarity in the relatively peaceful underdark. How he became so recklessly bad and selfish is undetermined at this point. What is for certain is that when he wants something he doesn't care who gets in his way, they will be forced to either submit to his will or be taken down. "Only the strong survive." in his book. So he dawns this extremely cold persona, never letting any get too close to him. "All people do is hurt one another. So why not I get the head start on it." spurring on negativity.

All-in-all, Vizh'tho began practicing invocations and such quite early in life. The aura around him is always so empty and hollow. Furthermore, this attitude led to death of his mother. He couldn't control his Eldritch blast and while she was trying to convince him to stop, it seared right through her chest, killing her instantly. He looked at her for a moment and emotionless, went on practicing. His father has all but disowned him, praying that Eilistraee save his soul. Before it's too late. Indeed, this drow is on the warpath and shows no signs of slowing down.
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Post by Talwyn Aureliano » Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:04 am

welcome aboard :D
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